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Peter Bernstein is a seasoned writer and professional with deep experience in the communications and IT industries. As a top-level industry analyst, Peter has keynoted major technology events and has been cited numerous times by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, Communications Week, among other publications.

Bernstein has authored or co-authored market research studies, CEO speeches, white papers, articles, and other content for major companies in the technology markets. His experience includes work with Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Equant, France Telecom, HP, Siemens, Verizon, Nortel, Wave Systems, and many more. He held the position of director of global marketing and communications at Telcordia.

Having been on Advisory Boards for 15 technology start-up firms, Bernstein most recently worked as a consultant to C-level executives on all aspects of marketing communications strategy and tactics – from concept to cash, crisis management, brand stewardship, and helping establish metrics, manage processes and leadership practices.

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It really is all about the data - 07/21/2016
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Out of Stealth Mode, Demisto Unveils Intelligent Bot-Powered Security ChatOps Platform - 06/01/2016
Monetization Optimization Paramount in NOW Economy - 05/31/2016
Cloud, Long Haul Drive 13 Percent Year-over-Year Increase in Optical Equipment - 05/31/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: Wi-Fi Calling, LoRaWAN and Small Cell Amps - 05/28/2016
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Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Virtual Reality, Internet Traffic Flows, SDN - 05/28/2016
Wi-Fi Calling and Why Voice Still and Will Matter - 05/27/2016
CommScope Study Finds Network Agility Needed to Meet Millennial Needs - 05/26/2016
Samsung to Jointly Build SK Telecom's Nationwide LoRaWAN Network Dedicated to Internet of Things - 05/26/2016
Open Source MANO Release 0 Arrives Early - 05/26/2016
(ISC)²® Releases Conference Details for Sixth Annual Security Congress - 05/25/2016
Viavi 'State of the Network' Survey Finds Two-Thirds of Enterprises Have Deployed SDN - 05/25/2016
Warning: 'DDoS for Hire' Is Now Inexpensive and Easily Accessible - 05/24/2016
Federal Cyber Execs Unimpressed with Improvements to Security Posture - 05/23/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: Drones, IoT and LTE-U - 05/21/2016
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Wi-SUN, Drones and HFC Record - 05/21/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Healthcare Insecurity, External Threat Management, SIEM - 05/21/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Healthcare Insecurity, External Threat Management, SEIM - 05/21/2016
When it Comes to Wi-Fi, the SUN also Rises as New Spec for FAN is Published - 05/20/2016
New Study Forecasts Policy Management Virtualization Market at $2.8 Billion by 2020 - 05/20/2016
Nokia to Test Drones in Kansas City Mobile Signaling PoC - 05/20/2016
Report Highlights Cloud Security Experts Views on Evolving Threats - 05/19/2016
Vodafone Getting Ready for the Internet of Things - 05/19/2016
There May Be 'An App for That' But is it Working Optimally for You? - 05/19/2016
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U.S. Veteran Affairs Department Puts Out RFI for Help with Dark Web - 05/18/2016
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Telecom Signaling Week in Review: IPX, Precision Timing, Signaling and the Customer Experience - 05/14/2016
Vonage Grows Patent Portfolio in Key Areas - 05/13/2016
Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs) Need Cyber Security Tools Just like Large Enterprises - 05/13/2016
The Compromising of Global Financial Transactions, Not So Swift - 05/13/2016
Gemalto Audio over LTE Aims at Enhancing Industrial and Home-based IoT Apps and Services - 05/13/2016
High-Tech Bridge Launches 'Free' Malicious Domain Discovery Service - 05/13/2016
Leveraging the Genius of IBM Watson to Fight Cybercrime - 05/13/2016
Nokia Publishes Annual People and Planet Report on Sustainability Efforts - 05/12/2016
China Telecom Global, HGC Sign IPX Peering Deal - 05/12/2016
Two US Agencies to Look into Problems with Mobile Device Security Updates - 05/12/2016
Five Key Pubic Broadband Policies Making Measurable Difference: Series Conclusion - 05/11/2016
Financial Services Security Pros Have Misguided Confidence About Breach Detection Capabilities - 05/11/2016
Cloud Billing for Enterprises Moving Center Stage for Monetizing the 'Now' Economy - 05/10/2016
The Value of Speech Analytics and Really Hearing 'The Voice of the Customer' - 05/09/2016
NFV Essential to Carrier Wi-Fi Equipment Market Growth - 05/09/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: APTs, Help Desk and Breach Increases - 05/07/2016
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Shannon Celebration, Gigabit Playbook, DCI - 05/07/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: Cellular Signal Booster, NFC Testing and SatCom Connection - 05/07/2016
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Nokia and Ooredoo Qatar Sign Network Expansion Agreement - 05/06/2016
Why is it Always Email That is Compromised? - 05/06/2016
Bell Labs Honors 100th Birthday of Claude Shannon the Father of Information Theory - 05/05/2016
Technical Guidance on Deploying and Making Operational a Community Ultra-broadband Network - 05/05/2016
How Inclusive and/or Social Offers Impact Broadband Adoption - 05/05/2016
GENBAND President & CEO David Walsh Introduces Exchange of Everything - 05/03/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: MobiNEX, Mesh Technology, Network Decomposition - 04/30/2016
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: DAS, Augmented Reality, Community Broadband - 04/30/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Threat Reports, Patch Management, Ransomware - 04/30/2016
KLUG Home Turns Routers into Smart Home Hub - 04/27/2016
Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report Finds Cybercriminals Exploit Human Nature - 04/27/2016
Nokia Technical Playbook - 'How-to' Guide on Building a Community Broadband Network - 04/27/2016
The Value of 'Decomposing of the Network' and Centralization of Next Generation Signaling - 04/27/2016
Leveraging a Framework for Infrastructure Sharing to Speed Broadband Deployment - 04/26/2016
NTT's Solutionary Cyber Security Unit Releases Annual Global Threat Intelligence Report - 04/25/2016
Cyber Security Trend Week in Review: Wi-Fi Bans, Avoiding Hazards, Detecting APTs - 04/23/2016
Next Generation Communications Week in Review: Community Broadband, Mobile Video, 5G Summit - 04/23/2016
Telecom Signaling Week in Review: SS7 Hacking, In-building Wireless, Cell-to-Satcom Switching - 04/23/2016
Red Hat Expands Cloud Offerings - 04/21/2016
OneAccess Networks Introduces 'Ready-to-Go' Virtualization Solutions for Service Providers - 04/21/2016
Cloud Security Alliance Survey Finds Compromised Credentials Remain Major Data Breach Challenge - 04/21/2016
60 Minutes Segment puts Spotlight on Signaling System 7 as Hacker Target of Opportunity - 04/21/2016
Two-Thirds of OpenStack Deployments Now in Production - 04/21/2016
Most Enterprises Lack Needed Visibility into Data and Database Assets, says Osterman Research Study - 04/21/2016
Report Shows Most Organizations Ban Workers from Free Wi-Fi Hotspots - 04/20/2016
Nokia Playbook Highlights Keys to Successful Community Broadband Initiatives - 04/20/2016
Public Investment in Access Pays Big Dividends - 04/20/2016
Why Cloud-based Software Licensing Can and Should be the Path to Future Success - 04/19/2016
Pluralsight and Women Who Code Report on Workplace Challenges - 04/18/2016

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