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Michelle Amodio is a TMCnet contributor. She has written about companies and groups in several industries, but her main focus is on the technology sector. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

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Texas Storm Leaves Many in the Dark - 08/01/2014
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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Threatens Some Lead Generation - 07/03/2014
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Comings & Goings: Tech Execs on the Move - 05/23/2014
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Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse When It Comes to Lead Generation - 05/21/2014
Power Outage Spells Uncertainty for Notre Dame Graduation Weekend - 05/21/2014
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Video Managed Services Brings Geographically Dispersed Staff, Clients Together - 04/14/2014
Comings & Goings: Tech Execs on the Move - 04/12/2014
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Software Piracy Moving Up on the Priority List in US - 04/10/2014
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IP Phones, Multimedia Increase School Communication with First Responders - 04/10/2014
Test Management: Integral for Geographically Dispersed Workforces - 04/10/2014
In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion: Wacky Spring Weather Emphasizes Power Protection - 04/09/2014
Collaboration, Not Chaos: Tone's IAUG Event To Address Lync UC Integration - 04/04/2014
Call Tracking, Like Call Recording, Can Uncover Answers to Common Business Questions - 04/04/2014
Happy Customers Start With Happy Agents - 04/04/2014
Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience - 04/04/2014
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Mojo Marketing Gives Mojo to Telecom, IT and Cloud Industries - 04/01/2014
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