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Customer Inter@ction Solutions
July 2007 - Volume 26 / Number 2
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NetOp On Demand Facilitates Fast and Accurate Tech Support

By Tonya Hottmann
Head of Marketing for the Americas, NetOp


Providing timely, efficient and cost-effective technical support for all users is one of the challenges many organizations face today. Remote control tools, which allow remote access to or control over another computer, are a natural choice for transferring files, running applications and resolving critical technical issues.

There are numerous advantages to having a help desk solution that can remotely support customers. Resolution of problems is faster and more accurate and this means increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, as well as improved productivity and efficiency leading to cost savings.

Typically a support incident involves a lengthy and complex diagnostic process and the majority of time is spent trying to understand what the customer problem is. This can take hours or even days of e-mails and phone sessions. With remote support, the time spent understanding the customer's problems is cut down dramatically, as the help desk employee can see the exact error message, find the relevant configuration information, and guide the customer to the correct resolution. The customer's problem can be resolved in one single interactive session.

________________________NetOp On Demand is an Internet-based remote control solution that doesn't require pre-installed software and doesn't leave a footprint.
Normally, remote control help desk solutions require the customer's computer to have software pre-installed and running in order for someone to gain access. In many situations, however, a help desk center may provide support to thousands of customers, making it financially and operationally infeasible to install traditional remote software clients on all customer computers.

The answer is an on demand remote software solution. NetOp On Demand provides a way for customers to get expert technical support anytime, anywhere. NetOp On Demand is an Internet-based remote control solution that doesn't require pre-installed software and doesn't leave a footprint. When a customer calls the help desk center, the help desk representative issues a service ticket. The customer is guided to a web site to download an executable file. After the file is downloaded, the help desk representative takes control over the computer and resolves the customer issue. When the session ends, the help desk representative disconnects and the application deletes itself without leaving a footprint. Most importantly, NetOp On Demand is secure. It doesn't use third party servers to route traffic and offers 256-bit AES encryption, securing all sessions from eavesdropping.

Key features of NetOp On Demand include:

• No pre-installed software is needed
• Operational in seconds
• Doesn't leave a footprint
• 256-bit AES encryption, securing all sessions
• Easy to use - no training is required
• Firewall friendly
• Chat and file transfer for sending updates, drivers, etc.
• Security roles to control allowed session actions
• Extensive event logging for session tracking and invoicing
• Communication over TCP using HTTP tunneling at port 80

NetOp On Demand makes it easy to diagnose and resolve issues, but most importantly, its design means that it does this in a way that is secure, under the end user's control, fast, and scalable. Furthermore it doesn't require end users to install time-consuming or undesired software, and because it is part of the NetOp Remote Control product range, it comes with a track record of secure remote control, completing all your remote control needs.

To learn more about this powerful remote control solution, visit www.netop.com.


Tech Support Company Using NetOp's On Demand to Assist Doctors across Denmark
By Patrick Barnard, Associate Editor

The old adage “show, don't tell” has never been more relevant than in today's Web 2.0-driven world. When it comes to computer technology, users don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what a technical support professional means when they try to walk them through a complex procedure or troubleshoot a problem via phone or e-mail. Furthermore, many computer users have a difficult time putting into to words what they are encountering, thus requiring a tech support person to “guess” what the problem is.

Eliminating this often frustrating situation is NetOp's On Demand — remote access software which lets help desk experts “tunnel” into a user's computer and take control of it for the purpose of providing fast and efficient technical support. The software lets a tech support expert take control of the desktop on a user's Windows-based PC and diagnose and/or fix a problem “hands-on,” thus reducing downtime and increasing employee productivity.

One tech support provider which has seen tremendous success with this product is Lægernes EDB Central A/S, which provides support services to doctors across Denmark. With NetOp's On Demand, the company's help desk experts are able to provide fast and efficient support to doctors and medical assistants who use their computers to complete routine administrative tasks, such as checking electronic records, updating patient journals and writing prescriptions.

Prior to adopting the solution, Lægernes EDB Central had to provide tech support the old fashioned way:

“When doctors phoned, we had to try and imagine what their screens looked like so that we could identify the problem that they were facing,” explained Per Winther, the company's general manager, in a testimonial. “If we couldn't, we'd have to drive out to visit them, sometimes as far as 200 km away. In other situations, we would have to deliver a file and often couldn't send it in an e-mail, so we'd have to burn it on a CD and send it by post.”

Winther said the solution delivered an immediate ROI: “Since using NetOp On Demand, we are almost saving the equivalent to one month's salary for a technician, and our technicians are driving about 5000-6000 km less per year,” he said.

Interestingly, Lægernes EDB Central has discovered that the product leads to fewer repeat requests for support. That's because when an agent takes over the mouse and keyboard functions on a user's computer, the user can sit and watch, step-by-step, how the agent resolved the problem. Through this “show, don't tell” process, the user often ends up memorizing the process for resolving the problem and is then able to do it on their own.

Perhaps most importantly, NetOp On Demand doesn't use third-party servers to route traffic, and thus ensures that sensitive patient information is protected from unauthorized access. Sessions can be encrypted using up to 256-bit AES encryption, 256-bit SHA HMAC's integrity check, and 2048-bits Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

“NetOp On Demand has enabled us to improve our customer service tremendously,” Winther said. “This product makes us more professional because we can respond quickly and effectively to service requests.”

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