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Tony Rizzo joined TMCnet following a stint as the Editor in Chief of Mobile Enterprise, which he took on following an almost two year stretch on the mobile vendor side of the world. As Tony puts it, “Sometimes you have to cross the line and get your hands dirty in order to effectively and knowledgably communicate to end users and the enterprise what’s going on in the vendor community.” Before crossing the vendor line Tony spent five years as the Director of Mobile Research for research analyst firm The 451 Group. There he lived through both the early stages of enterprise mobility and the first steps of the enterprise mobility consumerization phenomenon following the release of the original iPhone.

Prior to his jump into mobility Tony served as the Editor in Chief of Internet World, as the Editorial Director of an Ernst & Young Financial Services Web Advisory project, as a publishing consultant for CMP Media, as the Editor in Chief of NetGuide (the first Internet magazine), as a founding editor and Editor of Network Computing Magazine, and as the founding Technical Editor of Microsoft Systems Journal (as a very early employee of Microsoft back in the days of OS/2).

Prior to his business technology publishing adventures Tony was at New York University, where he developed extensive technology training programs ranging from mainframes to the early years of C, Unix and PCs. He has owned an original IBM PC, an Apple II and a BlackBerry circa 2000, and wonders to this day why he didn’t hold on to any of them. He is also proud to admit that he was a pioneering user of email back when the Internet was known as Arpanet during his NYU days.

Latest Articles

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The Microsoft CEO Search - The Winner...Playing it Safe - 01/31/2014
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Interactive Intelligence Fiscal 2013 Q4 and Full Year Financials Point to a Rock Solid Contact Center and Cloud Business - 01/30/2014
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4G Smartphone Market in China Set for Explosive 1,500 Percent Growth this Year - 01/29/2014
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MEG, fMRIs and New Insights on Human Vision and How We See - 01/28/2014
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Samsung Collared on Patents by Ericsson just as Samsung Signs Global Intellectual Property Deal with Google - 01/27/2014
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 01/25/2014
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 01/25/2014
Hewlett-Packard Unloads 2,400 Mobile Patents and Patent Applications to Qualcomm - 01/24/2014
Mobile PCs and Smartphones Will Provide Top Revenue Opportunities for High-speed Wireless IC Suppliers - 01/24/2014
Apple and Samsung Bought Up an Amazing $52.5 Billion Worth of Semiconductor Chips Sold in 2013 - 01/24/2014
Apple and Samsung Remained the World's Largest Buyers of Semiconductor Chips in 2013 - 01/24/2014
Microsoft Reports Record Revenue of $24.52B for Fiscal Q2 2014 - 01/23/2014
Apple: Larger iDisplays and Say Goodbye to Plastic-backed iPhones - 01/23/2014
Try MEG On: Neurofeedback Training for Your Brain - 01/23/2014
U.S. Federal Judge Lucy Koh Lands Double Whammy on Samsung: Finds Infringement of a Key Apple Patent and Declares a Samsung Patent Invalid - 01/23/2014
Next Week's Apple Q4 2013 Earnings Call - Let's Predict How Many iPhones Apple Sold - 01/22/2014
Microsoft Ahead of Tomorrow's Earnings Call - A CEO Announcement Perhaps? - 01/22/2014
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Google's Contact Lens for Diabetes - a Lesson in Real Wearable Tech Revenue Generation - 01/21/2014
Losing 5,000 Intel Jobs - Blame Mobility and Wearable Technology - 01/20/2014
Silver More Valuable than Gold? In Healthcare-targeted Wearable Tech it May Very Well Be - 01/20/2014
IP Giant Intellectual Ventures to Battle Google's Motorola Mobility over Patents - A Great Deal is at Stake - 01/20/2014
Alternative Mobile Operating Systems - Today the Clarion Call of Failure Sounds Loudly - 01/20/2014
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Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 01/18/2014
Is Wearable Technology for Real? Here Are Some Answers for 2014 - 01/17/2014
Eye-boggling: Google Contact Lens Research Project Seeks to Help Diabetics Patients - 01/17/2014
Cecilia Abadie - First Person Ever Cited for Driving While Wearing Google Glass Has Her Day in Traffic Court: Case Dismissed - 01/17/2014
Cecilia Abadie - the First Person Ever Cited for Driving While Wearing Google Glass - Has Her Day in Traffic Court - 01/16/2014
Mobile Consumers: Highly Informed, Social, and Seeking Superior Shopping Experiences - 01/16/2014
Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg in the Running to Become Microsoft's CEO - No...Really, We Mean It - 01/16/2014
Carlson Wireless Technologies Receives FCC Certification for TV White Space Radio - 01/15/2014
Deloitte Delivers a Very Interesting Set of 2014 Tech Predictions - 01/15/2014
Wearable Technology Market Will Ship at Least 10 Million Units in 2014, 100+ Million by 2020 - 01/15/2014
NetMotion Wireless Delivers New Version of its Mobility Platform - Offers Dramatically Improved Over the Air Data Usage Over Cellular Networks - 01/15/2014
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Samsung's Next Gen Galaxy Phone - Curved Screens and Multiple Displays Coming in March or April - 01/09/2014
Razer's Nabu - A Fabulous New Hybrid Smartwatch and Activity Tracker Shows Up at CES 2014 - 01/08/2014
Vuzix Partners with Nuance to Enhance M100 Smart Glasses with Voice Recognition - 01/08/2014
Operator M2M Opportunities Set to Grow with Global M2M Revenue Likely to Triple Over Next Five Years - Partnerships Will Be Critical - 01/08/2014
Freescale Semiconductor Wearables Reference Platform (WaRP) Seeks to Drive Wearable Technology Design Innovation - 01/07/2014
Sony's New Keys to Owning the Wearable Tech Space? The Core, SmartBand and LifeLog - 01/07/2014
SmartBand and LifeLog - Sony Looks to Differentiate in Wearable Tech - 01/07/2014
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Nokia is King of the Windows Phone 8 Hill - It's a Small Hill That Will Get Much Larger - 01/03/2014
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Tattoo Goo - 12/26/2013
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Mobile Eve - Twas the Night Before Christmas and All Through The House People Were Shopping on Their Mobile Devices - 12/17/2013
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Apple's Mothership, Spaceship and Home Away from Home Get's Final Cupertino Approval - 12/04/2013
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Samsung to Continue its Curvy Ways at the 2014 International CES? - 11/29/2013
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Hard to Believe - America Ranks all of 31st on Recent Consumer Internet Download Speeds Report - 11/27/2013
Worldwide Smartphone Shipments to Grow Nearly 40 Percent in 2013 - Over a Billion Devices Will Ship - 11/27/2013
Smartphones and Tablets Drive Strong 2013 Growth in Microprocessor Market - 11/26/2013
Sony's New SmartWig Patent - Dumbest Wearable Tech Ever or Brilliant Medical Idea? - 11/26/2013
Nuance Announces Next-Generation Dragon Medical, Setting New Benchmarks for Accuracy, Speed and Ease of Use - 11/25/2013
Apple Takes Huge Step to Augmented Reality with Acquisition of 3D Gesture Motion Control Focused PrimeSense - 11/25/2013
A Samsung Week - Patent Penalties, Nickels to Apple, and Ambiguous Gear Sales - 11/22/2013
Jawbone's New Wristband UP24 - Always Connected, Always Motivated - 11/20/2013
Evena Medical Delivers Smart Glasses Solution to Detect Patient Veins for Precise IV Placement - 11/20/2013
The Internet of Things Gets its First Marketplace Thanks to New ThingWorx Launch - 11/18/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 11/16/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 11/16/2013
Does Apple Have His & Hers Designer iWatches up its Sleeve? - 11/15/2013
Under Armour Will Pony Up $150 Million to Buy MapMyFitness, One of the World's Largest Fitness Tracking Platforms - 11/14/2013
Wearable Smart Glasses Shipments to Reach 10 Million Globally by 2018 - 11/14/2013
Pivothead Wearable Imaging Launches Next Generation SMART Eyewear and New IndieGoGo Campaign - 11/14/2013
Patent Remedy Trial - Samsung No Longer Denies it Willfully Copied Apple but Doesn't Think it's a Big Deal - 11/14/2013
A Blizzard of Global Smartphones - New Ericsson Mobility Report Claims 5.6 billion Subscriptions by 2019 - 11/11/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 11/08/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 11/08/2013
Microsoft CEO Candidate Stephen Elop - Spin Off Bing and Xbox and Fully Mobilize Office - 11/08/2013
The Twitter IPO Almost a Full Day Later - No Longer Soaring? - 11/08/2013
iPad Air Teardown - Apple's Innovations Include a Cut in Manufacturing Costs to below Older iPad 3 - 11/07/2013
Twitter Flies High Following IPO Launch - Nearing $50 per Share - 11/07/2013
New Apple Patent Application Emerges - It is All a Wearable Tech Vision - 11/07/2013
Pebble Technology Delivers on iOS 7 notifications and the new Pebble SDK 2.0 - 11/06/2013
Twitter's Imminent IPO Launch - Will Investors Jump In or Run? - 11/06/2013
New MobileIron for Android - Highly Secure Migration to Android, Especially from BlackBerry Environments - 11/06/2013
What's in a Word? Apparently a Great Deal as the New LG G Flex Smartphone Really Does Flex - 11/06/2013
Microsoft Search Team Trims CEO Candidates List to 8 - 11/06/2013
Interim CEO John Chen May Prove to Be a True BlackBerry Game Changer - 11/05/2013
It's No Surprise - New Research Clearly Shows Consumers Do Not Take Their Privacy Seriously - 11/04/2013
525 Million Smartphones Will Be Fingerprint Sensor-Enabled by 2017 - Thank You Apple - 11/04/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 11/02/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 11/02/2013
Google's Highly Affordable New Nexus 5 Smartphone and Android KitKat (v4.4) Arrive - 11/01/2013
The New adidas Smart Run Smartwatch - It's Very Cool but the miCoach Platform is the Secret Sauce - 10/31/2013
Facebook Q3 2013 Revenue and Income Zoom on Mobile Backbone - So Why is the Stock Dipping? - 10/31/2013
Worldwide Tablet Shipments to Increase 53.4 Percent in 2013 - But PCs? Not So Lucky. - 10/31/2013
Telerik Takes Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) Capabilities Mainstream - 10/30/2013
File Sharing Vendor Egnyte Promises Enterprises Big, Bold and Highly Secure BYOD Environments - 10/30/2013
Dell Goes Private Figuratively and Literally: Does CEO Michael Dell Get His Just or Unjust Rewards? - 10/30/2013
Google Delivers an Almost Impromptu Google+ Special Live Event - and 18 new Google+ Features Primarily Targeting Photo Nuts - 10/29/2013
Apple's Fiscal Q4 2013 Results Great - For Any Company Other than Apple? - 10/29/2013
New From LG: G Flex Curved Smartphone, Self-Healing Rear Cases, and Bendable Batteries - 10/29/2013
Apple Has Just Reported its Fiscal Q4 2013 Results - iPhone Sales Set a New Fiscal Q4 Record - 10/28/2013
Samsung Smart Glasses in the Works? Of Course, But for Now it is All Just Guesswork - 10/28/2013
Expect Shipments of the New Retina iPad Mini to Fall Far Short of Demand in Q4 2013 - 10/28/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 10/26/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 10/26/2013
Microsoft's Fiscal Q1 2014 Earnings: True to Form - A Continued Enterprise Feast, Continued Famine in Mobility - 10/25/2013
The New iPad Air - Be Prepared to Be Astounded - 10/24/2013
LinkedIn Delivers Mobile LinkedIn Vision and New Mobile Experiences - 10/24/2013
Bionym - Biometrics and Heartbeats as a Means to Password Security - 10/24/2013
In-Depth: Apple Delivers the Goods - Great iPads, FREE Software and Lots of Mac Goodies - 10/24/2013
Is Microsoft Testing Eyewear Similar to Google Glass? Yes - But it is Hardly a Surprise - 10/24/2013
Apple Meets all Leaked iPad Expectations, New iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini - All Great New Products - 10/22/2013
A Closer Look at the New Nokia Experiences Software, New Nokia Lumia Tablet and Smartphone Specifications - 10/22/2013
Nokia Finally Delivers on Tablets and Larger Lumia Smartphones - 10/22/2013
TechZone 360 Week in Review - 10/19/2013
Overall Dollars Invested by Venture Capitalists Rose 12 Percent in Q3 2013 with Software Tech Leading the Way - 10/18/2013
Google's Q3 2013 Earnings - Huge Revenue But a Decidedly Visible Shift in Ad Markets to Mobile - 10/18/2013
Latest Twitter Details - Advertising Up, Mobile Usage Up, Subscriber Growth Rate Slowing - 10/17/2013
Wearable Tech - A Market Explosion Happening Right Before Our Eyes! - 10/16/2013
Telerik's Sitefinity Makes Dynamic Content Delivery Easier Than Ever - 10/16/2013
New Windows Phone 8 Update is Headed Our Way - Just in Time for the Holiday Season? - 10/16/2013
New Nike+ FuelBand SE Announced Today at NikeFuel Forum Live Event - 10/15/2013
Mobile Apps Platform Player Antenna Software - From IPO Dreams to Rapid Decline and Bargain Acquisition - 10/14/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 10/12/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 10/12/2013
For iOS and Android Developers, it's a Great Job Market Out There - 10/11/2013
First Time in Mobile Industry History - Mobile Operators Will Face Global Revenue Declines by 2018 - 10/11/2013
Samsung Drives Significant Surge in Q2 2013 AMOLED Panel Shipments - 10/11/2013
BlackBerry Now Thinking Breaking Up is Not So Hard to Do - 10/11/2013
T-Mobile (with Shakira!) Continues its Un-Carrier Ways - Makes Overseas Mobile Communications Cheap and Easy - 10/10/2013
Human Interface Expert Synaptics Enters Fingerprint ID Market with Acquisition of Validity - 10/09/2013
Health Tech Player Basis Extends Series B Funding to Over $23 Million - 10/09/2013
Tikker - How About It? A Watch that Counts Down Your Lifetime - 10/09/2013
Deploying Tablets in the Enterprise - Challenges and Best Practices - 10/09/2013
Samsung Launches GALAXY ROUND in South Korea - First Curved Display Smartphone - 10/09/2013
President Obama Rightly Denies Samsung Request to Veto a Patent Ruling Favoring Apple - 10/09/2013
A New Scale of Machine-to-Machine Robotics - 10/08/2013
About that 4.8 Inch iPhone: What Are Apple Shares Really Worth? - 10/08/2013
About that 4.8 Inch iPhone…What Are Apple Shares Really Worth? - 10/08/2013
Are the iPhone 5s Sensors Improperly Calibrated? - 10/07/2013
How Many Smartwatches Can a Smartwatch Seller Sell if a Seller Sells iWatches? - 10/07/2013
Is There a Gem of an LG...or Moto X...or Glass Smartwatch Hiding Up Google's Sleeve? - 10/07/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 10/05/2013
Techzone 360 Week in Review - 10/05/2013
Samsung Used Illegal, Intimate Knowledge of Confidential Apple-Nokia Patent License Terms to Hardball Nokia - 10/04/2013
Samsung Electronics Notes Q3 2013 Operating Profit Will Set New Record - 10/04/2013
Star Wars Becomes Real as the World's Fastest Robot Hits the Road - 10/04/2013
The Twitter IPO - Gazillionaires, Billionaires and Plain Old Millionaires - 10/04/2013
Wearable Tech Market Projections: WT Device Shipments Will Hit 64M in 2017 - 10/04/2013
Stars Wars Becomes Real as the World's Fastest Robot Hits the Road - 10/04/2013
Twitter IPO Takes a Major Step Forward to Reality - 10/04/2013
Philips and Accenture Deliver Vital Patient Data via Google Glass - Wearable Tech in the Operating Room - 10/03/2013
Apple, LG, Samsung - The Next Golden Age of Curved Display Mobility - 10/03/2013
The Fabulous Cynaps V2 Bone Conduction Hat - 10/03/2013
Appcelerator's Q3 2013 Mobile Survey is Out - There are Still Plenty of Enterprise Mobile Laggards - 10/03/2013
Are New iPad Minis Going to be in Short Supply or Not? - 10/02/2013
Should Bill Gates' 4.5 Percent Share of Microsoft Still Grant Him Special Powers, or is it Time to Move On? - 10/02/2013
Motorola Solutions Significantly Ups the Ante on Enterprise Android-Based Solutions - 10/01/2013
FOTA and Mobile Virtualization Player Red Bend's New vRapid Mobile Fuse Tackles Automotive and M2M 'Internet of Things' - 10/01/2013
Remote Application Framework from Solution57 Delivers True In-Car Multiscreen Experiences for Android Smartphones - 09/30/2013
Japan's Terra Motors - The Tesla of Electric Scooters? - 09/30/2013
Will the Smartphone Market Fragment by 2018? - 09/30/2013
Mobility Techzone Week in Review - 09/28/2013





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