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September 20, 2012

Texas Instruments, ISB Corporation and Azcom Technology Join the WhiteSpace Alliance to Boost Emerging WhiteSpace Ecosystem

WhiteSpace Alliance to be a sponsor at the Super Wi-Fi Summit.

LOWELL, MA – (Sept. 20, 2012) – The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA), an international trade association to enable the emerging worldwide WhiteSpace ecosystem to deliver cost-effective broadband solutions, and support products and services that use WhiteSpace spectrum, is announcing three new members.

Texas Instruments (News - Alert) (TI), ISB Corporation (ISB) and Azcom Technology have joined the WhiteSpace Alliance to help address the needs of greater than half the world’s population by optimizing the use of available spectrum and expanding global access to the Internet.  For more information please visit

 “We welcome new members that are willing to invest their time and energy to realize this global, multi-billion dollar opportunity and make an impact on their company’s bottom line,” said Dr. Apurva Mody, Chairman, WSA. “This is a unique opportunity to shape the organization, and participate in the WhiteSpace market-- the next generation of Internet connectivity.”

Texas Instruments
TI has joined the WSA to further promote the development, deployment and use of standards-based products which extend broadband capabilities via TV band spectrum and other WhiteSpaces. TI plans to offer state of the art signal processing and cost-efficient System-on-Chip solutions, based on its KeyStone multicore architecture, which will allow for large scale deployments of WhiteSpace and cognitive radios across the globe. The KeyStone multicore architecture, the foundation upon which TI’s newest TMS320C66x DSP generation was developed, differs from any other architecture as it has the capacity to provide full processing capability to every core in a multicore device. For more information please visit

ISB Corporation
ISB Corporation (ISB), established in 1970, has a comprehensive development experience in software defined radio base station supporting IEEE802.16e/IEEE802.11a/b/g and IEEE (News - Alert)-1900.4 compliant cognitive router/network server implementation. ISB has been relentlessly working on the research and development of white space technologies over the years. ISB joined the WSA to contribute to global standard development of white space technologies, especially WhiteSpace database technologies, extend their expertise and develop new services in this field to meet their customers' demand. ISB offers complete white space solutions to Japan, Asia and other countries which have interest in white space spectrum management and radio deployments.

At this year’s Super Wi-Fi Summit, ISB will demonstrate their TV WhiteSpace Database service leveraging the U.S. and Japanese maps and complying with the FCC (News - Alert) regulation. For more information please visit

Azcom Technology
Azcom Technology, established in 1996, provides a wide range of services and solutions in wireless communication domain which include LTE, UMTS, TD-SCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Azcom solutions include hardware platforms, both baseband and RF; PHY stacks; and layer2/layer3 stacks. Many of these solutions, hardware platform, PHY and MAC stacks, have direct application in products compliant to standards adopted by the WSA and can greatly accelerate a customer product development time. For more information, please visit

Visit the WSA @ Super Wi-Fi Summit
The WSA is proud to be a sponsor of the Super Wi-Fi Summit. While at the Summit, visit the WSA display in the demo pavilion to learn more about the Alliance and its members.

About the Super Wi-Fi Summit
 The Super Wi-Fi Summit will discuss opportunities, challenges and technical issues surrounding the use of White Spaces and other shared spectrum technologies for wireless broadband services. The event, which features all major players in the white spaces arena and will cover all aspects of the White Spaces market including, trial results and next steps, White Spaces backhaul opportunities , database issues, White Spaces Devices, Spectrum (News - Alert) Issues, Standards, market opportunities and more. Participating companies and organizations include WhiteSpace Alliance, Google, Texas Instruments, ISB, Microsoft (News - Alert), Spectrum Bridge, Telcordia, 6Harmonics, Fair Spectrum and more. To register for the Summit go to Please contact WSA at to receive a 30 percent discount code.

About the WhiteSpace Alliance
WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) is an international trade association enabling the emerging worldwide WhiteSpace ecosystem to deliver products and services that use WhiteSpace spectrum. WhiteSpace alliance will collectively educate and seed the market to demonstrate the benefits of using WhiteSpaces. WSA will create a successful marketplace across many regulatory domains using WhiteSpaces to provide Internet connectivity. WSA specifications including Wi-FAR (derived from the award winning IEEE 802.22-2011), 3GPP LTE (4G-WhiteSpace), and others, will demonstrate further enhancements in radio performance, interference mitigation and network capacity.  WSA technologies will support a wide variety of applications, hence providing wireless broadband access to many different market segments around the world.

WhiteSpace Alliance Contact
Dr. Apurva N. Mody, +1 404-819-0314
Chairman, WhiteSpace Alliance
Chairman, IEEE 802.22 Working Group

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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