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This is the twenty-third year Customer Interaction Solutions magazine brings you its “Top 50” Teleservices Agency Ranking. In this issue, we’re presenting the “Top 50” inbound portion of the ranking. (The outbound portion of the ranking was highlighted in the March 2008 issue.) Since its inception in 1986, our “Top 50” ranking has been used as the benchmark for choosing large-capacity/sized teleservices agencies.

Ranking Basis
Since the basis of our ranking is company size, Customer Interaction Solutions uses a measurable, third-party-verifiable aspect of teleservices to arrive at our list of the “Top 50” agencies: the number of minutes each agency was billed by each of its phone companies for telephone service for 12 months, encompassing November 2006 through October 2007. We have found this to be an accurate and reliable reflection of the amount of teleservices each agency does, and therefore, provides a true reflection of its size.

Qualification Criteria
To qualify for inclusion in this year’s “Top 50,” the agencies had to answer a questionnaire detailing the nature of their business and listing their number of billable minutes between November 2006 and October 2007. The questionnaire had to be verified with the signature of each agency’s president/CEO. In addition, each agency had to submit a letter of verification from each of its telephone service providers certifying the number of minutes for which it billed the agency during the designated period. (Our sincere gratitude is extended to all the carriers for their thorough and expeditious provision of these data.)

Agencies that did not supply this third-party verification were disqualified, with the exception of three circumstances: 1) a client of the service agency was billed directly for its telephone service and would not provide a letter of verification for anonymity reasons; 2) part of the billable minutes were with a foreign telecommunications carrier that could not provide the data by the deadline; 3) legitimate business situations prevented an agency from obtaining verification from certain of its carriers or a certain carrier. For each of these circumstances, we required a letter of explanation and signed verification of billable minutes pertaining to the explanation from the president/CEO of the agency. You will find an asterisk next to the name of all “Top 50” agencies that supplied a portion of their verification from their president/CEO due to one of the three circumstances identified above.

In all cases, from the questionnaires to the letters of verification, the agencies were warned that should falsification be detected, they would be disqualified from this and all future “Top 50” rankings. And indeed, Customer Interaction Solutions magazine’s editorial staff carefully verified calculations, discrepancies and other aspects of the supplied information to ensure that this ranking is of true value to you.

Understanding The Listings
As you read through the following list of “Top 50” agencies, you will notice that we have provided a numerical ranking of 1 through 35 (1 being the largest), but have not revealed the number of billable minutes used to arrive at this ordering. This was done out of respect for the confidential nature of this information to the many agencies included here that are privately held corporations. This year, only 35 companies met our minimum number of billable minutes to be ranked in the U.S. domestic inbound “Top 50.” Seventeen companies met the minimum criteria to be included in the international category.

You will notice that the “Top 50” inbound has been divided into three categories: A, B, C and D. Category A is composed of U.S. service agencies whose primary business function is provision of telemarketing services for outside firms. If you are considering an international teleservices campaign, Category B consists of international teleservices agencies. Again this year we have separated out all international teleservices done by U.S. agencies and ranked those companies’ international minutes in the International category, Category B. Domestic companies that are also ranked in the International category are marked with a dagger (†) in their domestic ranking.

Category C, which was introduced in 1998, is comprised of companies that provide purely interactive inbound services (no live operators). We added this category to reflect the growing demand for such interactive inbound services. Companies that are in the Domestic and International categories that are also ranked in the Interactive category are marked with a double dagger (‡) in their Domestic and International rankings.

Finally, Category D is the list of Top 50 Global Performers, which ranks companies according to their aggregate outbound, inbound, interactive inbound and domestic and international minutes.

We hope you will use this “Top 50” feature, both inbound and outbound portions, for your outsourcing needs throughout the year, and be sure to tell the companies you found them in Customer Interaction Solutions.
Companies with enhanced listing are regular advertisers in Customer Interaction Solutions.

1. Teleperformance USA † ‡

2. Sitel * † ‡

3. Americall Group Inc. (a Teleperformance company) *

4. ICT Group, Inc. * † ‡

5. APAC Customer Services, Inc. * † ‡

6. Telvista † ‡

7. NCO Customer Management Inc. * †

8. eTelecare Global Solutions * † ‡
Ph: 480-477-1200; Fx: 480-477-1279
Year began providing teleservices: 1999
Size of projects accepted: 100,000 minimum Type of calling: B-to-B: 8.5%; B-to-C: 91.5% Outbound: 9.9%; Inbound: 90.1% Specialization: customer care, sales and technical support

9. GC Services Limited Partnership * ‡

10. AFFINA - An HTMT Global Solutions Company *

11. The Connection * ‡

12. TCIM Services, Inc. *

13. Protocol Services, Inc. * †

14. InfoCision Management Corp.
Ph: 330-668-1400; Fx: 330-668-1401
Year began providing teleservices: 1982
Size of projects accepted: Minimum 500 hours Type of calling: B-to-B: 10%; B-to-C: 90% Outbound: 75%; Inbound: 25%
Specialization: political, non-profit and religious fundraising; product/service sales and customer care; volunteer recruitment

15. Telerx * ‡

16. DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.

17. Cross Country Automotive Services † ‡

18 . Charlton

19. Alta Resources * ‡

20. American Customer Care, Inc.
Ph: 860-267-0686; Fx: 800-267-0846
Year began providing teleservices: 1986
Type of calling: B-to-B: 57%; B-to-C: 43%
Outbound: 57%; Inbound: 43%
Specialization: Customer service and help desk, outbound b-to-b and complete interaction management

21. O’Currance

22. USA 800, Inc. *

23. Synergy Solutions, Inc. *

24. Hamilton Contact Center Services

25. NOVO1, Inc.

26. FFP Global, Inc. *

27. Archway Marketing Services †

28. AnswerNet Network

29. Power Direct, Inc.

30. L-3 Microdyne Outsourcing Inc. *

31. InService America

32. OKS Ameridial Inc.

33. Influent Inc. †

34. VXI Global Solutions † ‡

35. Millennium Teleservices

1. Intelenet Global Services * ‡

2. Teleperformance ‡
Ph: +33 1 55 76 40 80; Fx: +33 1 55 76 40 81
Year began providing teleservices: 1978 Size of projects accepted: varies
Type of calling: B-to-B: 20%; B-to-C: 80% Specialization: Outsourced CRM services, debt collection, technical support

3. Sitel * ‡

4. Teleperformance USA (a Teleperformance company) ‡

5. NCO Group *

6. eTelecare Global Solutions * ‡
Ph: 480-477-1200; Fx: 480-477-1279
Year began providing teleservices: 1999
Size of projects accepted: 100,000 minimum Type of calling: B-to-B: 8.5%; B-to-C: 91.5% Outbound: 9.9%; Inbound: 90.1% Specialization: customer care, sales and technical support

7. Telvista, Inc. ‡

8. Hispanic Teleservices Corp., A Teleperformance company *

9. ICT Group, Inc. * ‡

10. APAC Customer Services, Inc. * ‡

11. PCCW Teleservices * ‡

12. VXI Global Solutions, Inc. ‡

13. Archway Marketing Services


15. 24-7 INtouch

16. Cross Country Automotive Services ‡

17. Protocol Services, Inc. *

1. XO Interactive *

2. Intelenet Global Services *

3. PCCW Teleservices *

4. Teleperformance USA

5. Telvista, Inc.

6. Teleperformance

7. ICT Group *

8. GC Services Limited Partnership *

9. APAC Customer Services, Inc. *

10. Sitel *

11. Telerx *

12. Cross Country Automotive Services

13. eTelecare Global Solutions *

14. Alta Resources *

15. The Connection *

16. VXI Global Solutions

1. Teleperformance (includes all Teleperformance properties: Teleperformance, Teleperformance USA, Americall Group Inc. and Hispanic Teleservices Corp.)

2. Intelenet Global Services *

3. Sitel *

4. XO Interactive *

5. NCO Customer Management, Inc.

6. ICT Group *

7. Telvista

8. eTelecare Global Solutions *

9. APAC Customer Services, Inc. *

10. Millennium Teleservices, LLC

11. InfoCision Management Corp.

12. PCCW Teleservices *

13. GC Services Limited Partnership *

14. DialAmerica

15. Protocol Services, Inc. *

16. TCIM Services, Inc. *

17. AFFINA, An HTMT Global
Solutions Co. *

18. Influent

19. Cross Country Automotive Services

20. VXI Global Solutions, Inc.

21. Archway Marketing Services

22. The Connection *
23. Telerx *

24. Charlton

25. Teleservices Direct

26. American Customer Care, Inc.

27. NOVO 1

28. Synergy Solutions *

29. The Heritage Company, Inc.


31. Hamilton Telecommunications

32. OKS Ameridial Inc.

33. Alta Resources *

34. L-3 Microdyne Outsourcing Inc. *

35. 121 Direct Response

36. O’Currance

37. Power Direct, Inc.

38. AnswerNet Network

39. USA 800, Inc. *

40. InService America

41. Greene, An RMG Direct Company

42. FFP Global *

43. 24-7 INtouch

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