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February 2004 Issue Editorial Highlights
11th Annual MVP Quality Awards
With the Customer [email protected] Solutions' 2003 Quality Awards, we celebrate eleven years of the continual refinement of the methods, the technologies and the human quest for smarter, more efficient business services and communications that now come to define the contact center. These contact centers exist to get the job done while respecting the wishes and serving the needs of both the business world and the consumer world, providing both the technical and the human sides of CRM.

The Seven Myths Of Outbound Telemarketing After DNC
By Tim Searcy, American Teleservices Association
Don't think for a minute that I believe the national do-not-call list is here to stay. There is no doubt in my mind that the United States judicial system will strike this regulation down as unconstitutional. As monumental as that day will be, the reality still exists that the future of the teleservices industry is not faced with 'business as usual.' Throughout the past year, numerous internal pundits, as well as the mainstream media, have been prognosticating on the future of our industry.

E-Learning And Quality - A Marriage Made In Heaven
By Scott Shute, etalk Corporation
Ask a contact center manager to name the top five problems in his or her contact center and the manager will almost always mention agent turnover. While there are many reasons for this problem, overall employee dissatisfaction is usually at the top of the list. Managers often complain that training is not sufficient or relevant to their day-to-day interaction with customers.

Approaching Training From The Human Side
By Deepjot Chhabra, Oracle
The fallout from corporate scandals over the past few years has placed a great deal of emphasis on promoting responsible corporate leadership, while largely ignoring the mechanics of bringing workforces into compliance with today's complex and varied regulations. Employees may be committing breaches of security, confidentiality, business ethics or industry regulations without even knowing it, while following time-honored business procedures.

Improving Customer Loyalty Through Proactive Communications
By Ben Levitan, EnvoyWorldWide
'Improving customer loyalty' has been the traditional mantra of the call center since inception. As economic and regulatory pressures continue to squeeze the enterprise, however, the need to ensure customer satisfaction has reached a tipping point and has made the art of customer communications a tenuous proposition. Too often, customer service professionals are consumed with efforts to put out the fires of dissatisfaction, spending the majority of their time resolving customer complaints and problems. Few call centers have embraced the idea of proactive customer care ' the ability to reach out to customers before they have a chance to become a frustrated and dissatisfied incoming caller.

Real-Time CRM: A Competetive Advantage Today, A Competetive Imperative Tomorrow?
By Ross Sedgewick, Siemens Global eCRM Solutions
Lost productivity, lost sales and lost customer satisfaction all make a compelling case for addressing customer issues as quickly as possible by bringing the right people and information to the discussion on the first contact. Ideally, this should be achieved with zero latency in 'real-time' to ensure customer satisfaction.

Providing Quality Web-Based Customer Service
By Michael Lough and Dr. James Lester, LiveWire Logic, Inc.
Companies around the globe need to address the changing face of customer service. With customers expecting instant gratification from the Web, every company is faced with the challenge and the opportunity to provide customers with a less expensive alternative to person-to-person, or 'live,' contact.

Barbados: An Attractive Offshore Location
By Tim Parry, Associate Editor, Customer [email protected] Solutions'

Executive Spotlight
This month, the Executive Spotlight focuses on Edward L. Rucinski, senior vice president and general manager of CRS & International Divisions, Dictaphone Corp..

Publisher's Outlook
By Nadji Tehrani
In this issue, Nadji Tehrani explains why a call center should, and how it can, set up CRM division to improve overall customer satisfaction.

High Priority!
By Rich Tehrani
Speak with any contact center manager, and though many of their practices and opinions may differ, most will agree that the biggest problem in any contact center is agent retention and turnover, followed by customer churn. 

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