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Jaclyn Allard is a TMCnet Web editor. She most recently worked on the production team at Juran Institute, a quality consulting firm producing its own training and marketing materials. Previously, she interned at Curbstone Press, a nonprofit publishing press in Willimantic, CT, and fulfilled the role of Editor-in-Chief for the literature and arts journal published by the University of Connecticut. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and sociology from the University of Connecticut.

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Headsets Helping the Force - 03/01/2011
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Dropping the Ball on 911 Services: Verizon Must Investigate Dropped Calls - 02/22/2011
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Energy Management on the Minds of Homeowners, Control4 and Cisco - 02/18/2011
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Virtual Conferencing and Online Consultation: Medical Care for a Connected Nation - 02/18/2011
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Angel Proves to Be Innovative Analytics Provider for Essential IVR Applications - 02/15/2011
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Parlance and Pronunciation Go Hand-in-Hand: The Fully Managed Auto Attendant Solution - 02/04/2011
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RagingWire Secures Credit Facilities to Help in Expansion of Dark Fiber Collocation Infrastructure - 02/04/2011
Biometric Technology, It's What's for Dinner or Rather Will Tell You What's for Dinner - 02/03/2011
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Tablets the Leading Gadget in Boosting Online Retail? - 02/03/2011
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Facing the Challenges: Implement Your ERP System with the Right Steps and ERP Software Vendor - 02/02/2011
Digium Customers Provided with Easy Access to Ditech Voice Quality Assurance Algorithms - 02/02/2011
Intuittech Sdn Bhd's Nagmon Appliance Improves Asterisk System Performance with Alert Function - 02/02/2011
Global Asterisk Support Center Intuittech Sdn Bhd's Newest Project - 02/02/2011
IP-PBX Software Solutions Provider Launches Softphone That Supports Asterisk-based Telephony Features - 02/02/2011
Aculab Presents Innovation in the Cloud While Alan Pound Presents at ITEXPO East - 02/02/2011
Alteva and Bumbernick Looking to Educate on Hosted Exchange Communications at ITEXPO - 02/01/2011
What Impact Is Your Phone Service Provider Having on Your Finances? - 02/01/2011
Going Commercial in the Smart Grid Industry: The Evolution of GreenBus Platform - 02/01/2011
Allied Fiber's Dark Fiber Community Allows FiberLight to Introduce Metro Ethernet to a New Industry Community - 02/01/2011
Hotspots and High-speed Wireless Hot Topic for Mobile Service Providers - 01/31/2011
IM Your Co-worker About Jabra Headsets PC Suite Plug-in for IBM Lotus Sametime - 01/31/2011
Conference Call Solutions Bridging the Gap in Long-Distance Relationships - 01/31/2011
911 Enable to Exhibit 911 Service Solutions at ITEXPO East - 01/31/2011
Appitalism Capitalizing in App Market with New Mobile Domains - 01/28/2011
Empower Software and Rainforest Automation Smart Grid Partnership Allows Control Over Your Energy Consumption - 01/28/2011
.ME Registry and Go Daddy Hope to Cultivate Next Generation DNS Industry Talent with College Scholarship - 01/28/2011
Intermedia's Latest Hosted Exchange Move: An EMEA Marketed Private Label Reseller Program - 01/28/2011
Green Energy Corp's GreenBus Platform Making Green Strides and Smart Grid Headlines - 01/27/2011
EXTENSION Healthcare Technology for Nurses Mobile and FDA Approved - 01/27/2011
Parlance Isn't Just an Auto Attendant Solution: Keeping the Voice of the Customer in Mind - 01/27/2011
Facebook Displays DNS Security Strength After DNS Security Slip - 01/27/2011
IVR Operations Supplier Voxware Creating Next Gen Tech with Airwatch - 01/26/2011
Sony Dares to Dream: Gaming Gone Wireless - 01/26/2011
High-Speed Wireless Coverage Part of the American Dream - 01/26/2011
Top Five Big Screen Gadgets for the Big Super Bowl Game - 01/26/2011
Colville Predicts Cloud Computing 2011 and Aculab Presents Cost-Effective Cloud at ITEXPO - 01/25/2011
Adknowledge's Web Self-Service Joining the Mobile Frontier - 01/25/2011
911 Enable Provides 911 Services for 2011's Evolving Emergency Notification Trends - 01/25/2011
911 ETC Celebrating a Year of E911 Hosted Solution Successes - 01/25/2011
Texas Instruments 4Q Results to Show the Strength of Mobility? - 01/24/2011
Ten States Smartly Planning Their Smart Grid Execution - 01/24/2011
Conference Call Jargon: Don't Put Your Understanding on Hold - 01/24/2011
Webinar Another Name for Web Meeting - 01/21/2011
BPL Global Confident in New CEO, New CEO Confident in 2011 Smart Grid Targets - 01/21/2011
Testing Wireless Networks with Flash Apps Does Not Work for Apple or Google - 01/21/2011
No Need to Attend to Your Auto Attendant When You Make the Right Purchase - 01/21/2011
Google Praises Global Googlers, Reveals 4Q Revenue and Shocks with News of New CEO - 01/20/2011
911 Enable and Avaya Improve On-site 911 Services and Emergency Response - 01/20/2011
They'll Call uSmart for Downloading Four Smart Grid iPhone Apps for Smart Home Monitoring - 01/20/2011
Early Birds with Worms Have Full Stomachs, Tweeters with Worms Have DNS Security Breach - 01/20/2011
911 ETC, Carousel Industries Help from Point A to Point B with E911 Hosted Solutions for IP-PBX - 01/20/2011
Join the Smart Grid Family with Green Energy Corp GreenBus Alliance Program - 01/20/2011
Samsung and its 4G Secrets and Update Hold-ups, Consumers Unhappy - 01/19/2011
Facebook Continues to Add to Share of Online Advertising - 01/18/2011
Mark Armentrout Reflects on Smart Grid 2010 and Looks Forward to Smart Grid 2011 - 01/14/2011
Mark Armentrout Reflects on Smart Grid 2010 and Looks Forward to Smart Grid 2010 - 01/14/2011
Is a Glitch in Web Performance a Real Pain in Facebook's Backside? - 01/14/2011
Looking for Quality Phone Service and Happily Ever After Plans? Virgin Mobile Limits Customers - 01/14/2011
VoiceXML, Listening to the Voice of the Customer - 01/14/2011
February Is Firefox's Month: Mozilla Firefox 4 to Be Released - 01/13/2011
Green Energy Corp Conducts Smart Business with Smart Grid Open Source Community - 01/13/2011
Hotspot Feature Not Only Verizon's Hot New Feature - 01/12/2011
Tokyo Control: Sony Brings 3D Drama to Japanese Cable - 01/12/2011
Google Docs Now Store Files and Your Business Videos - 01/12/2011
Can VoIP Software Provider Skype Live up to the Hype? - 01/06/2011
Sony CEO Remains Optimistic for CES and 2011 - 01/06/2011
CityVille Claiming Residents and Climbing Gaming Charts - 01/05/2011
Ingate Invites You: Sit and Listen to the Case for SIP and UC - 01/05/2011
Avaya, Acquisitions, and Audio Conferencing, Oh My! - 01/04/2011
IVR Bank Transactions Given Extension and OTP Guidelines - 01/04/2011
Switchvox Brings in the New Year as Well-recognized UC and Call Recording Solution - 01/03/2011
IP Phone Improv Puts snom m9 in the Limelight - 12/30/2010
Chinese Authorities Give Skype the Boot and Ban Third-party VoIP - 12/30/2010
Chinese Anti-Monopoly Bureau Holds 4G Provider Nokia Siemens Networks in Limbo - 12/29/2010
Quality of Experience Key in Measuring and Managing Network Processors - 12/17/2010





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