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Marisa Torrieri covers the wireless communications industry, including the service provider and wireless network equipment markets, as well as satellite communications. She also covers IP phones and VoIP network equipment including softswitches, IP media servers and network testing solutions.

Latest Articles

RadiSys Demos SIPware Prepaid and Postpaid Calling Card Product Line - 08/26/2010
Superclick Networks and Vocera Communications Enter into an Alliance - 08/25/2010
Fanvil Executive Reflects on VoIP Quality, Communication Trends Worldwide - 08/25/2010
Intel, Nokia Team up to give Mobile Technology a 3D Boost - 08/25/2010
Dell Unleashes $100 Aero, its First Android Smartphone - 08/24/2010
Start-up Run by Ex-Sprint Execs Gives Huawei a Helping Hand - 08/24/2010
Qualcomm and AT&T Give Mobile Health Movement a Boost - 08/24/2010
CDMA-Rooted Carriers Showcasing Faster Femtocells at Summer's End - 08/24/2010
Verizon Wireless and Motorola Unleash DROID 2 - 08/10/2010
Skullcandy Unleashes Telesphere Hosted VoIP and Call Center Application - 08/10/2010
QuorumLabs Keeps Cost of Server Backup Low for SMBs - 08/10/2010
Tektronix Communications to Acquire Arbor Networks - 08/10/2010
RadiSys' Latest Earnings Report Highlights Growth of ATCA Platform, Market for Next Generation Communications - 08/10/2010
RadiSys Financial Report Points to IP Media Server Market Success - 08/10/2010
snom technology Boosts IP Phones VoipNow Unified Communications Platform Interoperability - 08/09/2010
With Eyes on 4G Rollout Challenges, Developers Invest in NEBS Level 3 Certification - 08/09/2010
Truckers Take to Teri Hart's Tunes, VXi's Bluetooth Wireless Headsets - 08/05/2010
Another Transportation Win for Alex Mashinsky: NYC Service Cars to Get WiFi - 08/04/2010
Apple Makes Music Sharing Sweeter Through iDisk Upgrade - 08/04/2010
Google Makes it Easier to Sign into Multiple Gmail Accounts - 08/04/2010
Cricket 4G LTE Network Gets a National Boost - 08/04/2010
OPC Marketing Offers End-of-Summer Deal on Predictive Dialer Technology - 08/04/2010
Transitioning to IPv6: How Carriers are Testing IP Services to Meet Deadlines - 08/04/2010
Motorola and Verizon Wireless' Forthcoming Tablet Perfect for TV Lovers - 08/04/2010
BlackBerry Possibly to Concede to Government Concerns - 08/03/2010
Research in Motion Launches First 'Slider' Smartphone: BlackBerry Torch 9800 - 08/03/2010
NEBS Server Manufacturer NEI Posts Results for the Third Fiscal Quarter of 2010 - 08/02/2010
NEI Announces Fiscal Results for the Third Fiscal Quarter 2010: Appliance Deployment Report - 08/02/2010
Dark Fiber, Colocation, IP Transit, Service Provider and Other Industry Leaders Converge at Telecom One-on-One Event - 07/29/2010
Damaka Extends Mobile Unified Communication and Collaboration Platform to BlackBerry Devices - 07/28/2010
Apple Strikes Back with Video Exposing Droid X Antenna Issues - 07/28/2010
CSS' Focus on OPEX Model for Enterprise IT Pays Off - 07/28/2010
Swiss Service Provider Offers VoIP Phone Plus CHF 25 from Top IP Phone Maker - 07/28/2010
Sipcall Announces VoIP Phones Call Promo - 07/28/2010
Telefonica Scores with Brazilian Mobile Operator Vivo - 07/28/2010
Tech Writer Highlights 'Top 10' Features of new BlackBerry OS - 07/27/2010
Dialogic Representatives Discuss Monetizing Mobile Video at Upcoming Developer's Conference - 07/27/2010
Verizon, AT&T Power Outages Frazzle the City That Never Sleeps - 07/27/2010
Ringio Banks on a Call Center Solution to Serve the Needs of SMBS - 07/27/2010
House Cracks Down on Contraband Cells - 07/23/2010
In Sync with What a Carrier Wants: XConnect - 07/23/2010
InPhonex: 'We Are Entering a New Era' - 07/21/2010
Truphone Brings Local Flavor and Lower Costs to Globetrotters - 07/21/2010
Why NEBS Level 3 Certification is so Important for High-Density Rack Solutions: Part 1 of 2 - 07/21/2010
Apple Beats Analyst Expectations with 'Phenomenal' Quarter - 07/20/2010
LightSquared to Launch Wholesale LTE Network - 07/20/2010
Nokia Seeks New CEO: Report - 07/20/2010
Nokia Siemens Networks to Acquire Motorola's Wireless Network Infrastructure Business for $1.2 Billion - 07/19/2010
Wireless Week: Apple Addresses Antenna Issues at Press Conference; Droid X Arrives and Runs Out - 07/17/2010
A Better Look at WAN Optimization as a Service: Pricing Structures - 07/15/2010
Skype Releases SkypeKit Beta SDK for Mac and Windows - 07/14/2010
RIM Video Showcases BlackBerry 6's Sweet Screen, Coolest Features - 07/14/2010
Nokia Siemens in Talks to Buy Motorola Telecom Equipment Division: Reports - 07/14/2010
Mobile Personalization Provider Bridgewater Systems to Release Q2 Results on July 29 - 07/14/2010
Microsoft Fuses Outlook with Facebook - 07/13/2010
Sprint Looking at LTE: Report - 07/13/2010
Magazine's iPhone 4 Diss Sways Investors - 07/13/2010
AT&T CTO Says Wireless Provider is Moving Toward 'Open' Approach - 07/13/2010
TCS Wins Field Services Order for up to $10 Million to Support United States Marine Corps Deployable Communications - 07/13/2010
Sprint HTC EVO 4G Shortages Not Good for WiMAX Growth - 07/13/2010
Google Planning to Invest in Social Gaming Giant Zynga: Report - 07/13/2010
Remote Backup App for BlackBerry Now Available in Beta: Hooray! - 07/12/2010
Infor Announces Plans to Use Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform - 07/12/2010
Sprint Short on Components for HTC EVO 4G Smartphone - 07/12/2010
Sprint Short on Components for HTC EVO 4G Smartphone - 07/12/2010
Wireless Week: Waiting for Droid X in Hot, Hot July - 07/10/2010
Thai Team's Speech-to-Sign Software Wins Microsoft Contest - 07/09/2010
Chinese Government Renews Google's Internet Content Provider License - 07/09/2010
The Challenges of IPV6 Deployment: Testing IP Services Report - 07/08/2010
What Contact Centers Want in Wireless Headsets: An Interview - 07/07/2010
'Twitter for BlackBerry' App to Go Live Tonight: Report - 07/07/2010
Verizon Wireless Droid X Ad Takes a Stab at iPhone 4's Reception Issues - 07/07/2010
Wireless Week: Faster Network Promises and Gadget Markdowns Make for a Great July 4th Weekend Celebration! - 07/03/2010
Yealink SIP-IP Phone Gets Gadget Guru's Stamp of Approval - 07/02/2010
Frankfurt's ancotel Group Celebrates Ownership of 1025 OCR Long Island Colocation Facility - 07/02/2010
Microsoft Kin Gets a Price Cut from Verizon Wireless - 06/29/2010
Hulu, Apple Unveil Enhanced Video Subscription Services for iPad and Other Devices - 06/29/2010
E.U. Data Reveals High Roaming Charges by Mobile Operators: Report - 06/29/2010
Telx Exec Discusses New Partnerships, Ethernet Exchange: Interview - 06/29/2010
Google Tries to Reason with China on Topic of Online Content - 06/29/2010
Today's Webinar to Focus on VAR Strategic Selling: IP Phones Report - 06/29/2010
Near Field Communications Future Looking Good - 06/26/2010
Jobs Tells iPhone Users to Adjust Grip to Avoid Bad Reception - 06/25/2010
Allied Fiber Exec Discusses Phase One Financing, Future Plans with TMC at CBX Show: Interview - 06/25/2010
Wireless Week: iPhone 4 Snags Good, Bad Press - 06/25/2010
Poor Reception, Discoloration and Other Complaints Plague iPhone 4 Owners - 06/25/2010
Grandstream's GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone Supports Skype and SIP, Gets Star Treatment at CEA Show - 06/25/2010
BlackBerry Maker RIM's Profits up 41 Percent; But Earnings Slightly Short of Expectations - 06/24/2010
Wireless Week: Tablet Time, Tiered Pricing and More - 06/24/2010
Motorola Droid X Coming Soon to Verizon Stores - 06/23/2010
Good Technology Releases iPhone Management Enterprise Solution - 06/23/2010
Less Annoyances, More Awesomeness: Google Voice Works for SMBs - 06/23/2010
Skip the AT&T Store Visit till Next Tuesday: iPhone 4 Coming June 29 - 06/23/2010
San Francisco City Board Votes 10-1 in Favor of Cell Phone Emission Law - 06/23/2010
Spacenet: Enterprise Customers Take More Comprehensive Approach to Network Management - 06/23/2010
Frontier Sues Google to Block Google Voice: Report - 06/22/2010
Look Out, Developers. Here Comes the SkypeKit! - 06/22/2010
Look Out, Developers. Here Comes the SkypeKit! - 06/22/2010
U.K. Operators Team up to Trial New Mobile Broadcast Technology - 06/22/2010
Investors Await RIM Earnings Call, Anxious About Forthcoming BlackBerry Torch - 06/22/2010
Sen. Lieberman Discusses Concerns over President's Power Over Shutting Down the Internet for Security's Sake - 06/22/2010
iPhone 4 Coming One Day Earlier for Some Customers: June 23 - 06/22/2010
Wireless Week: Delays Galore for iPhone 4, Plus Motorola's new ES400 - 06/18/2010
World Cup Fans Can Now win IP Phones from snom - 06/18/2010
Samsung, Sony Ericsson Challenge iPhone with Less-Expensive Android Handsets - 06/17/2010
Motorola Unveils 'Rugged' ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant - 06/17/2010
AOL on the Brink of Selling Bebo - 06/17/2010
An 'iPerk' for the New iPhone that Your Eyes Will Like - 06/16/2010
New iPhone Speaker Looks Like a Weird Toy - 06/16/2010
Stiff Smartphone Competition Means Lower Q2 Earnings for Nokia - 06/16/2010
Sprint Follows AT&T's Example with Mobile Data Cap - 06/16/2010
New Paper Addresses Data Center Evolution - 06/14/2010
Google Not Happy About Apple's iPhone Developer Agreement - 06/09/2010
FCC Chairman Stands Up for Internet Service Provider Regulation - 06/09/2010
Hulu Coming to iPad, Xbox 360 Screens: Report - 06/09/2010
BP Purchases 'Oil Spill' Search Term from Google - 06/09/2010
DirecTV DVR Glitch Threatens Game Night Plans - 06/09/2010
Sprint Restates HTC Evo 4G Phone's 'Record' Sales - 06/09/2010
Cisco Licenses iOS Trademark to Apple for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch - 06/08/2010
OMB Director Blames 'IT Gap' for Government's Lackluster Productivity - 06/08/2010
France Opens up Online Gaming for World Cup - 06/08/2010
World Cup Fiasco: German Players Can't Call Each Other - 06/08/2010
Viridity Exec Discusses Server-Level Approach to Achieving Maximum Energy Efficiency in the Data Center - 06/08/2010
Video Chat Might be the Most Exciting Smartphone Development - 06/08/2010
How Do You Meet the Mobile Backhaul Challenge? Listen to this Webinar First - 06/08/2010
Polycom Strengthens UC Collaboration with Avaya While Enhancing Go-to-Market Strategy - 06/07/2010
Cisco's Chambers Reveals Plan to Hire 3,000 New Workers - 06/04/2010
Wireless Week: Gizmodo Editor Investigation Update, Plus Tweeting Cats and New Wireless Data Plans for Heavy Users - 06/04/2010
Need a New IP PBX? Check Out Grandsteam's GXE5028 in the Skype Store - 06/03/2010
Clouds, Enterprises and the Shift to IPv6: What's Going on Now - 06/03/2010
Investigation of Gizmodo Editor in Missing iPhone Case Underway - 06/03/2010
The Key to U.S. Diplomacy is Social Networking - 06/03/2010
Lithium Batteries Are Dangerous to Swallow: Report - 06/03/2010
Google Buys Ad Technology Start-up Company Invite Media - 06/03/2010
Nokia Unleashes New Lower-Cost Phones in Europe, Plus Bicycle Charger - 06/03/2010
Bridgewater Systems to Participate in 'Monetizing Mobile' Panel at Upcoming Conference - 06/03/2010
DPI Equipment: 4 Ways it Can Help Service Providers, Plus Deployment Tips - 06/02/2010
Berkeley Varitronics Systems Unveils Smaller, Stealthier Contraband Cell Phone Detector - 06/02/2010
Dialogic Presents Free Webinar on Interactive Voice/Video Response - 06/01/2010
iPhone 4G Video Leaked: Does Apple Need a New Plumber? - 06/01/2010
Security Concerns Mean No Microsoft Windows for Google - 06/01/2010
Apple iPhone Insurance for $13.99 Per Month Coming Soon - 06/01/2010
Facing the Network Management Challenge, and Going for the Gold - 05/28/2010
Wireless Week: We're Getting Psyched About Summer, the New iPhone and Verizon's LTE Ambitions - 05/28/2010
Internet Solutions Brings MPLS into Uganda, Tanzania - 05/28/2010
GOP Gets in Tussle with Couple Over Use of Trademark in Anti-Drilling Website - 05/28/2010
Headset and Electronics Pioneer Fritz Sennheiser dies at 98 - 05/26/2010
AT&T's VoIP Phone Service Has a Bad Day: Voice Quality Report - 05/26/2010
Greenpeace Slams Nintendo, Toshiba and Dell for Low Environmental Standards - 05/26/2010
UTStarcom Announces Sale of IP Messaging Assets to NewNet Communications Technologies - 05/26/2010
BroadHop's Mobile Policy Technology Targets Eager-to-Please SPs - 05/25/2010
MedWaitTime App Makes Waiting for the Doctor Less Time Consuming - 05/25/2010
Facebook Promises Better, Simpler Privacy Controls - 05/25/2010
Yahoo Acquires Indonesian Social Mobile Service Provider Koprol - 05/25/2010
Congress Moves to Modernize Telecom Laws - 05/25/2010
Sound ID's 510 Bluetooth Headset Comes Available June 6 - 05/25/2010
Searching for the Ideal Managed Network Solution? Explore Something 'Hybrid' - 05/25/2010
Allied Fiber's Nationwide, Network-Neutral, Dark Fiber System Gets a Big Investor Boost - 05/24/2010
Wireless Week: Google Developer Conference Reveals Search Giant's Plans, and a Flash-Friendly Future - 05/21/2010
Google Discusses Android Music Services at Developer Conference - 05/21/2010
Vidyo Touts 'Personal Telepresence' Without the Room System at Interop - 05/21/2010
ACLU Fights to Keep Twitter Identities Anonymous - 05/21/2010
Android 'Froyo' Gives Google Phones a Tasty Perk: WiFi Hotspot Access! - 05/21/2010
Optimizing Your Central Office for the Next Generation? REDCOM's Free Webinar Offers a Few Tips - 05/21/2010
Japanese I-Fairy Robot Marries Couple in Tokyo - 05/20/2010
Sybase Launches 'Mobility Platform' for Enterprises - 05/20/2010
iPod Touch (with 2-Meg Camera!) Pics Leaked in Vietnam - 05/19/2010
iPod Touch (with 2-Meg Camera!) Pics Leaked in Vietnam - 05/19/2010
Business Solutions Provider 8x8 Reports 2010 Earnings - 05/19/2010
Outcries Over 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' Facebook Page Spurs Shutdown in Pakistan - 05/19/2010
Prosecutors in Germany Begin Investigating Google for Privacy Breach - 05/19/2010
Google Cited for Privacy Breaches in Germany, Italy - 05/19/2010
How Can Integrated Mobile Media Servers Help Grow Mobile Service Revenues? In More Ways Than You Can Count - 05/19/2010
Panasonic's Skype TVs Ready to Go: Report - 05/18/2010
Smart Chevy 'Volt' Loaded with Google Android-Based Treats - 05/18/2010
QT Globe Touts Wholesale Telecom Solutions -- and Card-Free Calling Card - 05/18/2010
Skinnier Girth, Bigger Battery and Higher-Res Display: New iPhone Rumors Center on Size - 05/17/2010
Wireless Week: Dell's Flashy Gadget Prompts the Size Question; Sprint Flaunts 4G Plans - 05/14/2010
Commitment-Free Wireless Gains Ground Again - 05/14/2010
Size Matters: Will Dell's be a Winning 'Streak'? - 05/14/2010
RadiSys to Lead Discussion on Next-Generation ATCA Platforms at Upcoming Forum - 05/14/2010
Tony Blair's Wife Campaigns: Cell Phones for All Kenyan Women Entrepreneurs - 05/14/2010
Cisco Issues Security Advisory for PGW Softswitch Line - 05/14/2010
Near Field Communications Pilot Kicks Off May 21 in Nice, France - 05/14/2010
Sprint's Speedy 4G Phone Coming June 4 - 05/13/2010
FCC's 'Bill Shock' Initiative Aims to Help Consumers Save Money and Grief: Mobile Personalization Report - 05/13/2010
Cisco Reports 63% Profit During 'Strongest Quarter' - 05/12/2010
iPad Glitch Got You Down? Help is on the Way - 05/12/2010
Veraz Networks, Dialogic Announce Plans to Merge - 05/12/2010
China Unicom to Dole Out Subsidies for iPhone Users - 05/12/2010
IBM: Profit Expected to Double by 2015 - 05/12/2010
German Court Tasks Public to Help Thwart Hackers - 05/12/2010
Armed with Google Android OS, Verizon Wireless Preps iPad Challenger - 05/12/2010
Verizon Business Offers New Bundled Plan in Europe - 05/11/2010
China's ZTE Scores $76 Million Contract from Malaysian Network Operator - 05/11/2010
Time to FlipOut: Motorola Phone Pics Leaked - 05/11/2010
Want a Nexus One? Skip the Sprint Store - 05/11/2010
AT&T to Keep iPhone Exclusivity Till 2012 - 05/11/2010
Webinar Reveals Tips for Effective Software Analysis for Telecom Systems - 05/11/2010
Cisco Preview: Shares Jump on Hopes of Positive Earnings Report - 05/10/2010





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