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Customer Inter@ction Solutions
June 2007 - Volume 26 / Number 1
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By: Nadji Tehrani
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Technology Marketing Corporation


As the contact center industry’s pioneering and preeminent magazine since 1982, Customer Interaction Solutions® magazine has always been dedicated to providing its valued readers the finest and most cutting-edge information.

As we helped lay the foundation of the industry 26 years ago, we have always had our finger on the pulse of the marketplace and we have always adjusted our editorial focus to keep pace with the new industry trends.

TMC’s (News - Alert) world-class Web site, www.tmcnet.com, currently includes about 2,000,000 pages of high-quality content. This vast resource has enhanced Customer Interaction Solutions®’s global leadership, and reinforced its position as the world’s leading source of reliable information on the state of the contact center, CRM and IP communications industries.

I have asked Tracey Schelmetic, Editorial Director, to share her perspective on this very important subject.

Beginning with the last few issues, valued readers will have noticed a different format for the editorial in Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. We’re extremely proud of it and we know you’ll find it sharper and more informative than ever before. Serving the fast-changing technology marketplace means being adaptable to the needs of and changes within the call center, CRM and teleservices industries, and this is something both Customer Interaction Solutions and TMC have excelled at since 1982.

Because Customer Interaction Solutions covers a broad range of call center and enterprise communications interests: workforce optimization, customer and employee analytics, CRM, training and e-learning, speech technology, IP contact center, call center management issues, teleservices and peripherals such as headsets, display technology and furniture, etc., we understand that not everyone needs or wants to read to a nitty-gritty level on each of these topics, as readers’ goals and interests may vary widely, even within the same technology topics. We are fortunate to have the impressive resources of TMCnet behind us — a place where we can lead readers to more in-depth information about which subjects interest them should they wish to probe more profoundly on any one topic.

The TMC team has built TMCnet into a global, dominating b-to-b force for communications and technology information. With writers located all over the world, we are able to offer the most current and internationally relevant information available, from different perspectives, updated from minute-to-minute on TMCnet. There is no other telecommunications media outlet in the world with such global reach, such experienced contributing writers and editors and such broad appeal to the marketplace. Our readers are located in every country in the world, and our skills in cross-channel marketing — from our Web site to our popular blogs to our print magazines to our trade shows to our marketing vehicles — have created a synergy of interactive information
that circles the world on a daily basis, gathers the most relevant news and opinions, disseminates them for our readership audience and presents them in a to-the-point, consolidated format, on the home page of TMCnet. We are proud to have built a network of resources so experienced and so vast that we can truly say that TMCnet never sleeps.

With such a global force behind us, Customer Interaction Solutions magazine is in the enviable position of being able to streamline our editorial coverage so it’s relevant to busy executives with limited time to read and learn about today’s issues facing the call center and the enterprise. To best meet these individuals’ needs, we have taken steps to simultaneously raise both the profile and the interest level of the material we present in Customer Interaction Solutions while boosting the overall quality and appeal of the magazine. We’ve sharpened our features to carry the most important and pertinent information and included more staff-written articles. We have added new columnists, notably The Call Center School’s Penny Reynolds and Maggie Klenke; plus new associate editor Patrick Barnard, who will be writing from his perspective as both a former call center agent and current call center market journalist. We’ve designed a more modern look for the magazine’s artwork, presenting the material in a more vibrant and visually appealing way. We work in synergy with TMCnet to fully cover from all angles all the products and services we feel are deserving of industry awards. Readers will notice that we’ve added more features that
highlight a variety of approaches and vendors on all manner of call center topics.

We know you’ll find the new look and feel of Customer Interaction Solutions as compelling as we do, and we look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback.

As always, I welcome your comments. Please e-mail them to me at [email protected]. CIS

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