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DCO Update Provides Unprecedented Speed to OpenVPN Networks
[March 15, 2023]

DCO Update Provides Unprecedented Speed to OpenVPN Networks

OpenVPN, the world's leading network security solution, today announced the release of OpenVPN 2.6, a major update to the open source protocol behind OpenVPN, Inc. This update promises to deliver unprecedented speed to users, thanks to the highly anticipated Data Channel Offload (DCO) kernel acceleration support, making OpenVPN faster and more efficient than ever before.

"We are thrilled to bring this update to our users," says Antonio Quartulli, Principal Engineer at OpenVPN. "OpenVPN 2.6 is a game-changer for network security, delivering the speed and performance that users have been asking for. With this update, we are making it easier and faster for users to secure their network connections, no matter their use case."

This latest release also features several new security updates, including an improved TLS handshake and the disabling of outdated cryptographic algorithms by default. In addition, it supports OpenSSL 3 and improved handling of tunnel MTU settings. OpenVPN GUI client on Windows now includes Pre-Logon Access Provider support.

"OpenVPN 2.6 with DCO brings the data handling to the kernel for optimum performance," says Johan Draisma, Senior Product Manager at OpenVPN. "This upgrade has major implications. We already see the benefits of having data handling in the kernel on CloudConnexa™ [formerly known as OpenVPN Cloud]. Having DCO on one side already helps, having it on both sides is ideal. And customers using a DCO enabled client connected to CloudConnexa will be among the first to experience the performance benefits of kernel data handling on both sides of the connection. Users of OpenVPN Access Server will also be getting the DCO update; our team is working to integrate it as soon as possible."

Whether you're connecting your team to IoT or a remote workforce, this update means users can now connect to the company's network with lightning-fast speeds, without sacrificing security. Learn more about the update here.

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