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Chris DiMarco is a Managing Editor for TMCnet. He holds a master's degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University. Prior to joining TMC Chris worked with e-commerce provider Suresource as a contact center representative and development analyst.

Latest Articles

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Custom Call Center Furniture Solutions Beat Pre-Fabs Any Day - 09/08/2011
Adding Channels Increases the Need for Forecasting - 09/08/2011
Adding Channels Increases the Need for Forecasting - 09/08/2011
Webinar Suggests Bringing Call Center Solutions Back to Basics - 09/08/2011
What is a Virtual Contact Center Part I: Buzz vs. Benefits - 09/06/2011
What is Virtual Contact Center? Part II - 09/06/2011
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Hosted ACDs Offer Tangible Benefits to Call Center Managers - 08/03/2011
Virtual Tours Provide New Vision to Call Center Setup - 08/03/2011
BenchmarkPortal to Feature Certification Sessions at Annual APSUG - 08/02/2011
ISS Space Walk to be Featured on NASA Channel - 08/02/2011
Broadview Podcasts Offer Technology Insight from Product Management Exec - 08/02/2011
Tips for Reducing Stress Injuries in the Call Center - 07/29/2011
ISS Destined for the Drink Once Decommissioned - 07/28/2011
Contactual Exec Wendell Black Talks Company's Current State, Plans for Tomorrow - 07/28/2011
BenchmarkPortal and Cisco Systems Team up for Perspective in the Call Center Space - 07/27/2011
Call Center on Demand Developer Five9 Announces New CTO - 07/27/2011
Hosted Contact Center Provider Five9 Announces New CTO - 07/27/2011
Virtual Call Center Provider Five9 Announces New CTO - 07/27/2011
Broadview Networks' Hosted ACD Service a Smart Choice for Call Centers - 07/26/2011
NexInteractive's Origins give them an Edge in Cloud Based Call Center Deployment - 07/25/2011
Phone-Only Dialer Offers New Way to Empower Remote Agents - 07/25/2011
BenchmarkPortal's Call Center Contest shows Customer Service Managers Where They Stack Up - 07/25/2011
Knoahsoft's Harmony Suite Boosts Agent Performance with Superior Reporting - 07/19/2011
Customer Experience Management: Home Sourcing Makes Sense for any Business - 07/19/2011
Webinar Explores the Implications of 4G and WAN in Business - 07/15/2011
AI Takes a Step in Language Comprehension Thanks to Gaming - 07/14/2011
Virtual Taps Offer Compliance Support for Businesses - 07/14/2011
Electronic Arts Acquires Pop Cap Games - 07/13/2011
BenchmarkPortal Leaders to Speak at 2011 ACCA Symposium - 07/13/2011
Add Stretching Regiments to a Call Center to Reduce Muscle Injury Where Ergonomic Furniture Can't - 07/12/2011
Call Center Wallboards Support Detailed Reporting Strategies - 07/12/2011
CallTalk to Discuss Home Agents this Week - 07/12/2011
CallTalk to Discuss Home Agents this Week - 07/12/2011
Call Center Scheduling Benefits from Workforce Management - 07/12/2011
BenchmarkPortal's Summer Sale makes Call Center Certification Affordable for Every Budget - 07/11/2011
Next Stop Seattle for inContact's Problem Solved Tour - 07/07/2011
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Two Ways Hosted Solutions Improves the Call Center - 07/06/2011
Two Distinct Advantages of the Virtual Call Center - 07/06/2011
The Details of Workforce Management - 07/05/2011
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Call Center Wallboards Communicate Actionable Intelligence Fast - 06/30/2011
BenchmarkPortal Early Registration for Call Center Campus- Limited Time and Spots! - 06/30/2011
Shrinkage Addressed with Workforce Management Software - 06/30/2011
What is Effective Call Center Management? - 06/30/2011
OrecX's Cloud Recoding Solutions Provide Deep Language Support. - 06/28/2011
Cloud Call Recording is Easier with Open Source Software - 06/28/2011
Cloud and Open Source Recording Options Grant Flexibility to Your Customer Service - 06/28/2011
Advanced Manufacturing Partnership to Catalyze Robotics Research - 06/28/2011
Ergonomic Call Center Furniture and Accessories Promotes the Health of Your Agents - 06/27/2011
Cloud Based Call Analysis is Essential to the Growing Home Agent Market - 06/24/2011
What is a Hosted Contact Center? - 06/23/2011
What is a Call Center on Demand? - 06/23/2011
CTI Group's Hosted Call Recoding Allows for Increased Agent Performance in Diverse Deployments - 06/23/2011
Call Center Campus Gives Customer Service Providers a Path to Call Center Certification and a Unique Opportunity to Network with Peers - 06/22/2011
Charges against Tech Writer Thrown Out - 06/22/2011
Pre-Paid Debit Card Company Chooses inContact's Hosted Call Center Software - 06/22/2011
Facebook Aids Utah Criminal in Hotel Standoff - 06/22/2011
Pipkin Solutions Bring Focus Back to Workforce Management - 06/21/2011
Interior Concepts Offers Support for your Call Center Furniture Outfitting Experience - 06/21/2011
TopCoder Contest Challenges Kids to Create Space Ready Robots - 06/21/2011
Customer Experience Management Company TeleTech all in on the Home Agent Model - 06/20/2011
Social Media Becoming as Essential to Customer Service as the Call Center - 06/20/2011





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