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iNation Launches CRM Solution
iNation, which designs and implements workplace applications, has announced the launch of NationBuilder, a new CRM tool that is a Web-based application for automating and optimizing daily business tasks. NationBuilder's menu enables users to accomplish various tasks, including the following: e-mail with protected history; global address book with import/export features; flexible scheduling calendar; real-time tasks and events; template-driven and customized campaigns; and key performance indicators (KPIs). NationBuilder is expected to provide value to financial advisors and independent brokers. It is available for $95 per month with a complimentary 30-day trial along with a preferred partners program and multiple purchase discounts.

Knova Software, Control-F1 Partner
Knova Software, a provider of service resolution management applications, has announced a partnership with integrated support automation company Control-F1. The partnership will offer support desk applications to optimize self-service efficiency, cut costs and boost customer satisfaction. By leveraging Control-F1's capabilities, Knova will be able to do the following: create a rich context by retrieving diagnostic and telemetry information directly from the customer's computer; deliver the right automated scripts to run on the customer's computer as part of the resolution; and offer desktop sharing, allowing agents to interact with customers to resolve issues.

Salesnet Enhances Enterprise Product
CRM software provider Salesnet has announced an upgrade to its enterprise product offering by introducing more than 50 product enhancements. The product additions serve as a precursor to Salesnet's upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition, which is anticipated for a winter release and will include more than 250 features that broaden Salesnet's CRM footprint into campaign management, lead management, product catalogs, order management and more. In this current release, Salesnet is introducing more than 50 feature product enhancements to its flagship on-demand CRM solution, with each enhancement geared toward its enterprise customers. The release is designed to simplify configurations and provide additional flexibility to the Salesnet solution. Salesnet also announced the latest-version launch of its OEM private labeling product, Salesnet OEM v.2, which includes several enhancements that enable partners to more easily brand the solution and gain immediate ownership of their customer relationships.

Soffront, Intuit Integrate
Soffront Software Inc., a provider of enterprise and hosted CRM solutions targeted at the midmarket, has announced the availability of integration between Soffront CRM and Intuit's QuickBooks financial software. The move is intended to improve the lead-to-cash process and reduce paperwork and processing delays, as well as to provide information about customers' credit histories, invoices and payment information to Soffront CRM users.

Talisma KnowledgeBase 5.0 Receives KCS Verification
CRM solutions provider Talisma has announced that Talisma KnowledgeBase 5.0 has been recognized as 'Knowledge-Centered Support Verified' by the Consortium for Service Innovation. The Consortium for Service Innovation, a not-for-profit alliance of service and support organizations, developed the KCS Verified program to distinguish knowledge management vendors whose products meet the practical requirements outlined in the KCS Verified Criteria. Supported by the Help Desk Institute, KCS is an emerging best practice for knowledge management in service and support organizations.

SugarCRM's Sugar Suite v3.5 In Beta
SugarCRM Inc., a provider of open-source CRM applications, has released the beta version of Sugar Suite 3.5 with new features aimed at simplifying the use of third-party add-on modules and strengthening the program's functionality and personalization capabilities. Enhancements in version 3.5 include the Sugar Module Loader, a new plug-and-play installation utility for third-party add-on module, cross-module reporting, HTML e-mail support, simplified upgrade of customizations, improved Microsoft Outlook integration and new user-interface skins. In addition, more than 80 accessory modules have been created. They include language translation packs and document management systems. Sugar Suite is a full-featured CRM solution and is available as on-premise, hosted or appliance-based software, all versions offering a full range of CRM functionality.

Brooktrout, Esnatech, Iwatsu Offer Messaging Solution For SMBs
Brooktrout Technology, Esnatech and Iwatsu together have announced a speech-enabled unified messaging solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The solution, which utilizes Iwatsu's Enterprise-CS IP-PBX, Esna's Telephony Office-LinX and Brooktrout's speech platform, combines 'find me, follow me' functionality with speech-enabled unified messaging that allows mobile workers to access their voice, e-mail and fax messages from multiple devices, including desk phones, cell phones, PDAs and Web browsers. The goal is to help improve the efficiency and productivity of a company's distributed workforce and enable responses to customer queries in minutes as opposed to hours. Esnatech's new Telephony Office-LinX Small Business Edition targets businesses with between five and 50 employees.

InVision Launches Subsidiary In The Netherlands
Workforce management software provider InVision Software has launched a fully owned subsidiary, InVision Software B.V., in Utrecht, the Netherlands, as the workforce management specialist augments its market presence in the BeNeLux region. InVision's BeNeLux customers had been served by the German headquarters.

FrontRange Introduces IP Contact Center 5.0
FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., a provider of service management, CRM and voice applications, has announced the availability of IP Contact Center (IPCC) 5.0. The new version of FrontRange's VoIP software suite features integration with other FrontRange product families, including the company's HEAT, GoldMine Corporate Edition and the new IT Service Management (ITSM) modules. FrontRange IPCC 5.0 is designed to enable users to train staff more effectively with features such as the Quality Management optional module with which a supervisor can record calls with server-based recording and call rating.

Citrix Unveils GoToMeeting 2.0
Recording and playback, application sharing and drawing tools are among the new features available in Citrix GoToMeeting version 2.0. The online meeting and collaboration solution offers flat-fee pricing. Citrix GoToMeeting 2.0 provides tools for conducting online meetings, training sessions and group presentations. Enhancements include the following: desktop recording and playback; annotation tools; specific application sharing; attendance reporting; developer's tool kit; and Lotus Notes integration. Citrix GoToMeeting 2.0 is available in two versions: Citrix GoToMeeting is for individuals and small businesses that require a single-user account and up to 10 meeting attendees; and Citrix GoToMeeting Corporate is for larger businesses that need reporting and administrative functionality, a minimum of five user accounts and up to 200 attendees per meeting through an optional event-license feature.

Macromedia Provides Solution For Online Events
Online-communications software provider Macromedia, Inc. has announced the availability of an all-inclusive Web event solution, providing customers with the opportunity to create, host and manage a Web seminar while eliminating travel and external event expenses. Macromedia Breeze supports data exchange with a company's marketing and CRM system, enabling the import of prospect contact information, registration and attendance tracking, and the export of results to CRM systems for sales follow-up. The solution includes an online seminar room within Macromedia Breeze for up to 2,500 participants, event management and tracking capabilities and event consulting services for marketing professionals. Anyone with an Internet-connected PC can instantly join any Breeze event. Breeze is deployed using Macromedia Flash Player and is installed on more than 98 percent of browsers worldwide. No special downloads are needed.

NetSuite Announces v10.6
Business management software provider NetSuite, Inc. has announced version 10.6 of its flagship product. The new release enables users to perform complex business functions that change data without regenerating the browser page, to extend NetSuite with any application and to integrate with widely used applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Maps. The product targets small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). NetSuite provides companies with the ability to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes CRM, order fulfillment, inventory, finance and product assembly, e-commerce and Web site management, as well as employee productivity. Because NetSuite is delivered as an online service, there is no requirement of hardware, up-front license fee or complex setups.

Aplus.Net Offers CRM Hosting
Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net has announced the launch and immediate availability of iCRM Pro, a CRM solution for small businesses that require a sales tool as well as hosting. iCRM Pro features online tools for managing relations for both existing and prospective customers. The company promises businesses a shorter sales cycle, improved customer interaction and technical support, as well as fewer administrative and IT costs. Customers using the iCRM Pro service will receive their own copy of the open-source SugarCRM product. Aplus.Net handles the installation and maintenance of the software, hosting the application in its data center.

SoundBite Incorporates Call Flow Functionality Into Platform
SoundBite Communications, a provider of interactive voice message (IVM) applications, has announced the incorporation of AutoManage call-flow technology into its hosted, on-demand interactive voice messaging platform. The AutoManage functionality monitors call connection rates, ring and hold times and other campaign call-flow parameters without requiring automatic call distributor (ACD) integration. It also automatically adjusts outbound call rates to optimize agent productivity, minimize hold times and increase campaign results. The AutoManage feature controls how calls flow during a campaign according to additional predefined parameters. With the AutoManage functionality, SoundBite's IVM platform can automatically adjust to specific conditions in real time, without interrupting a campaign. AutoManage call flow is exclusive to SoundBite's OnDemand Customer Communications platform, which is an ASP-based, Web-hosted solution that allows companies to instantly deliver interactive voice messages to their customers, empowering them to respond immediately. The platform provides 'pay-as-you-go' use; unlimited personalized calling capability; automated, real-time access and management of campaigns; the ability to directly connect with an agent; and automated self processing.

Soffront Offers Concurrent (Floating) User Licenses To On-Demand CRM Customers
Soffront Software Inc., a provider of enterprise and hosted CRM software for the midmarket, has announced its offering of concurrent (floating) user licenses to its on-demand (hosted) customers, reducing the monthly cost for most customers. Scenarios in which concurrent user licensing is beneficial include support centers that operate on more than one shift, international operations with facilities in different countries (and time zones) and companies with significant numbers of occasional system users. Until Soffront offered concurrent licensing, users either needed their own license, which increased costs, or had to share licenses, preventing the ability to track, monitor and schedule activities individually.

Brix Networks Announces Customer Care Solution For Residential VoIP Service Providers
Brix Networks, a provider of real-time performance management and service assurance solutions, has announced the availability of BrixCare Self-Service, a new VoIP quality measurement and reporting application that is designed to help service providers cut subscriber acquisition and support costs. BrixCare Self-Service consists of three primary components: On-demand VoIP Agent, a digitally signed, lightweight Java applet that is downloaded to a subscriber's PC, either in self-service mode or at the direction of a customer service representative; Central Management Software, a platform that collects information and presents it in audience-appropriate formats that are actionable and relevant to customer service reps, NOC engineers and management; and Brix Verifiers, hardware appliances that reside in the provider's network for terminating test calls and measuring VoIP call quality. BrixCare Self-Service can be used as both a pre- and post-sign-up application. The applications measure several signaling quality metrics, including the time for each call-setup phase and complete call-setup time, and also provides delivery of quality diagnostic metrics, such as latency, packet loss and jitter.

QAS Releases QuickAddress Pro Web 5.0
QAS, a provider of address data quality software, has announced the release of QuickAddress Pro Web 5.0, which validates addresses against official U.S. Postal Service and 17 worldwide postal authority records during entry over Internet, browser-based and thin-client applications. Along with automating the entry of valid addresses, the latest version is designed to be more scalable and compatible with a wider array of programming standards. QuickAddress Web 5.0 enables customers to validate their own addresses while ordering from a company Web site. The latest version of QuickAddress Pro Web incorporates 'drop-down' ranges of valid addresses that are provided after a few keystrokes. Also, QuickAddress Pro Web 5.0 extends the QuickAddress validation functionality to intranet and extranet environments.

KANA Announces Midmarket SRM Express, IQ For External Content Search, Enterico Partnership
Service resolution management solutions provider KANA Software, Inc. has announced its new solution set for the midmarket as well as a new partnership with Enterico, an IBM value-added solution reseller division of Continental Resources Inc. KANA's new SRM Express Suite of solutions is designed to offer midmarket companies the ability to improve customer service and satisfaction rates while reducing costs. The company has also announced the availability of KANA IQ External Content Search (ECS), an additional option for customers using the company's KANA IQ solution for enterprise knowledge management and customer service optimization. KANA IQ ECS allows customer service agents to discover and create new content by automatically 'crawling' through content stores, identifying content and making it easily searchable. The solution leverages retrieval methods such as category search, parametric search and taxonomy search to find key information. This results in faster and more accurate resolution of customer inquiries while reducing contact center costs. Through its channel partner program, KANA leverages its partners for their industry experience and expertise. Companies of this size traditionally have between five and 50 agents focused on handling e-mail and online service requests. More than half of consumers (54.3 percent) use e-mail to contact customer service, with 6.3 percent doing it at least once per week, according to Forrester Research, Inc.

Amae Software Offering Performance Console
Amae Software, a provider of performance and customer experience management software, has announced the deployment of the Amae CI Suite Performance Console. The component of the Amae CI Suite is configured to display management metrics regarding companywide customer experience results and productivity analytics. Results and performance relative to goals are graphically displayed in real time on the Amae CI Suite launch page. No user license is required for accessing the Amae CI Suite launch page. Users can login from the Performance Console and drill down to the drivers of performance and customer experience for change.

Verint Announces ULTRA IntelliConnect Offerings
Verint Systems Inc., a provider of analytic software-based solutions for communications interception, networked video security and business intelligence, announced the availability of ULTRA IntelliConnect, a new set of open standards-based integration offerings for its ULTRA solution. ULTRA IntelliConnect delivers prebuilt integrations to vendor solutions such as CRM, customer surveys, workforce management, knowledge management, performance management and business intelligence. ULTRA IntelliConnect integrates data with the intent to deliver more powerful analytics through a 360-degree view of agents, contact centers and the enterprise. It aims to power more effective scorecards and reports, richer data mining and more effective call content categorization, all to reduce administration and improve operational workflow across contact center and enterprise applications. In other news, Verint, in cooperation with Stroudwater Contact Point, Concerto Software and Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine, is hosting two free educational, half-day seminars on how to transform contact centers into strategic profit centers through performance optimization. The two days of seminars are September 22, in Prouts Neck, ME; and September 23, in Sturbridge, MA. Speakers include Stroudwater President and CEO Bill Hunt; Concerto VP Performance Optimization Bob Kelly; Stroudwater Director, Organizational Systems Development, Elizabeth Reuthe; and Verint Director of Business Analytics Daniel Ziv. TMC's Group Editor-in-Chief Rich Tehrani will be addressing the crowd with a special welcome. Both days will begin with breakfast. Registration online is required.

INFONXX, ScanSoft, Soleo Partner
INFONXX, a provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services, has partnered with both speech and imaging solutions provider ScanSoft and systems-integration company Soleo Communications to create and deliver speech technologies. ScanSoft is providing its solution to allow customers use of speech recognition power to receive directory information from the largest of databases. The technology provides INFONXX with the foundation to deliver additional value-producing features. By coordinating the development of the network and messaging gateways, features, implementation and integration of applications through INFONXX's VoIP network architecture, Soleo is connecting customizable services to the customer through INFONXX and the carrier. INFONXX's speech-enabled recognition technology broadens the options to carriers and corporations looking to better their callers' needs. Through the solution, all listings in the directory data are available. Callers can also be connected to an operator at any time. Carriers and corporations can connect to INFONXX's VoIP backbone architecture through multiple networking technologies, including the public switched telephone system, virtual private networks or VoIP.

Loquendo Offers VoxNauta 7.0
Speech technology company Loquendo has announced the availability of its new, optimized voice platform solution, VoxNauta 7.0. The product is designed to provide the optimal exploitation of Loquendo TTS, Loquendo ASR and Loquendo Speaker Verification technologies. The renewed architecture of Loquendo's software-only voice platform is the result of a redesign that incorporates customer feedback and the latest functionalities released with Loquendo vocal technologies. The new architecture aims to offer an optimal dynamic allocation of Loquendo vocal technologies and provide increased reactivity in terms of barge-in and dialog management.

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