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April 23, 2012

Advus Corporation Buys InfoSecure Cloud Center

By Patrick Lambert, TMCnet Contributing Writer

After three months of negotiation, Advus Corporation, a consulting firm, announced this week that it had completed the acquisition of the InfoSecure Cloud Center in Washington DC, situated in the main Metro Technology corridor. This deal allows the company to improve its solutions and services to the public, along with providing better capabilities to its top clients, including data centers that are more secure and closer to the demand of their customers.

The three month process saw intense negotiations happen between Advus and the previous owners, where the acquisition was analyzed from every angle. Executives at the company examined every facet of the transaction, and whether this was the right center to acquire. In the end, the executives found that the InfoSecure center would enhance Advus's abilities to provide secure, high performance cloud services to its customers. This is what prompted the acquisition, which was finalized in just three months, a record time in the industry.

Advus provides services that are quickly becoming cloudified, according to the CEO of the company, and it needed this center to host all the servers required for this process to take place. Thanks to their proximity to the Washington metropolitan area, they will have a prime location to now serve clients in the upper eastern part of the US, including government agencies who may want to take part in their cloud services, and will now be very close to their new center. This type of location allows them to provide efficient services to customers from a local location, as opposed to their competitors who are often based in the western part of the country.

Advus Corporation is a technology consulting firm that has been assisting businesses around the country to use strategy and innovation for the past 10 years. Through customized software engineering and IT services, Advus has used its engineering skills to provide middleware and open source software to these businesses, allowing them to grow at a faster rate thanks to this innovation. This new acquisition is also a move in the green direction, allowing them to stay as efficient as possible.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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