Efficiency and Innovation: Hallmarks of TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Award Winners

By TMCnet Staff May 20, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 TMC (News - Alert) Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Awards. This year, we're excited to showcase a trio of winners who have each introduced pioneering solutions that redefine efficiency and innovation in the realm of IP telephony and communication technologies. Let’s delve into the details of each winner and discover how they are reshaping the landscape of digital communication.

101VOICE and its Voice Border Element (VBE):  101VOICE has made a significant mark this year with its Voice Border Element (VBE), a robust solution designed to enhance voice communication networks. Integrating modern SD-WAN technology into a hardware appliance, the VBE addresses the needs of enterprises, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and nonprofits, among others. The VBE stands out by ensuring continuity in voice communications, providing fail-safe mechanisms during WAN interruptions and offering enhanced security features, making it an indispensable tool for organizations looking to bolster their communication infrastructures.

Clearspan's PING:  Clearspan has introduced PING, a versatile UCaaS collaboration client that has significantly impacted service providers. PING offers seamless integration of phone calls, SMS, chat, file sharing, and video conferencing across both mobile and desktop platforms. With its extensive customization options and compatibility with existing Broadsoft platforms, PING provides a smooth transition for organizations upgrading their communication systems. This platform's evolution demonstrates Clearspan’s commitment to enhancing user experience and administrative control, making it a top choice for service providers seeking adaptable and feature-rich UCaaS solutions.

HFR Networks’ flexiHaul flexiTester:  HFR Networks has been recognized for its innovative flexiHaul flexiTester, a comprehensive field testing device that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of fiber and radio access networks. The flexiTester consolidates multiple testing functionalities into a single handheld device, complemented by a smartphone application, enhancing the safety and efficiency of field technicians. This tool is ideal for a diverse user base, including fiber companies, service providers, data centers, and municipalities with fiber optic infrastructure. With its ability to streamline complex testing processes and improve operational efficiency, the flexiTester helps set a new standard in network testing technology.

Each of these winners has demonstrated great innovation in their respective fields, offering sophisticated solutions that not only meet current technological demands but also anticipate future challenges. Their contributions are paving the way for more connected and efficient communication environments. Thank you for joining us in celebrating these achievements of the 2024 TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award winners.

Product: Voice Border Element, VBE

101VOICE has introduced the Voice Border Element (VBE), a new addition to its product line aimed at improving voice communication networks. Designed to integrate modern SD-WAN technology into a hardware appliance, VBE targets key sectors, including enterprise, government, education, healthcare, and non-profits, among others.

The VBE offers enhanced reliability for voice communications through its failover mechanisms that maintain call continuity during WAN interruptions. This feature seamlessly switches between WAN connections to prevent call drops, providing a stable communications experience. Additionally, VBE supports the bonding of multiple WAN connections, increasing available bandwidth and adding redundancy to the network.

This is an exciting product addition and, when coupled with many low-cost failover wireless and satellite solutions, can greatly enhance business continuity.

Security is a major focus of the VBE, incorporating built-in encryption technologies to protect voice traffic against potential threats. Centralized security management facilitates the enforcement of network-wide security policies, helping ensure data protection and giving organizations peace of mind.

VBE positions itself in a competitive market with alternatives like Velocloud by VMware, Fortinet (News - Alert) SD-WAN, and Versa Networks. However, 101VOICE focuses on optimizing voice traffic, which is evident in features like intelligent traffic steering that prioritizes voice data over other types to ensure high-quality communication during network congestion.

Further features that simplify network management include bandwidth overflow and WAN smoothing technologies, which manage network bandwidth dynamically to optimize performance. These features contribute to reducing operational costs and simplifying the management of network infrastructure.

The VBE by 101VOICE also includes forward error correction to address packet loss and traffic steering for detailed control over network traffic, prioritizing critical voice communications. The use of AES encryption provides a robust security standard that enhances the overall security posture of the network.

Why We Chose VBE: The selection of 101VOICE's Voice Border Element for the 2024 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award highlights its significant contributions to enhancing VoIP technologies. The VBE distinguishes itself through innovative features that ensure continuity, security, and high-quality communication for various industries. Its comprehensive capabilities in managing and optimizing voice traffic while ensuring robust security measures make it an indispensable tool for modern communications networks. The product's ability to seamlessly integrate advanced technology solutions, prioritize critical communications, and enhance operational efficiencies underscore its value and innovation in the competitive VoIP market.

Product: PING

Clearspan has made a significant impact in the UCaaS landscape with its innovative collaboration client, PING. Designed to streamline communications and collaboration for service providers, PING integrates seamlessly with both mobile and desktop platforms, offering features such as phone calls from office numbers, SMS, chat, file sharing, and video conferencing.

Version Evolution: Since its launch in April 2022 with version 1.5, PING has rapidly evolved to version 2.63.6 by March 2024, reflecting Clearspan's dedication to continuously enhancing its software to better meet the needs of its users.

Target (News - Alert) Market and Competitive Landscape: Targeted primarily at service providers, PING positions Clearspan in direct competition with other UCaaS vendors, like Skyswitch, Alianza, NetSapiens (News - Alert), and RingCentral. These competitors are known for their robust solutions, pushing Clearspan to differentiate PING through innovative features and superior usability.

Unique Features and Innovations: PING distinguishes itself with several key innovations. It offers extensive customization options that allow organizations to tailor the interface with their own branding elements, an appealing feature for entities such as school districts and government agencies. Moreover, PING is compatible with existing Broadsoft platforms, facilitating a smooth transition for organizations looking to upgrade their systems without extensive overhauls.

Recent enhancements to PING, such as the addition of SMS/MMS capabilities, a personal conference room feature, and an intelligent e911 (News - Alert) location manager, further showcase Clearspan’s commitment to adapting and expanding its functionalities to address modern workplace challenges.

Why We Chose PING: The decision to award PING at the 2024 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award was driven by its comprehensive approach to enhancing UCaaS functionalities. PING not only provides a robust set of tools for effective communication but also introduces unique capabilities that enhance user experience and administrative control. These features make PING an excellent choice for service providers looking for a customizable, adaptable, and feature-rich UCaaS solution.

Clearspan’s PING exemplifies how thoughtful innovations and user-centric enhancements can significantly improve communication efficiency and flexibility in today’s digital-first environments. As the UCaaS market continues to grow, PING is well-positioned to lead with its client-focused and innovative approach, setting a high standard for future developments in the industry.

HFR Networks
Product: flexiHaul flexiTester

HFR Networks introduces the flexiHaul flexiTester, marking a significant advancement in field testing technology for fiber and radio access networks. This innovative device integrates multiple testing functions into a single handheld device, supported by a user-friendly smartphone application available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Evolution of flexiTester: Since its initial release in August 2023, the flexiTester has evolved from hardware version 1.3.3 to version 8.1, reflecting HFR Networks' commitment to continuous improvement. The smartphone application has also seen substantial upgrades, further enhancing its functionality and user experience.

Target Market and Competitive Landscape: The flexiTester targets a broad spectrum of users, including fiber companies, service providers, data centers, utilities with fiber optic networks, and municipalities that own fiber optic infrastructure. It positions itself against traditional fiber test equipment providers and single-purpose radio vendor applications by offering a more versatile and integrated solution.

Technical Innovations and Benefits: The flexiTester simplifies the testing process by combining an optical power meter, OTDR, Smart Tunable SFP+/SFP28 testing, and Visual Fault Finder into one device. This integration reduces the need for multiple devices, lowering costs and enhancing safety, especially in high-risk environments such as atop buildings or towers.

Key features include the ability to read RX/TX Power and check Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) information in real-time. The device supports both semi-active and passive DWDM networks and allows for comprehensive control over the optics via the handheld device or through the smartphone application.

Recent Enhancements: Recent updates to the flexiTester include the release of the iOS application and various interface and hardware improvements, aimed at enhancing user interaction and functionality.

Why We Chose flexiHaul flexiTester: The decision to award the flexiHaul flexiTester at the 2024 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award was based on its groundbreaking approach to simplifying and enhancing field operations. By consolidating multiple test functions into a single device, the flexiTester not only streamlines the testing process but also introduces significant improvements in safety and efficiency for field technicians. Its ability to interface seamlessly with mobile technology for ease of use and its open, standards-compliant design for versatile application across various third-party vendors make it a standout innovation in network technology.

The flexiHaul flexiTester by HFR Networks represents a significant technological leap in the field of network testing. Its innovative design and comprehensive testing capabilities have set a new standard in the industry, making it an indispensable tool for technicians working in diverse and challenging environments. This award recognizes HFR Networks' commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in network testing technology, providing tools that are not only effective but also safe and easy to use.

Edited by Erik Linask
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