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Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.

Latest Articles

Comcast Sees Widespread Outage after Fresno Fire - 11/25/2015
VoWiFi Won't Hurt, Might Help Channel Partners - 11/25/2015
Service Provider VoIP Tops $1.4 Billion in Q3 - 11/25/2015
vCPE Emerges as a First Use Case for NFV - 11/23/2015
OTT Messaging Apps Face Monetization, Uptake Challenges - 11/23/2015
In-Flight Wi-Fi Goes Web-Scale via Satellite - 11/23/2015
SAP Integrates GENBAND Collaboration Platform into Cloud CRM Suite - 11/20/2015
Smart Cities and IoT Face Looming Challenges, Along with Opportunity - 11/20/2015
Carrier Ethernet Offers Lifeline for Utilities as Carrier Networks Transition - 11/20/2015
Peak Hosting Deploys SolidFire All-Flash Storage to Meet Performance Guarantees - 11/20/2015
Intel's Kaby Lake Processors Show Big Media, Video Improvements - 11/20/2015
Operators Need Revamped Approaches to Address IoT Revolution - 11/18/2015
Feds Ramp Up Cyber-Spending - 11/18/2015
Prevention the Best Course Against VoIP-Related Toll Fraud - 11/18/2015
Company Priorities Shift to Managing Knowledge Workers Effectively - 11/13/2015
Worker Autonomy Key to Productivity - 11/13/2015
Get Ready for the Rise of the Enterprise Digital Assistant - 11/12/2015
U.S. Leads in Service Management Uptake Beyond IT - 11/12/2015
Survey: Traditional Voice Channels Remain Critical to Customer Satisfaction - 11/12/2015
Beacons Open Up Location-Based Retail Engagement - 11/12/2015
Why Micro-Services Will Become Key to Virtual Operator Architecture - 11/12/2015
Next-Gen Cloud Providers Take on Telcos-and Are Winning - 11/12/2015
Digital Partnerships and the Real-Time Enterprise - 11/11/2015
Mobility and the Cloud Drive a Cybersecurity Transition - 11/09/2015
Storage Becomes a Critical App Deployment Decision - 11/06/2015
Flash Storage Moves into the Mainstream-with Big Operational Changes - 11/06/2015
Devices Matter as Mobile UC Becomes a Requirement - 11/06/2015
WebRTC Boosts Customer, Employee Collaboration - 11/05/2015
Global Cloud Explosion to Drive Data Center Transformation - 11/04/2015
Operators Can Cash in On Mobile Push Notifications - 11/04/2015
Workday Flexibility Offers Both Challenges and Opportunities for Employers - 11/04/2015
A Quick Guide to Comms for Entrepreneurs - 10/30/2015
Survey: Help Desk Software Offers Measurable Performance Gains - 10/30/2015
Oracle, Intel Chiefs Target IBM, SAP as 'Cloud Amateurs' - 10/30/2015
Intel, LG Plot Fresh Mobile Apps Strategy - 10/30/2015
CLECs Applaud FCC's Special Access Probe - 10/29/2015
Europe Gets Net Neutrality-Sort Of - 10/28/2015
Team Collaboration Market in a State of Flux - 10/28/2015
FCC Makes Inmate Calling More Affordable - 10/27/2015
ShoreTel Goes Hybrid with App-Centric UC Strategy - 10/27/2015
Closing the Digital Divide Means Policy, Technology Modernization - 10/26/2015
Android Moves Beyond SMS with Embrace of RCS - 10/23/2015
Flash Storage Comes into its Own as Prices Fall - 10/23/2015
Intel's Skylake Gets Put Through Its Paces - 10/23/2015
Monetizing A2P SMS Traffic Comes to the Fore - 10/22/2015
Nation-State Hacking Becomes the Norm - 10/22/2015
Beware the Oracle Licensing Traps - 10/20/2015
Analog Devices in Talks to Acquire Maxim - 10/16/2015
Multifactor Authentication Shakes Up the Password Landscape - 10/16/2015
All-Flash Storage Systems Translate to Big Service Provider Benefits - 10/16/2015
Intel Debuts WebRTC SDK for Developers - 10/15/2015
Intel Debuts WebRTC SDK for Developers - 10/14/2015
Microsoft Patches Critical Security Flaw Affecting All Versions of Windows - 10/14/2015
Dell's $67B EMC Offer Only a 19% Premium on Market Cap - 10/14/2015
Google Boosts Smart Home Chops with Bandwidth-Shaping Wi-Fi Router - 10/13/2015
Successful Telecommuting Policies Hinge on Effective Communication - 10/09/2015
Select the Right Software Asset Management Tool - 10/09/2015
IP Phones Provider Expands Gigabit Series - 10/08/2015
Finding: Public Cloud Worth $20B in Quarterly Revenues - 10/08/2015
Samsung Launches Ultrafast Consumer-Grade SSD - 10/07/2015
California Public Utilities Commission Upgrades Storage with SolidFire - 10/07/2015
California Public Utilities Commission Upgrades Storage with SolidFire - 10/07/2015
iPhone Ad-Blockers Boost Battery Life, Accelerate Mobile Web Loading - 10/06/2015
Enterprises Fall Down on Mobile Apps - 10/01/2015
Service Providers Leverage Storage Innovation to Take Data Center Strategies Further - 10/01/2015
ForgeRock: Tweaking Open Source to Make Money - 10/01/2015
Intel Releases Fastest PCI Express SSD to Date - 10/01/2015
BlackBerry's $500M Software Licensing Goal Drifts Further Away - 10/01/2015
Carriers Play Critical Mobile Finance Role - 10/01/2015
Broadband Recommendations Address 75M Americans without Home Internet - 10/01/2015
Global Average Internet Speeds Spiked in Q2 - 10/01/2015
Airtel Fined for Poor Call Quality in Ghana - 09/30/2015
Get Defensive: Be Prepared for Power Outages - 09/30/2015
Digital Healthcare Spurs Operating Costs for Physician Practices - 09/30/2015
Channel Partner Portals Spur Big Business Benefits - 09/28/2015
Cloud, Mobility and Video: Triple Drivers for UC&C - 09/25/2015
Intel: Gaming-friendly Broadwell-C Silicon is Alive and Well - 09/25/2015
Intel Capital Pledges $67M Investment in Chinese Tech Startups - 09/25/2015
Collaborative Development Gets an Airing in Software Licensing Dispute - 09/24/2015
German, US Tech Consortiums Aim at Smart Manufacturing - 09/24/2015
UN: More Than Half the World Still Lacks Internet Access - 09/24/2015
New Jersey Devils Embrace Analytics to Turn Around Losing Streak - 09/23/2015
Predictive Analytics' Impact Expands with More Data Sets - 09/23/2015
How to Choose the Right Partner Program for Profitability - 09/22/2015
Comcast to Pay $33M Settlement over Publishing Unlisted VoIP Info - 09/22/2015
IBC 2015: The 4K Ultra HD Pieces Begin to Fall into Place - 09/18/2015
Broadband Providers: FCC Regulation Threatens Network Investment - 09/18/2015
Mobility, Specific Features Lead Channel Sales for UC - 09/18/2015
Wearables, Robotics and Haptics to Transform Physical Rehab and Patients' Lives - 09/17/2015
Microsoft, Salesforce Kick Off Skype for Business, Lightning Integrations - 09/17/2015
SAP Preps Customer Profile Engine and Personalization Suite - 09/17/2015
Swiss Re says Technology is a Major Key to Future Insurance Industry Growth - 09/17/2015
Threat Intelligence Comes of Age - 09/17/2015
Finding: Men Use Work-Life Balance Benefits More Than Women - 09/14/2015
Political Campaigns Vote for Data Management Software - 09/11/2015
Customer Journey, Mobile and Social Should Headline the Marketer's Playbook - 09/11/2015
Telecom Mergers Leave a Question Hanging Over Broadband - 09/11/2015
What to Expect as Intel Skylake Preps for Launch - 09/04/2015
Media Companies Opt for SDN to Support Digital Apps - 09/04/2015
Healthcare Preps for the ICD-10 Transition-With a Long Road Ahead - 09/04/2015
UCLA Health Sees Yet Another Data Breach - 09/04/2015
Wireless Embraces Social Customer Engagement for Loyalty - 09/04/2015
Two Healthcare Data Management Startups Take Off - 09/03/2015
OTT VoIP Pioneer Argues for the End of Net Neutrality-and the FCC - 09/03/2015
Now Hear This: Best Practices for Boosting Conferencing ROI - 09/03/2015
Calculating ROI for Telepresence: Easier Than You Might Think - 09/02/2015
Back Office Efficiency Sparks Front Office Excellence - 09/01/2015
Software Licensing Optimization Gains Market Wings - 09/01/2015
Google Boosts Smart Home Chops with Bandwidth-Shaping Wi-Fi Router - 08/21/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: ScanSource Acquires Cisco Video Conferencing Channel Specialist - 08/21/2015
Company Culture Matters, and Workforce Management Can Help - 08/21/2015
Aspect Sparks Partner Recruitment Effort for Cloud Contact Center - 08/20/2015
MercuryGate Countersues in J.B. Hunt Software Licensing Case, for $5M - 08/20/2015
Apple TV Resurfaces Amid Media Jitters - 08/20/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Spoken Lands $28 Million in Funding for Cloud Contact Center Strategy - 08/20/2015
Data Center Automation Requires a Layered Approach - 08/19/2015
VoIP, SIP and DIDs: A Winning Combo for the Global Enterprise - 08/19/2015
Survey: Accountants Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Technology - 08/18/2015
University of Colorado Upgrades Its IP Phones-And Its Productivity Profile - 08/18/2015
Cellcast Debacle Indicates Investor Scramble to Read Google's Alphabet - 08/18/2015
Millennials Flock to the Call Center - 08/17/2015
Moving Beyond Traditional Conferencing - 08/17/2015
Google's Android Platform Gets Stagefright, But It's Safer Than You Might Think - 08/17/2015
Zappix Rolls Out Cross-Channel Self-Service for IVR - 08/14/2015
Haptic Skype Breakthrough Allows Users to 'Touch' Who They're Talking to - 08/14/2015
AT&T Goes Live with WebRTC for Integrating Voice and Video into Browser Apps - 08/14/2015
CENX Logs $12.5 Million Funding Round for NFV/SDN Orchestration - 08/14/2015
UK Comms Spending Finally Rises, But There's Trouble in Paradise - 08/12/2015
Can Google Spell Innovation with Alphabet? - 08/11/2015
Facebook Rolls Out B2C Customer Communication Options - 08/11/2015
Verizon Wireless Eliminates 2-Year Contract Model - 08/07/2015
Incorporating Social into Omni-Channel Customer Service - 08/07/2015
Self-Service Can Help You to Stop Annoying Customers - 08/07/2015
Black Hat Drives Connected Car Hacking Awareness - 08/07/2015
Apple Preps for Future-Thinking Initiatives - 08/07/2015
Differentiating with Omni-Channel Approaches to Customer Service - 08/05/2015
Advance/Newhouse buys 1010data for $500Mn in Big Data Deal - 08/05/2015
Worldwide Tablet Market Declines as Apple, Samsung Lose Steam - 08/04/2015
AT&T Launches First Joint DirecTV Bundle, with Wireless - 08/03/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio's 'Unicorn' Funding Round Worth $130 Million - 07/31/2015
Galaxy S6 Can't Help Samsung's Q2 Universe of Hurt - 07/30/2015
Brazil: Latin America's Largest M2M Market - 07/30/2015
Brazil: Latin America's largest M2M Market - 07/30/2015
Comings & Goings: Citrix CEO Steps Down as Company Gears for an Overhaul - 07/29/2015
Wearables Go Back to School - 07/29/2015
DOCSIS 3.1, Distributed Access Mark Cable Network Investment - 07/28/2015
SIP Trunking: IP Calling's Best Companion - 07/28/2015
Social Media and Brand Shaming: A Plan for Action - 07/28/2015
Video Conferencing Goes Mainstream with a Bevy of Benefits - 07/27/2015
AT&T-DirecTV Merger May Benefit Consumers in a Big Way - 07/24/2015
Contact Center Growth Creates Systems Integration Complexity for IT - 07/24/2015
Layer 2-3 Ethernet Switch Market to Top $25 Billion - 07/24/2015
Twilio's 'Billion Dollar Unicorn' Status Draws Competition - 07/22/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Apprenda Nabs $24 Million for PaaS Investment - 07/22/2015
French Enterprises Embrace Virtualization, Up ICT Spends - 07/22/2015
HealthSpot Telemedicine Kiosks Kick Off Rite Aid Rollout - 07/21/2015
Symantec, Frost Data to Fund Cybersecurity Tech Incubator - 07/20/2015
Darkode, the Dark Web Haven, Shut Down by the Feds, Europol - 07/17/2015
Wheelings and Dealings: Microsoft Boosts Customer Service Portfolio with FieldOne Acquisition - 07/17/2015
5G Gets Underway for Real with Industry Buy-In and Research - 07/17/2015
China Mobile Focuses on SDN for Private Cloud DevOps - 07/16/2015
Sonus Brings SDN to Microsoft's Skype for Business - 07/16/2015
Netflix Beats the Street on Subscriber Adds, But Margins Worsen - 07/16/2015
'Big Picture' Content Drives Demand for Next-Gen Fiber - 07/16/2015
Automation and Visibility are the Linchpins of Effective VoIP Billing - 07/15/2015
TWC Ordered to Pay After Autodialing a Customer 163 Times - 07/15/2015
Wireless Price Hikes: Canadians Say Enough is Enough - 07/15/2015
Wheelings & Dealings: Oz Mining Co. Teams with VoIP Player - 07/13/2015
Help Desk Software: A Bird of a Different Feather, No Less Bright - 07/10/2015
Smartphone Addiction Drives SBCs in the Enterprise - 07/10/2015
SaaS Companies Must Leverage Data to Retain Customers - 07/09/2015
Social Security Wastes $231.6M on Needless Collections - 07/09/2015
4K Has Come a Long Way, Has Farther Yet to Go - 07/09/2015
Cloud Outsourcing: Third-Party Due Diligence is Critical - 07/09/2015
Extending Virtualization to the Digital Home - 07/09/2015
Mozilla Preps Major Firefox Release Amid Code Overhaul - 07/08/2015
Comverse BSS Acquisition Closes, Freeing Up Focus on Fourth Wave Services - 07/08/2015
Red Ocean/Blue Ocean: How to Exploit the Hottest Data Center Trends - 07/07/2015
Mobile is the Next Great Front in Digital Video Monetization - 07/07/2015
Software License Optimization: A Key to Efficiency - 07/02/2015
TWC Throws SNL Star Under the Bus - 07/02/2015
Choose the Right Microphone for the Job - 07/02/2015
1Gbps Broadband Boosts Economy, Home Prices - 07/02/2015
AT&T Releases Open-Source Hardware Specs for NFV - 06/23/2015
SolidFire Breathes Air into Next-Gen Data Center - 06/22/2015
Customer Service Benefits from Inter-Departmental Collaboration - 06/19/2015
Korean VoLTE, India Digital Push Showcase Public-Private Momentum - 06/19/2015
Cobham Wireless Debuts NFV Test Bed for Service Providers - 06/17/2015
Skype for Web Goes Global - 06/17/2015
Facial Recognition Talks Break Down Over Marketing Opt-In - 06/17/2015
VoIP Spurs Dutch Fixed-Line Telephony, For Now - 06/17/2015
Ovum Debuts IT Spending, Staffing Benchmarking Tool - 06/15/2015
ADVA Debuts NFV Family for Operators - 06/15/2015
Q1: Hosted Collaboration Surpasses Premise-Based for the First Time - 06/15/2015
Wheelings and Dealings: Security Entrepreneur Nabs Brivo for $50 Million - 06/15/2015
Android Pay and Mobile Wallets Start to Address Market Barriers - 06/12/2015
G4S Adds Salient Video Security to Symmetry Portfolio - 06/12/2015
OpenDaylight Aims for Carrier-Grade SDN - 06/11/2015
AT&T Defends Sponsored Data Offering Amidst DirecTV Merger Conditions - 06/11/2015
HR and Finance Break Down Big Data Siloes to Uncover Business Benefits - 06/10/2015

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