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April 18, 2013

Integra Experiences Record Growth, Undergoes a Transformation

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor

Over the past year or so, Integra has focused heavily on transforming itself. It’s evolved into a company that continues to reap the benefits of its legacy roots but is now targeting large enterprises in a robust fashion, expanding its wholesale sector focus. As part of this transformation, it has sought out partners that are committed to the long term, worked to develop its product suite, and refinanced, investing money in growth.

And the company has experienced record growth. Taking advantage of product development over the past year, it has also focused on personnel. Integra has expanded its team, adding additional support functions, creating a staffing plan and organizational model to tackle carriers, wireless companies, cloud service providers, resellers, data centers and more in a calculated fashion.

The company decided to take time to reflect on its network. It has set a product strategy, leveraging its fiber and data centers to create solutions. By partnering with the right carriers, Integra can create end-to-end solutions. It has expanded past SMBs, creating networks for verticals such as healthcare, which translates to the wholesale side of the business. Its product strategy is both basic and comprehensive and designed to work in the wholesale space.

Integra has gotten traction from the dark fiber, metro and long haul sectors, and will continue to offer a suite of Ethernet services across fiber and copper. In the past year, the Integra team has been working to develop new products from conception through testing and deployment. All of this activity has led the company to decide that it is the right time to rebrand, signaling to the marketplace that the company has evolved. It wants to be known as a technology company you can trust with people who can help.

Feedback from customers has been strong, and customer service is a big part of Integra’s business strategy. The company boasts a service management team that manages the lifecycle of a customer from when the order comes in through the provisioning team and onward, giving customers a continuity of experience so if they have questions they know who to call.

In the future, Integra will play to its strengths in the metro space, leveraging fiber to capture the metro market. The company expects to see more organic growth this year as well. It’s been a busy, exciting time for Integra, and the future looks like more of the same.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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