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July 31, 2012

Google's Fiber Project Would Cost $400 Billion to Roll Out Nationwide

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

What are Google’s (News - Alert) plans after the successful launch of Google’s high-speed Internet Fiber project in Kansas City? Will Google be coming to your city next or is that the end of the project? Better brace yourself because according to a Google spokesperson, the company is “looking at ways to bring ultra high-speeds to other communities.”

Assuming that Google does go ahead and beyond with its Kansas Fiber project and build a network of similar size nationally, the total cost would be a whopping $400 billion, according to an Internet analyst at Capstone (News - Alert) Investments. The Google Fiber project is an innovative project that has been compared to the launch of Gmail back in 2004.

Remember how it was back then, when we only had Yahoo Mail and Hotmail that offered less than 5MB of storage space? Then came Gmail with a 1GB of free storage that allowed you to archive everything you had and keep it forever. In addition, it was easy to search and find emails from years ago and put stuff in different colored folders. Don’t forget the threaded conversations that would help you keep track of email conversations as well.

So, why compare Google Fiber with Gmail? Because, on many levels, Google Fiber exposes how slow the incumbents have been to innovate, it uses its hardware expertise and paves the way for new business areas. Google promises speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps downstream and upstream for only $70 per month. This speed is theoretically fast enough to downloading a high-def move in under a minute. Google’s aim of offering high speed Internet is so that people can spend more time online and likely use a Google product in the process. In addition, the company intends to make money on it by opening a whole new business as an ISP and TV provider.

Google is already in the process of collecting patents for fiber technologies and looking to bringing on board 30 more people to its new Google Fiber team. Watch out, Google Fiber might just be coming to a town near you before you know it.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli
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