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Aniwaa is leading the additive manufacturing industry into an affordable and completely customizable service

6/3/2020 2:24:15 PM

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has not only revolutionized how offices function, but also how they are built, with whole company bases …

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Keep Yourself Protected: The Essentials Of Online Security That Every Person Should Adopt

6/3/2020 2:18:09 PM

With the onset of a global internet revolution, the time we spend in the online realm in unprecedented. From surfing our favorite blog sites to consuming i…

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4 Benefits of Transitioning to Virtual Data Rooms

6/3/2020 2:12:15 PM

If your company is still functioning in the old school way and has rooms filled with file cabinets, then it is time for you to consider transitioning to vi…

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Business Spotlight: Bo Parfet, Founder of Denali Venture Philanthropy

6/3/2020 1:58:17 PM

Bo Parfet is an executive-level professional dedicated to "impact investments." He fuses his love of business with his desire to foster positive global cha…

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Samsung and Xilinx Partner for 5G Commercial Deployments

6/3/2020 1:42:58 PM

Samsung Electronics Company and Xilinx, Inc., which is the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, are partnering together.

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CoreKinect and Sequans Create Location Monitoring Solution

6/3/2020 1:14:35 PM

Sequans Communications and CoreKinect have together created Zenith, a new line of asset trackers connected by Sequans' Monarch GM01Q module.

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Technology Needed to Keep Your Business Safe in 2020

6/3/2020 12:35:19 PM

Modern business owners have far more to worry about than their predecessors. With the prevalence of cybercrime on the rise, they need to worry about defend…

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Constantly tracking anything, anywhere

6/3/2020 12:12:37 PM

Not only does the IoT herald in greater visibility of production asset effectiveness, improve operational efficiencies, and facilitate more informed decisi…

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Doximity Dialer Video Bridging Telemedicine Divide

6/2/2020 6:17:47 PM

Telemedicine may finally be seeing some time in the sun. The up-and-coming technology is cutting its teeth courtesy of COVID-19, and is proving it is here …

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Schneider Electric Launches New Services to Manage Distributed IT

6/2/2020 3:56:04 PM

Schneider Electric has launched a suite of Monitoring & Dispatch Services to enable IT solution providers and end users to optimize resources, improve effi…

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CEO Interview: Cloud of Things Grants Wishes with Genie

6/2/2020 3:43:37 PM

From the Israeli Army to the Bank of Israel to IoT Company, CEO sets sights on software.

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SkySwitch Goes into Try Before You Buy Mode with Grandstream Phones

6/2/2020 3:25:59 PM

SkySwitch's Try and Buy program is allowing its MSPs and resellers to demo Grandstream phones so they can better include them with their UCaaS solutions.

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Object Management Group Forms Digital Twin Consortium

6/2/2020 2:57:22 PM

Founding companies include Ansys, Dell Technologies, Lendlease, and Microsoft

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Frontier Shifts Focus to Hurricane Season

6/2/2020 2:46:36 PM

Phone and Internet provider Frontier Communications is reminding companies to prepare for an Atlantic hurricane season which the National Weather Service p…

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OfficeSuite UC Contact Center Receives Live Chat Addition

6/2/2020 2:09:39 PM

Windstream Enterprises announced new live chat functionality for the OfficeSuite UC Contact Center Services (CCS) adding another arrow in the quiver for ag…

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Connected Rail: Brazil's Largest Logistics Company Leverages Satellite

6/2/2020 1:40:42 PM

The growth of satellites for IoT is being driven by new applications, including those which make rail safer and more efficient, despite the deficient cover…

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Aeris Joins 5G Open Innovation Lab as a Technology Partner

6/2/2020 1:21:36 PM

Aeris will provide IoT technical consulting to Seattle-based Lab to support 5G-related app development

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Plug and Play Grows in Popularity on the Azure IoT Marketplace

6/2/2020 1:13:37 PM

Microsoft Azure is becoming increasingly popular among IoT developers as a platform for creating then scaling new applications.

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Contact Tracing Available on Identiv Platform

6/2/2020 1:07:00 PM

Identiv has made available Hirsch Velocity Software with Contact Tracing via free download for Hirsch customers in order to support worldwide office re-ope…

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ARM Technology Delivers On-Device IoT Intelligence

6/2/2020 12:49:07 PM

Arm Technology has introduced an addition to its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, including ML IP, the Arm Cortex-M55 processor and Arm Ethos-U55 NPU…

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NFC Forum Adopts Bi-directional Communication Between Smartphones and IoT Devices

6/2/2020 12:39:06 PM

The NFC Forum announced that it approved and adopted the Tag NFC Data Exchange Format Exchange Protocol Specification and a version of the Connection Hando…

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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Vape Battery Won't Explode

6/2/2020 12:08:31 PM

Cigarettes cause a disturbing number of fires each year. The statistics amount to thousands of yearly fires that directly cause hundreds of deaths. In comp…

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Steven Belmont Explains How Technology is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Investment World

6/2/2020 12:01:14 PM

"There's an app for that!" is something we can say for nearly anything nowadays. No taxis in sight? Use Uber. Hotels fully booked? Check out Airbnb. Workin…

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How Can Providers Capitalize on the Demand for UCaaS During COVID-19?

6/2/2020 11:29:14 AM

COVID-19 created a demand for UCaaS. How can providers take advantage amid so much continued uncertainty?

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Conversational Analytics - The Secret to Exceptional First Call Resolution & Outstanding Customer Experiences

6/2/2020 10:35:09 AM

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba once advised,?"Forget about your competitors, just focus on your customers".?As the statistics highlight dissatisfied customers…

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With The Explosion in Remote Working, Verizon's Annual DBIR Is More Interesting Than Ever

6/2/2020 10:00:56 AM

We look forward to Verizon's increasingly epic Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) each year, because each year the reports go deeper and spot new tre…

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Technology Key to a Successful Permanent Remote Workforce

6/1/2020 3:33:15 PM

Having a comprehensive technology plan in place will be integral to establishing a permanent remote workforce in the post COVID-19 world.

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Quanergy Teams with Milexia for AI-driven LiDAR Solutions in EU Markets

6/1/2020 3:15:17 PM

Quanergy has partnered with Milexia to deliver AI-based LiDAR solutions to European organizations.

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The Rise of Big Tech

6/1/2020 2:06:48 PM

The last few decades have seen a pronounced shift in power to a collection of firms which began life relatively recently, but whose rise to global dominanc…

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How To Reinvent Your Go-To-Market Strategy In COVID-19

6/1/2020 1:51:12 PM

We all know that a good marketing strategy is important to the development and success of the brand. Additional planning is essential for companies looking…

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Setting Work and Home Life Boundaries to Avoid Employee Burnout

6/1/2020 1:46:59 PM

Millions of workers have been forced to work remotely to combat the effects of COVID-19. Remote work has many benefits, but can also easily lead to employe…

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How Healthcare Tech Can Benefit Hospitals in the New Normal

6/1/2020 1:43:37 PM

The coronavirus pandemic poses a significant threat to healthcare systems across the globe. As researchers race against time to develop a vaccine to combat…

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Problems Businesses Face Today is Not How to Come by Data But Making Meaningful Insights Out of it

6/1/2020 1:38:47 PM

It is only when you have the correct and relevant data that you can start talking about Business intelligence (BI). If what you have is crappy data you can…

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Major U.S. Tech Companies to Allow Remote Work Beyond COVID-19

6/1/2020 1:29:35 PM

Many major U.S. tech companies have announced plans to allow some or most of their employees to continue to work remotely after the effects of COVID-19 sub…

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The Amazing Benefits of Managed Print Services To Your Business

6/1/2020 1:28:33 PM

Managed print services are programs which are offered from printing providers who look to help by managing devices such as printers, faxes, copiers and sca…

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Hidden TechnologyBenefits of Detecting Fake IDs for Business

6/1/2020 1:22:06 PM

The increasing threat of identity theft makes it essential for companies to invest in the latest technology. Nowadays, numerous types of identification dev…

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5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Video Editing Process

6/1/2020 1:16:58 PM

Video editing is a fast-paced trade where every second count. For astute professionals, the trick is to keep finding the best techniques to save every minu…

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Rapid Prototyping Service - How to be More Productive?

6/1/2020 1:09:52 PM

In an era where quick gratification is the norm with little attention being paid to following a process, here is a look at some practices that will truly h…

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Unlock Digital Transformation Potential with SDTN Technology

6/1/2020 11:56:07 AM

In life there are very few things, if anything at all that are a "sure thing" - even that filly in the 3rd race. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly put…

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Michigan State University Hacked, Likely by the new Ransomware Affiliate program we Reported on

6/1/2020 9:32:05 AM

Michigan State University Hacked, Likely by the new Ransomware Affiliate program we Reported on

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5 Tips That Will Help You to Succeed in Cryptocurrency Trading

5/29/2020 4:28:41 PM

If you read this article, it will probably mean that you are interested in crypto trading or even did some steps to be successful. And I am glad if you …

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Why a VPN is more important than ever before

5/29/2020 4:24:47 PM

VPN is a fantastic tool to protect your privacy because, in this era of hacking and data leakage, it will be risky to go online without security as anyone …

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Allegheny County 911 Call Center Staff and Union At Odds with Management Over COVID Protections

5/29/2020 4:12:21 PM

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting this week that the union representing emergency dispatch call center personnel is formally accusing Allegheny Coun…

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IoT Time Podcast S.5 Ep.19 Great Lakes Water Authority

5/29/2020 3:55:07 PM

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Ali Abdallah, Engineer and Infrastructure Manager at the Great Lakes Water Authority, to t…

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Ensure Digital Transformation Success with SDTNs

5/29/2020 3:47:12 PM

COVID-19 is certainly accelerating digital transformation initiatives, forcing organizations to support WFH and all that entails. This mass cloud migration…

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The ever-growing casino industry: technologies and trends that are reshaping the market

5/29/2020 3:31:24 PM

The global gambling market, which covers casinos, sports betting, lotteries and other forms of gambling, is expected to reach $565.4 billion by 2022, growi…

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The Best IT Operations Analytics Use Cases To Implement Now

5/29/2020 3:23:10 PM

There are several IT operations analytics use cases that administrators can implement to boost efficiency. The top IT analytical use cases streamline netwo…

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Top 9 Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof your Home

5/29/2020 3:14:46 PM

Burglary is one of the oldest crimes in the world. So bad, it is still as prevalent today like it was in the earlier days. Theft is responsible for the los…

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How Technology Is Changing The Sports Industry

5/29/2020 3:08:25 PM

Technology is slowly but surely changing every single aspect of our lives. From the way we travel and the way we take care of our health, to how we are ent…

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How does translation help you sell your electronic equipment and win in local markets?

5/29/2020 2:59:02 PM

The world market for electrical, electronic equipment and components is highly competitive, and things are expected to get even tighter in the future. As m…

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