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Tim Gray is a Web Editor for He has nearly a decade of journalism experience and has spent the past several years covering a wide array of technology news. In addition to covering the tech space, Tim on occasion worked as a reporter for venerable boxing publications The Ring magazine and KO Boxing.

Latest Articles

Houlihan Lokey Adds Polycom Visual Communications - 09/03/2009
How the Selective Recording Method Helps Contact Centers Cut Costs - 09/03/2009
FaxCore, Dialogic Team for OCS Compatibility+ at ITEXPO West - 09/03/2009
FaxCore and Dialogic announce OCS Compatibility+ at ITEXPO West - 09/03/2009
RADVISION, Octasic to Present Session on Leveraging Video in an Enterprise Setting at ITEXPO - 09/02/2009
DIDX and Comtel Networks Prepare Case Study for Fax DID Demonstration at ITEXPO - 09/02/2009
FaxCore Lifts the Lid on FoIPBOX II at ITEXPO - 09/02/2009
FaxCore Unveils FoIPBOX II at ITEXPO - 09/02/2009
Mu Dynamics Supports ISA Security Compliance Institute on Key ISASecure Cyber Security Testing Program - 09/01/2009
Empirix Taps New General Manager for Network Assurance Solutions Business Unit - 09/01/2009
PAETEC Announces Availability of IP Simple Solutions Product at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
Zultys Announces UC Client for Mobile Phones at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
NET Completes Interop Testing with Polycom's KIRK Wireless Systems, to Demonstrate at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
8x8 Announces New 'Virtual Meeting' Web Conferencing Solution at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
Aastra Announces Hi-Q Enhanced Audio at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
FaxBack Announces New Partner Program at ITEXPO - 09/01/2009
Code Green Launches Scalable Data Loss Prevention Appliance for Large Enterprises - 08/31/2009
TnT Expense Management Celebrates 10 Years in Business - 08/31/2009
Taqua 7000 to Replace Legacy Switches at Two Telephone Companies - 08/31/2009
Dialogic Pushes out DiaStar Server, Announces Sponsorship of Project DiaStar - 08/31/2009
GMT Ready to Show off its Flagship Workforce Management and Performance Solutions - 08/31/2009
FaxCore Exec Talks about Telecom and ITEXPO - 08/27/2009
RadiSys to Host Webinar: 3G Mobile Video Services: Innovative Solutions for Mass Market Deployment - 08/26/2009
Greening of Base Stations Key to Environmental Protection in Cell Industry, Study Says - 08/25/2009
MetaSwitch a Bright Spot in Stabilizing VoIP Equipment Market, Study Says - 08/25/2009
Carrier VoIP Equipment Market Settles Down in Q209 - 08/25/2009
Voxeo Releases Prophecy 10: The Unlocked Communications Platform - 08/25/2009
Smart Grid Summit at ITEXPO to Address Telecom's Role in Expanding Smart Grid Space - 08/24/2009
Global IP Solutions Supplying Power to New Yahoo! Messenger Video Calling - 08/24/2009
TEM for Dummies: Bridging the Gap between IT and Finance - 08/24/2009
Patton Teams with Computerware to Provide Networking Equipment to Federal Government - 08/24/2009
FoIP Outfit FaxCore Taps Fuju Xerox Malaysia for 2009 ICT Excellence Award - 08/21/2009
FaxCore Fires Up its FoIP Engines - 08/21/2009
FaxCore Enhances its FoIP FaxCore 2007 Fax Server Application - 08/21/2009
FoIP Line from FaxCore Garners 2009 NGN Leadership Award - 08/21/2009
FaxCore and Dialogic Providing Unified Communications FoIP Solution - 08/21/2009
D2 Technologies' vPort VoIP Teams with Kirkwood Processors for Residential Gateways - 08/20/2009
Demystifying Call Monitoring for Emerging Businesses - 08/20/2009
Demystifying Call Monitoring for the SMB - 08/20/2009
Amtel TIMS Software Platform Top Choice Among Medium to Large Organizations - 08/20/2009
Mu Dynamics Collaborating to Eliminate Network Downtime - 08/20/2009
Voipswitch Gearing Up for ITEXPO West - 08/20/2009
FaxCore Taps Fuju Xerox Malaysia for 2009 ICT Excellence Award - 08/19/2009
Aculab Adds Video Capability to Prosody - 08/19/2009
PortaOne Teams with DIDX to Offer DID Numbers for PBX Customers - 08/19/2009
New App Allows Users to Access Data through ePortal - 08/18/2009
MetaSwitch Taps New Finance Boss - 08/18/2009
Technology Alignment Taps snom IP Phones for its VoIPTelCaster PBX - 08/18/2009
TnT Ensuring a Smooth Transition When Developing a Telecom or Wireless Expense Management Plan - 08/18/2009
snom Gears Up for ITEXPO West - 08/17/2009
MetaSwitch Adding to its Overall Portfolio and Customer Base - 08/17/2009
TnT Taking a Proactive Approach to Quality Control - 08/17/2009
Polycom Visual Communication Helping Aid Emergency Planning for Government Agencies - 08/17/2009
In-Building Wireless Deployment Takes a Hit, Expected to Rebound by 2013 - 08/14/2009
North America Drives Growth in Ethernet Switch, According to Study - 08/14/2009
RadiSys to Take Part in Silicon Forest Technology & Financial Forum - 08/14/2009
Mercury Grove Launches Social Networking and CRM for Individuals - 08/14/2009
Mobile Handset Market Polarizing Between High-End and Low-End Markets - 08/14/2009
UK Broadband Providers Compelled to Post Average Speeds by 2012, Study Says - 08/14/2009
PAETEC Lands Voice Value Award from ATLANTIC-ACM - 08/13/2009
T-Mobile Earns Top Spot in Wireless Customer Care Rankings - 08/13/2009
Finding the 'Right Fit' with TnT's Six-Phase Software Development Approach - 08/13/2009
Skyhook Teams with Apot for Android - 08/12/2009
DIDXchange Signs on as Media Partner for ITU Telecom WORLD 2009 - 08/12/2009
Brobeck Solar Launches New Green Card - 08/12/2009
TOA Technologies Records Growth Despite Sluggish Economy - 08/12/2009
Con Edison Files for $172 Million in Smart Grid Stimulus Funding - 08/12/2009
Enterprise Workforce Optimization Outfit GMT to Host Free Free Webinar - 08/12/2009
Financial Firm Doubles Space in Telx Chicago Colocation Center - 08/12/2009
TnT Protecting TEM Clients' Information - 08/12/2009
Mu Dynamics Labs Discovers, Remediates Exploitable Asterisk DoS Vulnerability - 08/11/2009
TnT Optimizing and Reducing Telecom and Wireless Expenses - 08/11/2009
Choosing from Diverse Mobile Management Models - 08/11/2009
Evaluating the Business Case for Corporate-Liable versus Employee-Liable Mobility Plans: A New White Paper - 08/11/2009
MIPS Hits Latest Key Milestone in Driving Android - 08/11/2009
Sierra Wireless Launches M2M Hosted Remote Management for AirLink - 08/10/2009
Sierra Wireless Launches M2M Hosted Remote Management for AirLink - 08/10/2009
New VSAT Satellite Internet Services From TS2 Satellite Technologies - 08/10/2009
SIP Print Certification Program Ensures Compatibility and Quality SIP Call Recording - 08/10/2009
Allworx Receives Interoperability Certification from SIP Print Labs - 08/10/2009
Verscom Deploys Empirix's Hammer XMS to Optimize Network Operations Efficiency - 08/10/2009
D2 Technologies Creates Two Business Units, Promotes Industry Veterans - 08/07/2009
Understanding the Benefits of Call Logging in the Enterprise - 08/07/2009
Tianjin Power Implements Telvent's ArcFM Smart Grid Solution - 08/06/2009
Newport Hotel Group Upgrades PBX with Help from pbxnsip, snom - 08/05/2009
RadiSys ATCA Helping to Drive Earnings - 08/04/2009
Voiceserve Launches Voipswitch Softphone for iPhone and iPod - 08/04/2009
VoIP phones Maker snom Adds to U.K. Team - 08/04/2009
Patton Talks Up the Future of Legacy in Next-Gen Industrial Networks - 08/03/2009
GMT to Offer Top 10 Tips for Selecting a Workforce Optimization Solution - 08/03/2009
Empirix Lands Industry Awards for Speech Technology - 08/03/2009
Mu Dynamics Discusses Building VoIP Services through Aggressive Testing - 08/03/2009
Broadband Stimulus to Benefit Virtual PBX: Nextiva - 07/31/2009
Court Overturns Sentencing, Fines of Former Qwest Boss - 07/31/2009
FreedomVOICE Helping Soldiers Overseas Make Ends Meet - 07/30/2009
FaxCore Tuning Up its Fax Server Engines - 07/30/2009
Taking the Lead in Management of the DNC Space - 07/29/2009
Telemarketing Software Changing the Do Not Call Environment - 07/29/2009
VoipSwitch Releases Windows Mobile Softphone for VoIP Tunnel - 07/29/2009
MetaSwitch Increases Roster of Regional Carriers Adopting VoIP - 07/28/2009
D2 Technologies to Showcase Converged Communications Client with Embedded VoIP for Android - 07/28/2009
DIDX Teams with IPsmarx Technology - 07/28/2009
Ericsson to Acquire Nortel's CDMA, LTE Units - 07/27/2009
PAETEC Among Best Places to Work in New York, Study Says - 07/24/2009
PAETEC's Fixed Wireless Transport Solution Enhancing Communications - 07/24/2009
PAETEC's Foster Tapped to Lead Telecom Expense Management Industry Association - 07/24/2009
Voxeo Releases Cloud telephony Source Code - 07/24/2009
Amtel Builds on Wireless Management Successes - 07/23/2009
Amtel Builds on Mobile Management Achievements - 07/23/2009
D2's Mobile Unified Communications Software Addresses Needs of OEM and Services Providers - 07/23/2009
Voipswitch Facilitating Rapid VoIP Roll Out - 07/23/2009
RadiSys to Host Seminar About Building Next Generation Network with IP Media Server - 07/23/2009
Decades Old IRS Tax Law Shining Light on Telecom Expense Management Solutions - 07/22/2009
Partnership Extends snom's IP Phone Reach - 07/22/2009
Patton Delivers Next-Generation UC for Large Enterprises - 07/21/2009
Mu Dynamics Tackling VoIP, IPTV and IMS Architecture Challenges - 07/20/2009
Polycom Telepresence Saving Colorado DOT Nearly $1 Million a Year - 07/20/2009
VanillaSoft's Turning Leads into Sales with Auto Dialing - 07/17/2009
VanillaSoft's Auto Dialing Turning Leads into Sales - 07/17/2009
RadiSys Sets Date for 2Q Conference Call - 07/16/2009
PAETEC Opens Advanced Data Center - 07/16/2009
DIDXchange and Voipswitch Partner for Worldwide Virtual Presence - 07/16/2009
snom Unveils New Touch Screen VoIP Phone - 07/16/2009
40 Billion Minutes and Counting: D2 Technologies Extends Mobile Unified Communications - 07/15/2009
Bahamas Telecom and Sonus Complete First Phase of Next Generation Transformation - 07/14/2009
Patton Offering Extensive Ethernet Training Sessions - 07/14/2009
40 billion Minutes and Counting, D2 Technologies Extending Mobile Unified Communications - 07/14/2009
MetaSwitch Providing Greenfield Deployment to Curacao - 07/14/2009
AMTEL TIMS Platform Ready to Handle IRS Cell Phone Regulations - 07/13/2009
ATMEL TIMS Platform Ready to Handle IRS Cell Phone Regulations - 07/13/2009
Voipswitch Teams with Sangoma's NetBorder Express Gateway - 07/09/2009
FaxCore Enhances FaxCore 2007 Fax Server Application - 07/09/2009
GMT Corp. to Demonstrate Workforce Management Solutions - 07/09/2009
Sipera Systems Employs Empirix Hammer for VoIP and UC Security Solutions - 07/08/2009
First Female CEO Joins DIDXchange - 07/08/2009
RADVISION to Host Webinar: HD Video to the Masses - 07/06/2009
Agilent Technologies and Mu Dynamics Integrate Solutions - 07/06/2009
VirtualLogger Offering Free Call Recording and Monitoring Services to New Clients - 07/06/2009
MetaSwitch Teams with Technology Bureau to Integrate Solution for Local Service Providers - 07/06/2009
SPSS Providing Data Mining Tools, Insight - 07/06/2009
Scammers and Spammers Busier Than Usual in June, According to AppRiver - 07/02/2009
snom IP Phones Combine VoIP and UC with Help of ESTOS - 07/02/2009
GMT Workforce Management Solution Delivering Results with Avaya Compliance - 07/02/2009
RadiSys to Focus on Embedded Solutions at Technology Day 2009 - 07/02/2009
DIDX Heading to ITCN Asia 2009 - 07/01/2009
Allworx Teams with Certified ITSP PowerNet Global Communications - 06/30/2009
PAETEC Enhances Financial Flexibility with a $350 Million Secured Notes Offering - 06/30/2009
Digium Launches Hardware-based Voice Compression PCI Express Card for Asterisk Systems - 06/30/2009
EUTEL Deploys MetaSwitch for VoIP Network in Netherlands Antilles - 06/30/2009
Voiceserve Shows Off Voipswitch Softswitch at CommunicAsia2009 - 06/30/2009
Vertecto Services Rolls Out Telecom Transaction Protection System at Telx Event - 06/29/2009
Dyn Inc. Announces Thought Leader Council at the Telx CBX 2009 Event in NYC - 06/29/2009
IDC Global Expands Offerings to Include Trading at the Speed of Light Networks - 06/26/2009
GLOBALINX Announces Network Upgrades at the 2009 Telx Customer Business Exchange - 06/26/2009
Telx Expands Roster of Disaster Recovery Data Center Clients - 06/26/2009
Telx Teams with Tata to Leverage Growing International Colocation Space - 06/26/2009
Telx Launches Video Exchange to Enable Video Adoption By Enterprises at CBX Event - 06/25/2009
Digium India Up and Running - 06/24/2009
SIP Print Launches Lab Certification Program - 06/23/2009
RadiSys and LCR Electronics Launch Ruggedized ATCA ATCA Platform Military and Aerospace - 06/23/2009
Mu Dynamics and SBC Vendors Define Industry-First VoIP and SBC Test Methodology - 06/23/2009
Mu Dynamics Launches Mu Studio Module for Network Operators and Vendors - 06/23/2009
SIP Print Makes CRN Emerging Technology Vendor List - 06/22/2009
Siemens AG Expects Around $21 Billion in New Orders from Stimulus Programs - 06/22/2009
D2 Technologies Hits 40 Billion Minutes of VoIP Traffic Per Month - 06/08/2009
CDW Announces Participation in iTEMize Technologies Partner Program - 06/04/2009
FTC Continues to Crack Down on DNC Violators, Telemarketing Software Hold Key - 06/04/2009
Whaleback Systems Teaming with snom Technology for Enterprise and SMB Mobility - 06/04/2009
Patton's Reduces Pricing on SmartNode Segment to Stimulate Gateway Market - 06/04/2009
Voiceserve's Voipswitch Vippie Mobile SIP Softphone Lands 2009 UC TMC Labs Award - 06/04/2009
eRx Network Improves Contact Center Performance with Call Recording and Quality Monitoring - 06/03/2009
Demystifying Enterprise Call Recording for the Avaya Platform - 06/03/2009
NET Engages Unity Systems to Extend Unified Communications Offerings in Australia and New Zealand - 06/03/2009
Empirix Demonstrates Market Leadership, Global Expansion and Company Growth, According to Company - 06/03/2009
Amtel Says Different Mobile Management Models Can Save Companies in Long Term - 06/03/2009
How to Manage the Unexpected When Testing for LTE Readiness - 06/02/2009
Enterprise Workforce Management Provider GMT ReceivesCommunications Solutions Product of the Year Award - 06/02/2009
RadiSys to Present ATCA Solutions at the RBC Capital Conference - 06/02/2009
Enterprise Workforce Management Provider GMT Unveils Latest Version of Planet Suite - 05/26/2009
Ulysses Learning Teams with Merced Systems to Bring Best Practice Training and Processes to Sales and Service Organizations - 05/26/2009
Patton's Low-Cost IpStatMux Transitions Device Networks to Ethernet/IP - 05/26/2009
Allworx IP Phone System 7.0 Part of a Growing Business Communications Line Up - 05/22/2009
PAETEC One of Top Ten Best to Work for in New York - 05/22/2009
PAETEC Teams its PINNACLE Communication Management Suite with Intelisys Business Solutions - 05/22/2009
8x8 Reports Record Quarter of Organic Business Customer Additions - 05/21/2009
Four Colombian Cities Added to DIDX Wholesale Phone Number Marketplace - 05/21/2009
Digium Launches Switchvox Developer Central Community - 05/20/2009
Empirix Lowers Hammer with Edge to Emulate Realistic User Behavior Prior to Deploying Services - 05/20/2009
ECI Telecom Helps Expand Philippine National Digital Transmission Network - 05/19/2009
CAPITAL Card Services Adds Interactive Intelligence All-in-One IP Communications Software Suite - 05/19/2009
Rolling Out a Call Monitoring Solution - 05/19/2009
Polycom Adds Innovative Features and Extends Interoperability for SoundStation Conference Phones - 05/19/2009
snom klarVOICE Integrates Next-Gen Audio Conferencing Service ZipDX - 05/18/2009
Trapeze Networks is First Polycom VIEW Partner Certified for SpectraLink Release 3.0 - 05/18/2009
AT&T Leads Way in Smartphones and Integrated Devices - 05/15/2009
AMTEL's TIMS Cell Phone Software Offering for IRS Compliance - 05/15/2009
Patton Continues to Broaden Edge-Access Multiservice - 05/15/2009
JDSU Intros Optical Dispersion Test Tool Used for Dark Fiber - 05/15/2009
Shoring Up a Business Continuity Plan for your Business - 05/14/2009
Delayed Spending Knocks Back Vecima Networks Q3 Profits - 05/14/2009





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