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Rory J. Thompson is a longtime techno-geek, starting with the PRODIGY online service back in the late ‘80s, and then having worked in various senior editorial capacities at major national technology publications including InformationWeek, Baseline and Smart Partner. Currently a Web Editor at TMC, he is also a contributing blogger to Ziff-Davis Media’s various web properties, including, where he takes a slightly jaded look at the world of technology today, and how life was so much better when we all had to use dial-up. Not.

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Finding: Younger Business Owners Embracing Conferencing Options - 01/13/2015
VanillaSoft Set to Sponsor, Exhibit at Industry Summit - 01/12/2015
Report Sees Sunny Outlook for Cloud-Based Contact Center Market - 01/12/2015
New Report Examines Business Value of Telecom Expense Management - 01/12/2015
Call Center Services Week in Review: Olympic Games, inContact, Outbox - 01/10/2015
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Call Centers: Building Skills You Can Use Anywhere - 01/09/2015
Master Agency Signs New Telecom Partner - 01/09/2015
Newest VoIP Threat: Telephony Denial of Service - 01/09/2015
Savvy Consumers Demanding More; Are You Delivering? - 01/08/2015
inContact Continues Expansive Growth with New Client - 01/08/2015
Effective Selling: More Than Just Reaching Out - 01/08/2015
Comings and Goings: Telecom Expense Management Company Adds Sales Manager - 01/07/2015
Even the Rich Aren't Immune to Power Outages - 01/07/2015
'In' and 'Out' Join Up: inContact and Outbox Form Partnership - 01/07/2015
Today's TechFast: Ask, and Ye Might Receive - 01/07/2015
Powernet Readies for First Appearance at ITEXPO Miami - 01/06/2015
Performance Metrics: More than Just a 'Roll of the Dice' - 01/06/2015
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Telemarketing Software Leader Reflects on Great Year, and Another to Come - 12/29/2014
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Up Next for the Contact Center: Social Media Agents - 12/11/2014
IVR Fraud Attacked Head-On by New Consortium - 12/11/2014
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Is VoIP the Beginning of the End for the Landline? - 12/11/2014
Timely Resolution for 2015: Automate Your Expenses - 12/11/2014
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Detroit Municipal Woes Grow as Power Infrastructure Cited - 12/10/2014
Studies Show Remote Agents More Productive, More Satisfied - 12/10/2014
Telarus Recognized by 5-Star Partner Program - 12/09/2014
Report Says VoIP Proliferation and Expansion to Continue - 12/09/2014
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