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Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.

Latest Articles

Google Partners with Luxottica To Make Google Glass Cooler - 04/17/2014
Alpine Announces Aftermarket CarPlay Consoles Coming This Fall - 04/17/2014
AT&T Hiring 70 Employees for Call Center and Retail Sales in Missouri - 04/17/2014
Colorado House of Representatives Battling AARP Over VoIP Bills - 04/15/2014
Honda's Smart House Could be Wave of the Future in M2M Market - 04/15/2014
Sprint Announces Shut Down of WiMax Network - 04/14/2014
Aegis Announces New Hiring Round for Kansas Call Center - 04/14/2014
Ericsson Partners with Far EasTone On LTE Services - 04/14/2014
Nebraska Town Looking At Making Jump to Dark Fiber - 04/14/2014
Customers Prefer Texting, Web Chat over Call Center Talking - 04/14/2014
Machine to Machine Technology Among Factors Driving GE Success - 04/14/2014
New Study Shows People Trading In Cars As Fast As Smartphones - 04/11/2014
Garmin Unveils New Bicycling GPS Device, Garmin Edge 1000 - 04/11/2014
Friends of 9-1-1 Announces Scholarship Program - 04/10/2014
ASUS ZenFones Begin Shipping With Omlet Pre-Installed - 04/10/2014
Qualifon Opens Call Center in Texas - 04/09/2014
IBM Announces More Secure Technique for Mobile Notifications - 04/08/2014
Several Retailers Embracing inMarkets Mobile to Mortar Approach Using iBeacon - 04/08/2014
Samsung Scientists Claim Graphene Breakthrough - 04/07/2014
What Do Fans' Mobile Devices Have to Do with the Final Four? - 04/07/2014
Google Looking At Launching MVNO in Google Fiber Areas - 04/07/2014
Intel Acquires Basis Science, a Wearable Tech Company - 04/07/2014
Charlotte Call Center Closing its Doors - 04/07/2014
Comings & Goings: magicJack Names Anthony Russo its New VP of Mobile - 04/07/2014
Yahoo Admits To Heightened Data Encryption in Wake of NSA Scandal - 04/07/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Modulis Acquires Two IP Telephony Firms - 04/04/2014
HTML5 Apps Bringing New Dangers to Mobile Devices - 04/04/2014
New Hybrid Audio for Video Conferencing Enhances Communications - 04/04/2014
Pebble Advising Users Not to Update Smartphone App to v2.1 - 04/01/2014
Ericsson and Telenor Partner in Myanmar - 04/01/2014
Google Adds Profile and Page Views to Google+ - 04/01/2014
Colin the Crab Becomes First Digital Pop-up Book - 03/31/2014
Thuraya and Airtel Partner to Bring Mobile Connectivity to Remote Africa - 03/31/2014
Sacramento Call Center Market Seeing a Boost - 03/28/2014
Alibaba Buys Stake in Messaging Company Tango - 03/24/2014
Waves Audio Uses MaxxAudio in Partnership with Oppo - 03/24/2014
Facebook Touts Success of its Mobile Games Referral Program - 03/24/2014
Digital First Media and Rumble Partner on Mobile Solutions Innovations - 03/18/2014
Sprint Offers New Prepaid, No Data Cell Phone Plans - 03/18/2014
Time Warner Still Trying to Roll Out Usage Caps - 03/17/2014
Apple's iOS 7.1 Tweak Improves iBeacon - 03/17/2014
Utah Becoming a Haven for Call Centers - 03/17/2014
Virtual PBX Provider Expands to Meet Growing Demands - 03/13/2014
Call Centers in North America and the UK Seeing a Re-shoring Trend - 03/13/2014
iOS 8 Offering Better Apple Maps Application - 03/13/2014
Google Facing Stiff Antitrust Fines in India - 03/13/2014
Web Conferencing Company 1Click Making a Name for Itself with Newest Solution - 03/11/2014
Google Changes Up Cloud Offering in Attempt to Drum Up Business - 03/11/2014
GTX Announces Bluetooth SmartSoles - 03/10/2014
Mazacoin Launched as Native American Cousin of Bitcoin - 03/10/2014
TheFind Mobile Shopping App Launches on Android - 03/10/2014
Isis Announces NYC Taxi Tap to Pay Promotion - 03/10/2014
Sqeeqee Social Media Site Upgrades Offering - 03/10/2014
Samsung Launches Milk Music Service for Galaxy Devices - 03/10/2014
HMTL5 Game Developer TreSensa Gets New Capital in Funding Round - 03/10/2014
Sitel Looking to Expand Canadian Call Center Staff - 03/10/2014
GoInstant Cracks the Code When it Comes to WebRTC - 03/07/2014
NOMAD 2.0 Brings Top of the Line Mobile Payment Solution - 03/06/2014
Aether Unveils New Cone Smart Musical Player - 03/06/2014
Canadian Call Center in Danger of April Shutdown - 03/04/2014
Washington State Health Care Exchange Call Center Seeing Long Wait Times - 03/04/2014
Theatro Enters Wearable Tech Market with New R&D Facility - 03/03/2014
MakerBot Officially Unveils Replicator Mini - 03/03/2014
Facebook Shuts Down Messenger for Windows and Firefox - 03/03/2014
AT&T Adds Unlimited Texting to International Mobile Numbers - 03/03/2014
Idaho Call Center Cutting Most of Its Staff Due To ACA Ramp Down - 03/03/2014
Florida Call Center Cutting Staff Due to Lower ACA Contacts - 03/03/2014
Louisiana Call Center Starting Small and Looking to Expand - 03/03/2014
Converged Technology Announces It Is Offering ShoreTel's Sky Solutions - 02/27/2014
Boise School District Running Into Broadband Program Problems - 02/19/2014
First National Bank Closing Fort Collins Call Center - 02/18/2014
ServiCom Looking to Add Staff at Rockford Call Center - 02/18/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Comcast's Takeover of Time Warner Provides New York with a High Speed Opportunity - 02/18/2014
Spectralink Brings New PIVOT Voice over Wi-Fi Solution - 02/14/2014
Special Olympics Massachusetts Teams with Cantina Consulting on New Mobile App - 02/14/2014
Newegg Relaunches iPhone App - 02/14/2014
Spil Games Releasing Over 1,000 HTML5 Games in 2014 - 02/14/2014
GENBAND Announces New Call Grabber Solution - 02/14/2014
Sciforma 6.0 Brings HTML5 Architecture - 02/11/2014
Smartphone 'Showrooming' Increasing in Popularity - 02/11/2014
FTC Levies Heavy Fine Against Text Spammer - 02/11/2014
Firefox Adds Username and Password to Sync Service - 02/11/2014
Honda Rolling Out Brand New Natural Gas Honda Civic - 02/11/2014
Smart Cities Seeing Increased Growth in 2014 - 02/10/2014
Facebook Celebrates 10 Years on the Web - 02/10/2014
FCC Allows for Expanded Testing for Digital Networks - 02/04/2014
Google Starts Fiber Installation in Shawnee - 02/04/2014
Cell Spy Stealth iPhone App Helps Parents Keep Kids Safe - 02/04/2014
Florida Tax Collector's Office Moving from IVR to Call Center - 02/04/2014
First Call Resolution Expanding Oregon Workforce - 02/04/2014
Global Gaming and Impact Fantasy Sports Partner On New Fantasy Sports Platform - 02/04/2014
Evernote Has Souped Up its Sync Service - 02/03/2014
Buzztime and PrePlay Improve Predictive Sports Gaming - 02/03/2014
Yahoo Closes Down IntoNow Second Screen App - 02/03/2014
Amazon Makes It Easier for HTML5 Developers - 02/03/2014
Moimstone Partners with NEC on New Android VoIP Handset - 01/31/2014
Columbus, Ohio, Looking To Add ContactUS Call Center - 01/28/2014
Brazzlebox Looking to Offer Social Media for Small and Home Based Businesses - 01/27/2014
Savers Thrift Stores Adding Jobs at El Paso Call Center - 01/27/2014
Comings & Goings: REACH Health Announces Industry Veteran as New CEO - 01/27/2014
Fusion Call Centers Move Operations from Arizona to Nevada - 01/27/2014
FDA Looking to Update Food Labels - 01/27/2014
inCync Trying to Kickstart Its Own Mini Bluetooth Speaker - 01/27/2014
Mobile Advertising Spending to Hit $18 Billion in 2014 - 01/27/2014
Google Expanding Its Fiber Network to Provo - 01/27/2014
Pope Francis Asked to Skype with Grade School Class - 01/24/2014
Emergency Alert Text Systems Should Include Family Members, Too - 01/24/2014
IFB Reports Massive Increase of Insurance Fraud Reports - 01/22/2014
Beats Music App Officially Launches - 01/22/2014
Cricket Launches Rugged Kyocera Hydro Plus - 01/22/2014
Connecticut Healthcare Exchange Having Problems with Call Volume - 01/21/2014
New Costa Rican Call Center Looking For Bilingual Employees - 01/21/2014
IKEA Looking to Expand Call Center Operations - 01/21/2014
Skype Adds Two-way HD Video Calls for Newest iOS Devices - 01/21/2014
Mobile Advertising Only Continuing to Grow - 01/21/2014
VendScreen Reports Success of Cashless Payments on Vending Machines - 01/21/2014
HOYO Smartphone Pocket Offers Crowdsourced Protection for Your Smartphone - 01/21/2014
Alarmy iPhone App Forces You Out of Bed - 01/21/2014
Ohio Medicaid Call Center Seeing Longer than Average Wait Times - 01/21/2014
Verizon and Hitachi Partner on Cloud-based Enterprise Solutions - 01/20/2014
Sears Canada Sheds Jobs by Outsourcing With IBM - 01/20/2014
Freeport Call Center Expected to be Start of Something Big for Bahamas - 01/20/2014
Indianapolis Call Center Focusing On Hiring Veterans - 01/20/2014
USAid Recognizes the Open Institute for Mobile IVR Application - 01/20/2014
National Park Services Data Center Damaged By Power Outage - 01/16/2014
Intel Getting into the Wearable Tech Market as an Investor - 01/16/2014
Panasonic Partners with Mozilla on Next Gen Smart TVs - 01/16/2014
Comings & Goings: Net Access Names Raul Martynek New CEO While Blake Ellman Moves to CTO - 01/14/2014
Mobile Applications' Profitability on the Decline - 01/14/2014
Wolky Announces Change to RFID Tags - 01/14/2014
Distance Learning Still Gaining Popularity - 01/13/2014
Nevada Healthcare Exchange Center Seeing Massive Wait Times - 01/13/2014
In the 21st Century, BYOD Policies Rooted In Education - 01/13/2014
Ibex Global Looking For 250 New Call Center Employees - 01/13/2014
London Massage Parlor Starts Accepting Bitcoin As Payment - 01/13/2014
Amped Wireless Announces REC15A Wireless Extender - 01/13/2014
Novatel Makes Its MiFi 5510 Device Available Through Verizon - 01/13/2014
LG Announces HomeChat Service for Connected Homes - 01/13/2014
AT&T And Tesla Announce Connected Car Partnership - 01/13/2014
Bosch Announces New Offshoot Company, Bosch Connected Devices - 01/10/2014
Google Getting Big Companies to Rally Around Its VP9 4K Codec - 01/10/2014
MakerBot Announces New Mini 3D Printer - 01/08/2014
Basis Announces Upgrading of Health Tracker And Mobile Application - 01/06/2014
Ellensburg Moves Onto the Dark Fiber Super Highway - 01/03/2014
Rhode Island ACA Contact Center Battling Technical Difficulties - 01/03/2014
Lewiston Call Center Employees Anxious to Get Started - 01/03/2014
Dark Fiber Shining its Light in New Jersey - 01/02/2014
LG Lifeband Touch Leaked Online - 01/02/2014
Blushing Bride Captures Wedding Using Google Glass - 01/02/2014
Cloud Continues to Stand Out as an Essential Business Tool - 12/30/2013
Rdio Shutters Vdio Video On Demand Service - 12/30/2013
Amazon Announces Best Holiday Season Ever - 12/30/2013
New York Rolling Out Fiber to Rural Areas of the State - 12/30/2013
Florida Unemployment Call Center Committing Massive Mistakes - 12/27/2013
GatherWorks CEO Experiences Adaptability of HTML5 First Hand - 12/23/2013
Bosch Unveiling New Generation of M2M Data Sensors - 12/17/2013
West Bank Call Center Bucking the Bad Trends - 12/17/2013
Indianapolis Call Center Has Goal of Only Hiring Disabled Veterans - 12/17/2013
Google Chrome Apps Launch for Macs - 12/17/2013
Twitter's Block Feature Launched and Pulled Within a Day - 12/16/2013
Straight Talk and Net10 to Offer iPhone 5s and 5c Through Walmart - 12/16/2013
Microsoft Launches Tool That Allows For Gmail Importation to - 12/16/2013
Colorado Health Exchange Call Center Seeing Massive Volume - 12/16/2013
Google Play Books Update Allows Book Uploads from Any Android Device - 12/16/2013
Stay Focused: Google Prescription Glasses Coming in January? - 12/12/2013
Coke Pushing Happiness Cycle Program to Encourage Active Lifestyles - 12/10/2013
TeliaSonera Expands Its Cellular Band Ownership - 12/09/2013
Handprint Offers Up Solution to Average Roaming Problems - 12/09/2013
Netology Selects Xand As Support for Cloud Services Solutions - 12/05/2013
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increased 58 Percent from 1990 to 2012 - 12/05/2013
Goldee Aims to Be Smartest Light Switch - 12/03/2013
Assemblage's Uses WebRTC to Make Screen Sharing Easy - 12/03/2013
Boomf Allows Instagram Photos on Marshmallows - 12/02/2013
Zoho Solutions Now Available in the Google Apps Marketplace Experience - 12/02/2013
Orange Upgrades Libon Visual Voicemail Using HTML5 - 12/02/2013
TD Insurance Announces New Call Center Hiring Round - 12/02/2013
Carego Finds PaaS Platform That Meets Its Healthcare Delivery Needs - 11/29/2013
Ericsson Teams with SP AusNet on 3G Smart Meter Solution - 11/29/2013
Apprenda Secures New Round of Capital Funding - 11/26/2013
Tennessee Town Finds High Speed Fiber Not for Everyone - 11/26/2013
Ericsson Partners with MTN Rwanda On Mobile Wallet Solution - 11/25/2013
Clumsy Ninja Brings iOS App Store's First Gameplay Trailer - 11/25/2013
Motorola Mobility Partnering with 3D Systems on Project Ara - 11/25/2013
Mass. Police Forced to Pay Bitcoin Ransom to Malware Authors - 11/25/2013
M2M Among Trending Tech with Big Futures - 11/25/2013
PhoneSoap Charger Cleans While Charging Your Smartphone - 11/25/2013
ESPN Gives Mobile SportsCenter Application Big Update - 11/22/2013
Edge Velocity Partners with Raytheon to Help First Responders in the Field - 11/22/2013
Indiana 911 Call Center Running into Funding Problems - 11/21/2013
Sitel's St. Catharine's Call Center Looking for More Employees - 11/21/2013
Mobile Advertising Being Aimed At Young Women More than Ever - 11/21/2013
PayPal Makes Paying for Cabs Through Uber Easier Than Ever - 11/21/2013
ESPNcricinfo Announces HTML5 Overhaul of Mobile Site and App - 11/20/2013
Insurance Auto Auctions Announces Online Car Salvage Market Value App - 11/20/2013
HTML5 Bringing Numerous Positives to Desktop Browsers - 11/20/2013
AACORN iPad App Helps Developmentally Delayed Children to Better Communicate - 11/20/2013
Xbox One Sports Power Browser Featuring HTML5, inPrivate Browsing - 11/20/2013
Microsoft Unveils Report Comparing Security Flaws in its Operating Systems - 11/19/2013
Cornwall Businesses See Positive Impact of High-Speed Internet on Their VoIP Services - 11/19/2013
GE Leading Consortium Focused on Industrial Internet Standards - 11/18/2013





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