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Mae Kowalke is a TMCnet contributor. She is Manager of Stories at Neundorfer, Inc., a cleantech company in Northeast Ohio. Mae has more than 10 years experience in journalism, marketing and communications, and has a passion for new tech gadgets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

Latest Articles

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Six Tips for Better Sales Coaching - 08/06/2015
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Time to Adjust Your Telemarketing Practices - 07/28/2015
WebRTC Influencing Business Processes, Study Finds - 07/28/2015
Leading Companies Join the White House in Pledging to Be Model Energy Users - 07/28/2015
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The Road to the Paperless Office is Here - 07/06/2015
Roofer Feels the Pain with $22 Million Junk Fax Judgment - 07/02/2015
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HTML5 Game Development in an Hour? Yes - 06/30/2015
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Make a Move: Four Keys to Good Systems Migration - 06/25/2015
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Millennial Generation Raises the Stakes for Customer Engagement - 06/18/2015
Five Keys for Quality Management in the Contact Center - 06/18/2015
Is an End to Network Forecasting in Sight? - 06/18/2015
Is an End to Network Forecasting in Sight? - 06/18/2015
Even with Good Agents, Customer Service Takes the Whole Team - 06/18/2015
Microsoft Takes on Complex Software Licensing - 06/18/2015
ONT Easy Start Takes the Pain out of FTTH Installation - 06/15/2015
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Four Ways to Handle Licensing in a Virtualized Environment - 06/11/2015
Government and Industry Have Many Ways to Reduce Building Energy Use - 06/11/2015
Face Time Still Plays an Important Role for Banks and Other Firms - 06/11/2015
Google Offers Up Some Opportunities for Service Providers - 06/11/2015
NASA Tests Drone Tracking System with Verizon Cell Network - 06/11/2015
Wireless Unified Networks Blend Wi-Fi and Cellular for Better Connectivity and User Experience - 06/09/2015
Proposed FCC Rules Threaten Polling Data, Insiders Fear - 06/08/2015
New Service Lets Users Pay for Faxing with Bitcoin - 06/08/2015
Skype Is No Videoconferencing Replacement - 06/05/2015
Big Data Advances the Automotive Industry - 06/05/2015
Report: India Now the Third-Largest Internet Market - 06/05/2015
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21st Century 'Cures Act' Not a Cure for All Healthcare Legislation Woes - 05/22/2015
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IPv6 Migration Finds a Better Path with 464XLAT - 05/19/2015
Five Features That Make VoIP a Winner - 05/18/2015
SDN Might Keep Cloud Humming in Cyber Attacks - 05/15/2015
Storm Highlights Need for Proper Power Protection - 05/14/2015
Smart Building Tech Can Bring Big Energy Savings for Government and Industry - 05/14/2015
Winning at Customer Service Takes More Than Just Technology - 05/14/2015
Are You Sure Your Business Software is Legit? - 05/14/2015
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Network-Wide NFV Use Gives the Advantage to Cable MSOs: First of Two-part Series - 05/11/2015
Why FoIP Saves Businesses Money - 05/11/2015
Get Lync Voice and Video for Less Using WebRTC - 05/11/2015
Effective Dialing Can Make a Huge Difference in Call Success - 05/11/2015
Private Equity Shows the Value of the SaaS Model - 05/08/2015
Omni-Channel Support Only Works When You Know Your Customer - 05/07/2015
Better Licensing Optimization Comes from These Four Keys - 05/07/2015
The Customer Journey Requires Better Integration Between Support and Marketing - 05/07/2015
New App Could Spell Trouble for Telemarketers - 05/07/2015
Gmail Now Can Send Faxes, with Limitations - 05/07/2015
Three Steps for TDM migration to IP/MPLS - 05/04/2015
TCPA Compliance Violation App Makes it Easy to Report Poor Telemarketing Practices - 05/04/2015
SaaS: Raising the Bar on Customer Service - 05/01/2015
Auto IoT Offers Much Room for Monetization - 05/01/2015
OTT Embattles Indian Telecoms, Too - 05/01/2015
Mind Your VoIP Security - 05/01/2015
Customer Experience More Important Than Productivity in 2015? - 05/01/2015
KPIs are Not Enough - 05/01/2015
Your Fax Does More Than You Think - 04/29/2015
Four Reasons Your Business Should Use an Auto Dialer - 04/27/2015
Is WebRTC the Death of the Dedicated UC Client? - 04/24/2015
Three Steps to Creating a Winning Culture - 04/24/2015
Vonage Helps Businesses Get VoIP - 04/24/2015
Five Steps to Better Telemarketing - 04/24/2015
Sales Does Not Need to Be This Complex - 04/24/2015
Don't Underestimate the Role of the Team Leader - 04/24/2015
A Look at the Future of Cloud Services and Telecoms Roles - 04/21/2015
Going Paperless is Easier Than You Think - 04/20/2015
Making the Connection: Auto Dialers for Political Campaigns - 04/20/2015
IoT is Just an Extension of Zebra Tech's Core Asset Intelligence Biz - 04/17/2015
Mobile Devices are Building Demand for Self-Service Customer Service - 04/17/2015
The New Role for Video Conferencing in the Office - 04/17/2015
Does Your Call Center Support Mobile Chat? - 04/17/2015
Business VoIP Delivers a Needed Upgrade to the Office - 04/17/2015
Google Meetings? Maybe. - 04/17/2015
Balancing Scripting with the Human Touch - 04/15/2015
Tech Helps Generate New Sales Leads a Smarter Way - 04/14/2015
Three Paths to National Broadband - 04/13/2015
Illinois County Discovers the Benefits of FoIP - 04/13/2015
Teachable Moment: Telemarketing Suit Against Carnival Cruise Lines - 04/10/2015
Opportunities Abound for Operators Thanks to New IoT Service Offerings - 04/09/2015
Web-Scale Networking Paves the Way for SDN and NFV - 04/09/2015
Three VoIP Service Ideas for the Budding Entrepreneur - 04/09/2015
Blimpie Shows the Dangers of Over-Aggressive Faxing - 04/09/2015
Three Ways to Drive Agent Engagement - 04/09/2015
FTC: Use Auto Dialers, but Don't Abuse Them - 04/09/2015
Copper Theft Highlights Need for Better Backup Power - 04/09/2015
The Expanding Role of Data Center Interconnect - 04/07/2015
The Move to All Digital Networks Could be an Issue for Fax - 04/02/2015
Recent Lawsuit Serves as a Warning to Treat Customers Right - 04/02/2015
E-Book Helps with the Jump from SONET/SDH to Optical Transport Networks - 04/02/2015
Does Your Internal Employee Communications System Scale? - 04/02/2015
Five Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team - 04/02/2015
Not All Sales are Alike - and the Difference is Key - 04/02/2015

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