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Publisher's Outlook
Contact Centers CRM and VoIP Dominate Relevant search results on Google
By Nadji Tehrani, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Technology Marketing Corp.

High Priority!
Nextnine: Improving The Customer Experience Through Remote Monitoring and Support Automation
By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief,
Technology Marketing Corp.

Customer [email protected] News
By Tracey E, Schelmetic, Editorial Director,
Customer [email protected] Solutions

Practical Pointers for Call Center Management
A Systematic Approach for Improving Shceduled Adherance
By Penny Reynolds, Contributing Editor, Customer [email protected] Solutions .

In The Queue
Don't Intervene on Me
By Patrick Barnard, Associate Editor, Customer [email protected] Solutions .


Have No Fear: Home-based Agents Meet Highest Quality Standards
Let’s face it: the term “outsourcing” can strike terror in the hearts of those who thrive on control. Some managers are cautious about trusting the very heart of their business, customer service, to people they can’t see or touch. It’s a common but unfounded concern. In fact, virtual call centers guarantee quality in exactly the same way as traditional centers. www.tmcnet.com/1087.1

Assessing IT’s New Role
It’s remarkable that in today’s high-tech communications environment, businesses are discovering that many contact centers continue to operate at suboptimal levels. Case in point: one financial services company has managed to turn “press zero to talk to a human” into not just a selling point, but a major advertising campaign. www.tmcnet.com/1088.1

First Call Resolution and Offshoring Study Results
Customer satisfaction is crucial to customer loyalty, positive word of mouth, and return on investment, as we all know. A new study released recently from CFI Group reports that (yet again) first call resolution has the most impact on customer satisfaction, and therefore, their loyalty and likelihood to recommend. In this study, across all industries measured, almost a fifth of all callers hung up with their issue unresolved. Of those customers who didn’t have their issue resolved, 68 percent are at risk of defection (43 percent said they’d definitely defect; 25 percent weren’t sure). www.tmcnet.com/1089.1



The Boardroom Report Interview With Ashutosh Roy
By Penny Reynolds, Contributing Editor, Customer [email protected] Solutions

Bartender, Creative and Original CRM Please... and Hold the Original
By Tonya Hottmann, Head of Marketing for the Americas, NetOp

Five Strategies To A Great Customer Experience
By Tonya Hottmann, Head of Marketing for the Americas, NetOp

FAmerican Companies Dialing Bogota for Business
By Tonya Hottmann, Head of Marketing for the Americas, NetOp

Top Five Advantages of e-Learning for the Contact Center
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Interaction Solutions

The 2007 Headset Technology Review
By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc.By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc

The IP Conatct Center Roundup
By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc.By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc

The 2007 Customer Interaction Solution TMC Labs Innovation Awards
By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc.By Stephen R. Kowarsky, CosmoCom, Inc

With Tim Passios, Director of Product Management, Interactive Intelligence


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