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Michelle Amodio is a TMCnet contributor. She has written about companies and groups in several industries, but her main focus is on the technology sector. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

Latest Articles

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Protect Your Power … From Vandalism? - 03/04/2015
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Embracing the Remote Era - 02/20/2015
Security, Cloud-Hosted PBX a Focus for UniVoIP's Latest Announcement - 02/20/2015
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Session Border Controllers for Call Center Development, Performance - 02/20/2015
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VoIP, Hosted VoIP Means Businesses Can Really Connect - 02/12/2015
Report: Cloud-as-a-Service Is An Emerging Market, Full of Innovation - 02/12/2015
Call Accounting: Who Foots the Bill for BYOD Employees? - 02/12/2015
Analysis: Diameter Signaling Control Market On the Rise - 02/12/2015
Making IVR Safer for Phone Payments - 02/12/2015
Run a Business? Then You Need These Technologies - 02/12/2015
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Predictive Analytics and the Super Bowl: It's Real - 02/06/2015
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Cloud and VoIP Make Call Recording Shine - 02/05/2015
Ye Olde Landline's Days are Numbered - 02/05/2015
Improve Employee Engagement; Your Business Depends on It - 02/05/2015
Power Outages Aren't Just a Winter Thing - 02/05/2015
Sales 101: Effectively Marketing as an SMB - 02/05/2015
What is Your ROI of CRM? - 01/30/2015
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Marketing Surveys Don't Necessarily Indicate Mobile Intentions - 01/29/2015
Customer Service Winning: Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business with You - 01/29/2015
VoIP Is Good for Your Health(care) - 01/26/2015
Swisscom Taps Crealog for Mobile Call Recording - 01/23/2015
Using CAL for Software License Management - 01/23/2015
Make VoIP Technology the Hub of Your 2015 Business Goals - 01/23/2015
Millennials: Get To Know Thy Demographic - 01/23/2015
Take a Lesson or Two from Hyper-startups - 01/22/2015
Healthcare Industry Requires Proper Data Management for Optimal Analytics - 01/22/2015
IVRs Need to Get With the Times - 01/22/2015
Go Beyond Phone Calls for Sales Success - 01/22/2015
New Zealand on Telehealth Radar - 01/22/2015
Global Logistics Companies Set Sights on Turkey - 01/19/2015
Winter Storm Warnings Remind Us to be Power-Conscious - 01/19/2015
Want To Get Ahead? Take a Look in the Rearview Mirror - 01/19/2015
New York State Enters the Age of Telehealth - 01/19/2015
Data Center Colocation, Managed Hosting Services on Analysts' Radar - 01/16/2015
Telecom Firms Putting the Gloves On For Net Neutrality - 01/16/2015
Law Firm Sees Call Center Boost with Software, Predictive Dialing - 01/16/2015
Caveat: Don't Let Sales Tools Replace the Human Element - 01/16/2015
Sales Resolutions You Should Make for the New Year - 01/15/2015
Don't Just Hire Good Employees; Retain Them - 01/14/2015
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Centerity Simplifies IT Network Monitoring - 01/08/2015
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dog hunter Brings IoT, Open Source Software Together - 01/08/2015
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Why Companies Should Still Invest in Monitoring and IVR - 12/31/2014
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Voice Biometrics Can Help with Call Center Fraud - 12/18/2014
Who Will Win When It Comes to Free VoIP Calling Services? - 12/18/2014
What Is 'True' Mobility? - 12/18/2014
Ovum: 2015 Is All About IoT, Cloud, and Mobility - 12/18/2014
Traditional Telecom Gets Cloud Takeover In the New Year - 12/18/2014
Survey: Automated Patient Follow-Up Calls Cheaper Than Humans - 12/18/2014
Career Development: Is It a Crucial Step Toward Employee Engagement? - 12/17/2014
Collecting Data Doesn't Have to Be a Privacy Issue - 12/16/2014
VoIP Security Refresher: What Your Business Needs to Know Before 2015 - 12/12/2014
Why SaaS is the Future of Customer Support Software - 12/12/2014
VoIP Security Issues Raise Concerns for IT Execs - 12/12/2014
What the TCPA Means For Refill-Prescription Calls with HIPAA - 12/11/2014
Target Your Content Appropriately and Leads May Follow - 12/11/2014
Blogging for Sales? Here's How It Can Work - 12/11/2014
With IoT Gaining Momentum, We Have Other Technologies to Thank - 12/10/2014
Customer Satisfaction Takes Its Biggest Drop in 20 Years - 12/05/2014
Survey Says SaaS is 'Mission Critical' - 12/05/2014
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US Commerce Dept Updates Ukraine Export Controls, Software Licensing - 11/26/2014
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Help Your Call Center Go Beyond the Border - 11/21/2014
The Phone Call is Slowly Going the Way of the Written Letter - 11/20/2014
UCaaS Market to Reach $5.3B by 2018 - 11/19/2014
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Find 'The One' VoIP Provider That's Right For You - 11/19/2014
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Canadian Telecom Expense Co. Gets Accolades for Employment Practices - 11/17/2014
Are You a Small Business? Ditch the Landline, Go Wireless - 11/14/2014
When the Customer Experience is Overwhelming - 11/14/2014
New Jersey Helpline Emphasizes That Support is Just a Call Away - 11/13/2014
Virtual PBX Means Remote Workers Can Still Be Present - 11/13/2014
Veterans Health Administration Addresses Call Recording and Privacy - 11/13/2014
Partnership Combines Two Technologies for Optimal Security - 11/13/2014
Workforce Recovery After Downturn Brings Familiar Problems - 11/11/2014
Pegasystems Adds Co-Browsing Technology to Its Customer Service App - 11/07/2014
Comcast Modem Causes Traffic Jam for Telecommuters - 11/07/2014
Doing More with Less: What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure? - 11/07/2014
FCC Weighs in on New Rules as All-IP is Imminent - 11/07/2014
Why Security is a Big Deal When it Comes to VoIP - 11/06/2014
ISI Talks Call Accounting, Real Solutions - 11/06/2014
Sales Coaches -- Not Managers -- Can Make the Difference - 11/04/2014
Pollsters: IVR Polling Becoming a Challenge - 11/03/2014
The Cloud Gives Workforce Management a Needed Boost - 11/03/2014
Customer Support Software Tools Offer the Best Customer Experience - 10/30/2014
Fingerlakes Technology Group Increases Revenue, Thanks to Calix - 10/30/2014
Private or Hosted VoIP: Which is Right for Your Business? - 10/30/2014
Can Using a Hosted Softswitch Improve Voice Quality? - 10/30/2014
Autodialers &, VoIP Lines Are a Gray Area for TCPA - 10/30/2014
In the Thick of Hurricane Season, Power Protection Is a Must - 10/29/2014
A Customer-centric Universe for Customer Service - 10/29/2014
Reducing Stress for the Health of Employees and the Company - 10/29/2014
UC, Hosted Phone Systems Play Integral Role in Business Collaboration - 10/24/2014
Need Some In-house Market Research? Check Your Contact Center - 10/23/2014
Customer Support Software Should Actually Be About the Customer - 10/23/2014
Why Social Media Automation is Bad for Your Customer Service - 10/23/2014
Good Customer Experience = Economic Success - 10/23/2014
Brace Yourselves: The Holidays are Coming - 10/23/2014
How to Motivate Your Seasonal Help This Year - 10/23/2014
How IVR Helped One Website Dramatically Boost Performance - 10/23/2014
Smart Call-Routing Can Lead to Sales - 10/20/2014
SolidFire Raises $82M for Flash Memory Expansion - 10/20/2014
'Privacy Crisis Report' Highlights Why Employees Disengage - 10/20/2014
IP Telephony, UCC Seen as Growth Drivers: Analysis - 10/20/2014
Genesys Embarks on a Revolution - 10/17/2014
Power Outage Leads to Spoiled Cake - 10/17/2014
Don't Let Sales Opportunities Slip By You - 10/16/2014
White Paper Findings Highlight HR Topics, Including Workforce Optimization - 10/16/2014
Nielsen Gets Its Own High Ratings with Employee Engagement - 10/13/2014
Mobile Technology Boosts Buying and Selling in Real Estate - 10/10/2014
Report: Mobile Phone Recording Can Boost Profits - 10/09/2014
State of the Industry Report Highlights Telecom Expense Management - 10/09/2014
Trade Group Wants FCC to Get With the Times - 10/09/2014
File Under Beneficial to Business: Go Hosted for Voice Services - 10/09/2014
Heads-Up: The Cloud Is Here to Stay - 10/09/2014
Young Call Center Workers Encouraged To Finish Studies - 10/08/2014
Deploying SIP Trunking Helps Enterprises Save Big - 10/08/2014
Why A Public Knowledge Base is a Good Idea for Customer Support - 10/08/2014
REVE Systems Latest Version of iTel Switch Plus Helps Entrepreneurs Grow As Carriers - 10/03/2014
ZYCOO Makes Its Presence Known in Turkey - 10/02/2014
VoIP Services Get a Boost, Thanks to SIP Trunking - 10/02/2014
Maintaining the Omni-channel Customer Experience with Cloud Resources - 10/02/2014
Value Added Resellers Can Help Navigate Confusing Technological Landscape - 10/02/2014
Business VoIP Takes Care of the Health Insurance Industry - 10/01/2014
Flexera Highlights Need for Software Licensing - 10/01/2014
D2 Technologies Showcases Its RCS VoLTE Solution - 10/01/2014
Stay In Contact With Remote Agents Thanks to Virtual Technology - 10/01/2014
Evaluations Aren't Just for Employees. How Is Your Call Accounting? - 10/01/2014
Poor Service Over the Phone Means Lost Customers - 09/26/2014
Good Customer Experience Starts with the Employee - 09/26/2014
Businesses in Canada Increasingly Adopting VoIP - 09/26/2014
Report: M2M Leads Over RFID, Barcodes for Supply Chain Info - 09/26/2014
Study: Consumer Confidence Needs More in Banking Sector - 09/26/2014





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