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Rory J. Thompson is a longtime techno-geek, starting with the PRODIGY online service back in the late ‘80s, and then having worked in various senior editorial capacities at major national technology publications including InformationWeek, Baseline and Smart Partner. Currently a Web Editor at TMC, he is also a contributing blogger to Ziff-Davis Media’s various web properties, including, where he takes a slightly jaded look at the world of technology today, and how life was so much better when we all had to use dial-up. Not.

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Expect the Unexpected: Critter Crashes Power System - 06/06/2014
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Rising Up: UNICOM Engineering Nabs Microsoft OEM Partner Status - 06/05/2014
Where has the ATCA Been, and Where is it Going? - 06/05/2014
Heartbleed Virus Continues its Infecting Ways - 06/03/2014
Dark Fiber Week in Review - 05/31/2014
Cloud Communications Week in Review - 05/31/2014
Why You Need Tech Backup: Power Truck Causes Sudden Power Outage - 05/30/2014
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Making Workforce Management Work for You in the Back Office - 05/29/2014
Big Data Can Make a Big Difference - 05/29/2014
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Tech Companies Unite to Force FCC's Hand - 05/09/2014
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Contact Center Webinar to Highlight Best Practices - 05/06/2014
Heartbleed Bug Challenges Out of Band Management - 05/06/2014
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Tone Software Podcast Looks at Lync Implementation - 05/05/2014
Cloud Communications Week in Review - 05/03/2014
Dark Fiber Week in Review - 05/03/2014
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