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CIS March 2006
CIS March 2006


Effective Hiring And Keeping 'The Right People'
By Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher, Technology Marketing Corp.

Successful managers are those who surround themselves with 'the right people,' give them direction and then get out of the way.


Keeping Up With Uptime
By Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief, Technology Marketing Corp.
As you may recall, last month I set out to interview a number of on-demand CRM vendors on the topic of service reliability. As with the case of Salesforce.com's outages, many customer relationship management decision-makers were left wondering if the on-demand vendor they chose was able to provide them with the reliability they needed to keep their companies running at all times.


The New Rules Of Compliance: Combining Performance Management And Compliance To Solve The Regulatory Puzzle, Simplify Management And Reduce Costs
By Joseph A. Staples, Interactive Intelligence
Trying to decipher and comply with complex guidelines is only one piece of the regulatory puzzle. Adding to the problem for thousands of organizations are disparate data systems, interaction systems and processes that not only make compliance programs difficult to manage, but drive up the already staggering costs of meeting regulatory requirements.

The Neverending Story Of The Consequences Of Failing To Self-Regulate
By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Editorial Director, Customer Inter@ction Solutions


Four Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing CRM Software
By Ron Wegmann, Vertical Solutions
As more people become accustomed to using the Internet, they demand that companies provide increasingly capable Web self-service options. Once upon a time, navigation was the primary method for uncovering information. Today, search has become just as critical a component to an effective online sales, marketing and customer support strategy.


CUSTOMER INTER@CTION Solutions Magazine's Twenty-First Annual Top 50 Outbound Teleservices Agency Ranking
This is the twenty-first year Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine brings you its 'Top 50' Teleservices Agency Ranking. In this issue, we're presenting the 'Top 50' outbound portion of the ranking. (The inbound portion of the ranking will be highlighted in the April 2006 issue.) Since its inception in 1986, our 'Top 50' ranking has been used as the benchmark for choosing large-capacity/sized teleservices agencies.


Hiring and Training For The Call Center: Developing The 'Universal Agent' And Beyond
By Ted Nardin, ClientLogic
If you asked most CEOs what the most important aspect of a call center is, you will likely get a quick response: 'low cost.' In today's competitive landscape, however, smart executives are beginning to reevaluate their call centers and turn them into well-oiled, revenue-generating machines. A call center that adds business value in addition to retaining a low-cost profile gives a business a tremendous advantage over its competitors.


North American Contact Centers: Why Are We Falling Behind?
By Kurt Mey, Dimension Data North America
Results from Dimension Data's recent Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report indicate that North American contact centers are lagging in several critical areas, including call response times, disaster recovery preparedness and security. This means that North American call centers ' and the businesses that depend on them ' may be at a greater risk for business disruption and customer defection. Why are North American call centers falling behind?


Interior Concepts: We Provide Solutions That Fit
For this installment of The Boardroom Report, Technology Marketing Corp. founder/chairman/CEO Nadji Tehrani spoke with David Kendrick, President of call center furniture provider Interior Concepts.


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CallMiner Gives Comcast Call Analyzing Power
By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist
CallMiner's VSR makes possible medium and large speech analytics installations, which were once considered too costly and resource-intensive to deploy, company officials say. Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/261.1

How Well Do You Understand The Do Not Call Laws?
By David Sims, TMCnet How well do you understand the Do Not Call laws? Take the five-question quiz on the Web site of Chris Harshbarger of Harshbarger & Associates, LLC, which offers Telemarketing Compliance consultations on the matter. Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/262.1

Forrester's Take on CRM in 2006: 10 Trends
Forrester finds are the 10 CRM trends to watch in 2006, broken down into three general groups: Five trends emanating from the fact that they find enterprises are digesting their CRM technology investments and striving to get more worth out of these expenditures, three evident as CRM software technology firms continue to adapt to the demands of their customers and two resulting from the role professional services providers will play in helping enterprises get more value from CRM. Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/263.1

Sphere Announces Sphericall 5
By Greg Galitzine, Editorial Director, INTERNET TELEPHONY
Building on standard XML and SOAP technology, Sphere now offers Sphericall Web Services which is intended to provide access to the rich communications services of the software-based Sphericall IP-PBX. A key component of Sphericall is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that delivers a platform-neutral and language-neutral set of development tools for fast, flexible and repeatable application development and integration. Read the full article at www.tmcnet.com/264.1

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