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Rory J. Thompson is a longtime techno-geek, starting with the PRODIGY online service back in the late ‘80s, and then having worked in various senior editorial capacities at major national technology publications including InformationWeek, Baseline and Smart Partner. Currently a Web Editor at TMC, he is also a contributing blogger to Ziff-Davis Media’s various web properties, including ITManagement.com, where he takes a slightly jaded look at the world of technology today, and how life was so much better when we all had to use dial-up. Not.

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Major City Selects inContact for Anticipated Population Growth - 06/10/2015
New UC Management Offering Provides One-Stop Portal - 06/10/2015
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Annual Awards Readied for Contact Center Leaders - 06/03/2015
Call Centers Get Their Time to Shine - 06/03/2015
Contact Center Leaders Ready To Be Recognized - 06/03/2015
Awards Readied for Contact Center Leaders - 06/02/2015
Search-Data Analytics, Platforms Bracing for Growth - 06/01/2015
VoIP Innovations Launches Revamped Website - 06/01/2015
Hear Me Now: Revolabs New Conference Phones are Microsoft Certified - 06/01/2015
Web-Scale Networking Week in Review: Ciena, BYOD, Barcelona, Mobile World Congress and More - 05/30/2015
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Confusion Still a Concern over Faxing Under TCPA Regulations - 05/29/2015
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Customer Agents Need To be Kept Up To Speed - 05/29/2015
Telecom Mergers, Acquisitions on Pace for Record Level - 05/29/2015
inContact's IVR Offering Appeals to Cloud Client - 05/29/2015
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Data is the Contact Center's Friend. In Small Doses - 05/28/2015
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Once Answered, Calls Need Clearer Direction - 05/27/2015
Information Overload? Too Much is as Bad as Not Enough - 05/27/2015
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Isolated Case: Low-Tech Fax Machine Overlooked by PD - 05/22/2015
Schools Go High-Tech Chasing Donors - 05/22/2015
India Next Stage for Rollout of VoLTE - 05/22/2015
Cloud 101 for Schools: Using it to Their Advantage - 05/22/2015
Hearing it Clearly: VoIP Growth Good, Expected To Get Better - 05/22/2015
WFO Software Can Help, but Keep Staffers in Mind as 'People' - 05/22/2015
School on the Line? They Might Be Calling From the Cloud - 05/21/2015
Higher Education Support Efforts Get a 'Cloud-Boost' - 05/21/2015
Better Dialing, More Features Hallmark of Call Center Upgrade - 05/21/2015
Build Your Team by Building Enthusiasm - 05/21/2015
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Outbound Campaign Management Helped by New Software Offering - 05/21/2015
Customers Set to Gain from Software Update - 05/21/2015
Improved ACD Included With New Contact Center Software - 05/20/2015
New Cloud Contact Center Software Arrives from inContact - 05/20/2015
Ciena's New Offering Raises the Stakes in Data Center Interconnect - 05/20/2015
Higher Education Support Efforts Get a 'Cloud-Boost' - 05/19/2015
Dark Days Over? Research Sees Dialer Market Bracing for Growth - 05/19/2015

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