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Mae Kowalke is a TMCnet contributor. She is Manager of Stories at Neundorfer, Inc., a cleantech company in Northeast Ohio. Mae has more than 10 years experience in journalism, marketing and communications, and has a passion for new tech gadgets. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

Latest Articles

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Customers Wants Good Service, But Will They Pay for It? - 11/24/2015
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UAE Businesses Held Back by VoIP Regulatory Restrictions - 11/19/2015
Could a Fifth Telecom Start in the US? - 11/18/2015
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Looking at What Tech Delivers vs. How it Delivers - 11/17/2015
Making Smart Cities a Reality is an Achievable Goal - 11/16/2015
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Proper Data Use in the Contact Center is Harder than You Think - 11/12/2015
Calling is Still the Cornerstone of Business-Just Not That Analog Phone - 11/12/2015
Mind KPIs When Coaching Contact Center Agents - 11/12/2015
Network Virtualization Aids the Creation of Smart City Services - 11/12/2015
IoT a Boon to Data Centers, But Stress Sure to Follow - 11/05/2015
Business Videoconferencing Grows, Along With its Challenges - 11/05/2015
Making Sense of VoIP Call-Quality Differences - 11/04/2015
VXSuite Deal Shows Why Telarus is at the Top of Its Game - 11/04/2015
Runaway Blimp Took Down Power Lines During 'Great Escape' - 11/04/2015
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Sales Can Rise When You Speed up Employee Onboarding - 11/04/2015
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Outdated? Not Quite. Five Reasons to Use Fax in 2016 - 11/02/2015
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The Golden Age of Software Monetization - 10/29/2015
Make Sure Contact Center Agents Have the Training They Need - 10/29/2015
Keys for Business & Telecommuting - 10/28/2015
SynapseSense Makes Cooling Efficient - 10/28/2015
Data Centers Need to Make Adjustments for IoT Onslaught - 10/28/2015
Don't Leave Telecommuters in the Cold - 10/28/2015
Mixing IBM's Watson with Customer Service - 10/27/2015
SIP Trunking Explained - 10/26/2015
Workarounds Available for Weak Internet Marketing, Sales - 10/26/2015
Workarounds Available for Weak Internet Marketing, Sales - 10/26/2015
Canadian Cities Getting 'Up To Speed' Internet Connectivity - 10/22/2015
Report: Small Businesses Do VoIP Adoption Differently - 10/22/2015
University of Arkansas Learns the Value of Power Protection - 10/21/2015
Don't Forget the Role Trust and Respect Play in Company Success - 10/21/2015
Digital Communications Poses Greater Hacking Risks for Businesses - 10/21/2015
YANG or TOSCA for Data Modeling and Templating?-Use Both - 10/20/2015
Vplus Improves Upon VDSL2 Vectoring Technology - 10/19/2015
Convergence is at the Heart of the Future Airport Network - 10/19/2015
New Help at Hand for Security and the Audit Trail - 10/19/2015
Court Rules Roommates are Covered by TCPA Restrictions, Too - 10/19/2015
Court: Businesses No Longer Can Store EU Data in the US Automatically - 10/16/2015
White House: Employee Engagement Starts at the Top - 10/16/2015
SDN WAN Offers Promise for R&E Networks-If They Avoid Orchestration Headaches - 10/15/2015
Why the Best Leaders Show Some Vulnerability - 10/15/2015
Are You Measuring the Right Performance Indicators? - 10/15/2015
How to Check VoIP Call Performance - 10/15/2015
FCC Makes New Ruling Regarding the Transition to Fiber - 10/13/2015
Cable MSO Have an Advantage with Wi-Fi First-For Now - 10/12/2015
School District Learns Value of a Reliable Auto Dial Solution - 10/12/2015
On the Move? Four Ways to Better Work Remotely - 10/12/2015
Ready for the 'Evil Internet of Things'? - 10/08/2015
Telecoms: Ready for 500 New Service Launches per Year? - 10/07/2015
Telecoms Would Benefit from More Lead-Generation Outsourcing - 10/07/2015
The Carrier Switch to IP Infrastructure Could Shift the Industry - 10/07/2015
Five Keys When Selecting a Unified Communications System - 10/07/2015
Why You Still Need a Landline - 10/07/2015
A Duo of New Technologies Improve Upon Existing Traffic Engineering Options - 10/05/2015
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How Integrated Analytics Saved Sunny D $2 Million Per Year - 10/05/2015
Four Tips for Better Telemarketing Calling Campaigns - 10/05/2015
The Paperless Office: An Objective Within Reach - 10/05/2015
Four Ways to Harden SS7 Security - 09/30/2015
Making Sense of VoIP Lingo - 09/29/2015
New Zealand Solutions Provider Shows Why VoIP is the SMB's Friend - 09/29/2015
Canadian Businesses Discover the Benefits of VoIP - 09/29/2015
Four Tools to Get Your Business Rolling - 09/29/2015
The Move to All-IP Poses Security Challenges for SS7 - 09/29/2015
Making a Better Connected Service Vehicle: Second of Two-Part Series - 09/28/2015
Lesson Learned: Spam-Faxing Comes at a Price - 09/28/2015
'Scrubbers' Can Help Avoid Cell Phones in Calling Campaigns - 09/28/2015
Revolutionary Tech Change is Exciting. Reality, Not so Much - 09/25/2015
Hosted VoIP a Winner for NZ Resellers - 09/24/2015
Hosted Solutions Make it Easy to Discover the Auto Dialer Value Proposition - 09/24/2015
Getting Telecommuting Done Right - 09/24/2015
Government Data Center Consolidation Initiative Making Gains, But Not Enough - 09/24/2015
Small Businesses Can Use Telecommuting to Their Advantage - 09/23/2015
Silos Hinder Omni-Channel Adoption - 09/23/2015
Contact Center Use Growing in UK But Cost is an Issue - 09/23/2015
Making a Better Connected Service Vehicle: First in Two-part Series - 09/21/2015
Wi-Fi Calling Heating Up in the UK - 09/18/2015
How Integrated Customer Support Software Helps B2B - 09/17/2015
Mobility Serves as a Natural Defense Against Disasters - 09/17/2015
Why You Should Avoid a Software Audit Like the Plague - 09/17/2015
WhisperText Case Shows Sanity Prevails Regarding TCPA Violations - 09/17/2015
Mobile Network Malware Increasingly Coming from Windows Machines - 09/16/2015
FCC Gives 'Junk Fax' Waiver to 117 Marketers - 09/16/2015
Signaling More Efficient and Less of Battery Drain on iPhones, Study Finds - 09/15/2015
Fax ATA Keeps Legacy Equipment Going Strong - 09/10/2015
Hosted Solutions Don't Make Sense for Auto-Dialer Software - 09/10/2015
MEF's New E-Access Definition Helps with Off-Net Ethernet Service Connectivity - 09/10/2015
Young Workers Expect Telecommute Options - 09/10/2015
Forget 4K-Are You Ready for 8K Video? - 09/10/2015
A2P Text Messaging on the Rise - 09/10/2015
Telecommuting is Not Just for Moms and Millennials - 09/10/2015
Is Voice Finally Getting the Innovation It Deserves? - 09/09/2015
The Need for Next Generation OSS when Transforming Networks via NFV - 09/08/2015
Location-Based Services Slated for 22.5 Percent Growth Through 2020 - 09/08/2015
The Third Iteration of Customer Service - 09/04/2015
Upcoming Seminar Helps Businesses Get Running with Skype for Business - 09/04/2015
New API Helps with Network Mashups - 09/04/2015
Dubsmash a Hit with Consumers and Investors Alike - 09/04/2015
Kardashian Launching New Group Chat App - 09/04/2015
Spam and the Fax Machine Just Can't Get Respect - 09/01/2015
Court Gives Indication of How New TCPA Guidelines Might be Interpreted - 09/01/2015
What to Expect with 5G Mobile Networks - 08/31/2015
Twitter Beefs Up its News Discovery Functionality - 08/31/2015
Six Telephone Etiquette Mistakes in 2015 - 08/27/2015
Customers Getting Fed Up Over Complex Enterprise Licensing Schemes - 08/27/2015
Protocol Matters When it Comes to FoIP - 08/26/2015
Opposition Mounts against TCPA Rules Clarification - 08/26/2015
Which Help Desk Software to Choose? - 08/25/2015
The Travel Industry is Crash and Burn When it Comes to Customer Care - 08/25/2015
GSMA Tackles Specification for Low-Power IoT Devices - 08/25/2015
SIP Trunking and Disaster Recovery - 08/25/2015
Small Cells Innovation: Keeping Up with Network Capacity Demands - 08/25/2015
Smarter Temperature Systems Help Data Centers Drive More Efficiency - 08/25/2015
The Customer Service Opportunity We Haven't Yet Seized - 08/24/2015
How to Support the Frazzled B2B Customer - 08/20/2015
Centralize Healthcare Scheduling-Do it Right - 08/20/2015
Serving Customers Better with Bad IVR? - 08/20/2015
The Difference Between Good and Bad Self-Serve Customer Support - 08/20/2015
Business Phone Systems Don't Need to be Complex - 08/20/2015
The Pros and Cons of the Major IoT Communications Protocols - 08/20/2015
Electropop Band Gets Creative with Fax - 08/18/2015
Polling Industry: New TCPA Regulations are Unfair - 08/18/2015
Sub-Brands and International Roaming Can Spur Prepaid Mobile Expansion - 08/17/2015
LTE Greatly Boosts Mobile Device Data Use, New Research Finds - 08/17/2015
Real-Time Communications Is More Than Just a Business Buzzword - 08/13/2015
Internet of Things is an Opportunity for UC Firms - 08/13/2015
Service Orchestration Can Help SDN and NFV Fulfill Their Promise - 08/12/2015
What Telecoms Must Change to Avoid Disruption - 08/12/2015
New FCC Rules Set Telecom Requirements for the Move to IP Infrastructure - 08/12/2015
Call Accounting is a Key Component of a Good Enterprise Communications Plan - 08/12/2015
Is Healthcare IT Still Not Up to Snuff? - 08/10/2015
Update: Fax Petition Campaign Flooding Congress - 08/10/2015
FCC Chairman: Random Polling over Wireless Not Advisable - 08/10/2015
Does On-Premise VoIP Still Have a Future? - 08/07/2015
US Army Uses UC, VoIP for More Robust Communications - 08/07/2015
Has Big Data Gotten Out of Hand? - 08/06/2015
Six Tips for Better Sales Coaching - 08/06/2015
Are You Leading or Falling Behind in the Data Race? - 08/06/2015
Lightning, Blackouts Aren't the Only Electrical Issues that Hurt Computing Equipment - 08/06/2015
Virtual Residential Gateways Offer a Lot to Operators - 08/04/2015
What is New with Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) - 08/04/2015
Microsoft Mashes Up Email and Chat New 'Send' App - 08/04/2015
The Perils of Homegrown Licensing Solutions with IoT - 08/03/2015
Auto Dialers Have Evolved to be More Than Just Technology - 08/03/2015
Fax Over IP: No Paper, Better Security - 08/03/2015
Activists Fight Cyber Security Bill with FoIP - 07/29/2015
Mobile Devices Could Usher in a Healthcare Revolution by 2018 - 07/28/2015
New Air-to-Ground 4G LTE System Could Put Ultra-Broadband in the Skies - 07/28/2015
Time to Adjust Your Telemarketing Practices - 07/28/2015
WebRTC Influencing Business Processes, Study Finds - 07/28/2015
Leading Companies Join the White House in Pledging to Be Model Energy Users - 07/28/2015
One Advantage of Subscription Licensing: Less Chance of a Software Audit - 07/28/2015
Business VoIP Makes the Most Sense for Startups - 07/28/2015
Oracle Gets Tough with Customers to Prod Them to the Cloud - 07/27/2015
India Takes Aim at OTT VoIP Providers - 07/23/2015
Is Your Business Still Drowning in Data? - 07/23/2015
Making Sense of the Relationship Between VoIP and SIP - 07/22/2015
California City Trashed by Massive Power Outage - 07/22/2015
Study Looks at the State of Telecom in the Caribbean - 07/22/2015
UC Legal Issues Not Taken Seriously Enough - 07/22/2015
Need To Justify an Auto Dialer? Here Are Four Good Reasons - 07/21/2015
Will Digital Banking Kill the Branch Bank? - 07/20/2015
Cautionary Tale: Lost Fax Costs Single Mom Plenty - 07/20/2015
Time Warner Cable Ruling Puts the New TCPA Clarification into Practice - 07/16/2015
Are You Ready to Ditch Your Laptop Yet? - 07/15/2015
Don't Jump Into Subscription-Based Licensing Too Fast - 07/15/2015
Why VoC Must be Embraced by All Parts of a Business - 07/15/2015
The Internet of Things is a Boon for Cloud Contact Center - 07/15/2015
The Basics of Workforce Management - 07/15/2015
Cloud the Raising Bar for Customer Service - 07/15/2015
Prepaid Mobile Growth Poses Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. Mobile Operators - 07/14/2015
Phone Support No Longer Enough, Study Finds - 07/13/2015
Polycom Acoustic Fence Keeps Background Noise Out - 07/13/2015
Is it Time for Telecom APIs? - 07/13/2015
Networked Businesses Need to Seriously Consider Security - 07/10/2015
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