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CIS July 2006
CIS July 2006


By Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher, Technology Marketing Corp.

Why Do People Attend Conferences And Exhibitions? During the last quarter century, I have learned that people come to shows for ...


Salesforce.com: Leading The Way To CRM 2.0
By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief, Technology Marketing Corp.
Over the years, I have had many terrific opportunities to interview Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com, and write about both him and the company he leads. So it's funny (though not unusual in these days of 24-7 digital media) that I had never met him in person.

INNOVATIVE IDEAS FROM THE MULTIMEDIA EXPERTS:A Special Editorial Series Sponsored By West Corporation

Effective Customer Service Requires Not Just Knowledge, But Insight
West Corporation
Striving For Excellence Achieving the highest quality customer service is an exercise in vigilance. Having the best people, cutting-edge technology and time-tested protocols is certainly helpful. True excellence, however, is not simply a one-time event. It requires a continuous process.


Want To Deliver Converged, Bundled, Integrated Services? Pay Attention To CRM
By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing Editor
Communications service providers: Want to get consumers to go for your bundled offerings of fixed and wireless phone, DSL broadband and video services? Better pay attention to your CRM databases, among other things.


Workforce Management: The Contact Center's Easy Button?
Workforce management technology has a profound impact on the day-to-day lives of the people working in the contact center. It defines agents' working hours, when they take breaks, lunches, attend training or go on vacation. The ripple of change that occurs with a workforce management implementation, however, extends beyond the agents to the management team, the IT department, the training group and human resources, among others.

Instantly Improve Contact Center Performance
Managing customers is a hugely complex task for large corporations. In fact, the larger the organization is, the more removed decision makers become from customers. There is a complex maze of service and product offerings that customers wish to talk about. Their communication may have begun in the shopping or pre-sales mode and moved into the sales/purchase cycle, the after-sale service and billing questions, and then perhaps the ongoing support questions. Products and services are becoming more complex. Faced with this complexity, customers and companies must look for management and operational practices that carry more impact.


Case Study: An Rx For Healthcare Communication Outsourcing And Offshoring Medicall Call Centers For Competitive Advantage
There is a chronic condition plaguing the U.S. healthcare industry, with no cure in sight: a shortage of qualified nurses. For the first time ever, the U.S. Department of Labor, in its February 2004 Monthly Labor Review, cited registered nurses as the top occupation in terms of job growth through the year 2012. Yet according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the number of candidates taking the NCLEX-RN Exam actually decreased by 10 percent over the last decade, declining to 87,085 in 2004.


TMC Labs Innovation Awards, Part 1
The TMC Labs Innovation Awards are now in their seventh year, and still TMC Labs is amazed at the continual innovation being brought to market in the contact center space to improve training, increase morale, reduce turnover, increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure software and hardware costs.

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Evaluating ROI In An On-Demand Call Center Solution
By Vincent Deschamps, CEO, Echopass Corporation If your company spends more than $250 per agent per year on technology license maintenance (i.e., more than $25,000 per year for a 100-agent deployment), you most likely can justify a move to an on-demand solution through maintenance fee savings alone.Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/347.1

Contact Center Virtualization: Requirements For Effective Team Supervision And Quality Management
By Gerry Johnsen, Spanlink Communications Through virtualization, customer inquiries can be handled by a trained call center agent in any remote location to provide a more flexible resource for meeting service levels. In hiring conscientious, qualified agents, location is no longer a factor. This increases customer service quality, as customers dialing a local number feel like they’re getting localized or specialized service and/or their call is automatically transferred and handled by the most appropriate agent.
Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/348.1

The Church Of Return On Investment
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Interaction Solutions magazine If Star-Trek-style teleportation was available in 1998, no doubt the executives of even mid-sized companies would have been regularly saying to their IT engineers: “Beam me to my investment banker’s office, Norbert.”
Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/349.1


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