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Ashok Bindra is a veteran writer and editor with more than 25 years of editorial experience covering RF/wireless technologies, semiconductors and power electronics. He has written, both print and web sites, for leading electronics trade publications in the U.S, which include Electronics, EETimes, Electronic Design and RF Design. Presently, he is a freelance technology writer based in New York. Bindra holds an M.S. degree from Clarkson College of Technology (now Clarkson University) in Potsdam, NY. And a M.Sc (Physics) from University of Bombay, India. He can be reached by email at or by phone at (631) 471-5895.

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Gigabit Squared, Zayo Partnership to Develop Chicago's Gigabit Internet Connectivity - 06/24/2013
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VaaS Makes Video Conferencing as Simple as Dialing a Phone - 06/20/2013
Operators Launching LTE Must Ensure Quality Service - 06/20/2013
Globally, Internet Continues to Grow Fast - 06/18/2013
Greenpeace Tells Facebook to Use 100-Percent Renewable Energy Provider - 06/18/2013
Session Border Controller Week in Review - 06/15/2013
HTML5 Week in Review - 06/15/2013
BullsEye Synergy Delivers Aggregated Broadband Service - 06/13/2013
Huawei Opens New UK Headquarters in Reading - 06/13/2013
Kickstart Development of IoT Applications Using Wi-Fi BoosterPack - 06/12/2013
Validian, Channel Partner Team Secures Online Banking - 06/12/2013
iGT's Evolution Series Line Cards and Remotes Achieve Stringent FIPS Certification - 06/11/2013
Bet365 Taps HTML5 to Deliver Universal Web Content - 06/11/2013
Google Releases Gesture Typing Keyboard App in Google Play - 06/10/2013
HTML5 Week in Review - 06/08/2013
Session Border Controller Week in Review - 06/08/2013
Home Improvement and Repair Marketplace Porch Raises $6.25 Million Seed Funding - 06/07/2013
SIP Trunking 101: What and Why? - 06/07/2013
Government Takes Google to Court for Accessing Confidential User Data - 06/04/2013
India's Financial Services Provider Muthoot Taps Juniper for Fast, Secure Networking - 06/04/2013
U.S., China to Hold Talks on Internet Hacking - 06/04/2013
Huawei Enterprise Takes an Aggressive Path As Criticism Grows - 06/04/2013
HTML5 Week in Review - 06/01/2013
TMCnet Session Border Controller Week in Review - 06/01/2013
Alcatel Unwraps Entry-Level Smartphone for the US Market - 05/31/2013
New Partnership to Enable Australian Businesses to Adopt Microsoft Office 365 - 05/31/2013
NEC Releases New Cloud Platform Software for Automatic Configuration - 05/31/2013
EU Regulators Demand More Concessions from Google to End Antitrust Investigation - 05/30/2013
Vodafone Foundation Kicks off Mobile for Good Europe Awards - 05/30/2013
Report Uncovers Emerging Gap in Large Conference Calls and Webcast Event Solutions - 05/29/2013
SmartLink Offers First Single-Point Food Safety Monitoring Solution for Restaurants - 05/28/2013
Session Border Controller Week in Review - 05/25/2013
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NFV Enables CSPs to Transform Telecom Platform Deployment - 05/23/2013
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Carrier Cloud Voice Solution Reduces Cost, Enhances VoIP Service - 05/23/2013
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Microsoft's YouTube App for Windows Phone Violates Terms of Service, Says Google - 05/21/2013
AT&T Bets on Small Cells for Improved Services, Growth - 05/20/2013
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Managing and Diagramming Networks and Apps in the Cloud - 05/17/2013
Know Your Bandwidth Usage Before Deploying an Out-Of-Band Management Network - 05/17/2013
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AudioCodes Expands VoIP Offerings, Envisions Growth - 05/13/2013
AudioCodes Expands VoIP Offerings, Taps Lync to Drive Growth - 05/13/2013
Session Border Controller News Review - 05/13/2013
HTML5 Week in Review - 05/11/2013
Session Border Controller Week in Review - 05/11/2013
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Fujitsu Unwraps SDN-based Intelligent Networking and Computing Architecture - 05/09/2013
Nanoparticle Purification Filters Promise Clean Drinking Water for Rural Regions - 05/09/2013
Kinetic Social Raises $8 Million in Financing to Spur Growth - 05/07/2013
Thalmic Lab's New Wearable Tech - 05/07/2013
Novatel Wireless Delivers MiFi Powered M2M Solution for Connected Cars - 05/07/2013
Axis Technology Releases Hybrid SaaS Model of DMsuite Platform - 05/07/2013
TMCnet HTML5 Week in Review - 05/04/2013





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