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Mr. Nadji Tehrani

Mr. Nadji Tehrani founded Technology Marketing Corporation in 1972, as a publishing company adhering to the highest standard of ethics and professional journalism. Now known as TMC™, the company began by publishing trade magazines for the chemical coatings field.

In the late 1970s, Tehrani began regularly selling advertising space in his magazines over the phone. He quickly discovered that phone sales outpaced face-to-face sales by 300 percent. Hoping to learn more about phone sales, Tehrani scoured newsstands and libraries in search of a magazine covering this nascent field -- yet no magazine covered telemarketing. Undaunted, the entrepreneurial Tehrani started his own magazine in 1982, trademarking the name Telemarketing® for the new publication.

Over time, Telemarketing® magazine evolved first into [email protected] CENTER Solutions™ magazine, then [email protected] CENTER CRM Solutions™, until its rename as CUSTOMER [email protected] Solutions® in December 2000. Its current title is most indicative of what the magazine has been providing since launching in 1982: business and technical information on how to more effectively equip and run today's contact center.

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