Vonage Selected by Flowcode to Elevate Direct-to-Consumer Communication

By Greg Tavarez October 02, 2023

Everyone who has been out in public at least once in the last couple of years is aware that today's retailers have innovatively blended the realms of online and in-person shopping, creating novel hybrid experiences such as curbside pickups and leveraging QR codes to enhance in-store interactions. This has changed the way consumers prefer to interact with businesses

According to an IBM survey, consumers no longer view online and offline shopping as separate entities; they now anticipate a seamless connection between the two at all times. Furthermore, it emphasized the importance of speed and efficiency in some instances and the desire for rich, experiential shopping experiences in others. As a result, contemporary shoppers are keeping retailers on their toes by expressing a preference for seamlessly switching between visiting physical stores, online shopping and utilizing mobile apps.

Consumers also demand to instantly communicate with brands, small businesses and service providers from anywhere at any time. To help businesses meet that demand, Vonage and Flowcode partnered to produce a new communications tool, Flowconnect.

Flowcode is dedicated to establishing robust connections and quantifiable conversions for both brands and consumers alike. Through the fusion of data-informed design and QR technology, Flowcode facilitates contactless interactions that prioritize speed, security and user-friendliness.

Vonage (News - Alert), a player in the realm of cloud-based communication services on a global scale, plays a role in expediting the digital transformation of businesses. Vonage's adaptable Communications Platform offers complete programmability, facilitating the seamless incorporation of video, voice, chat, messaging, AI, and verification functionalities into pre-existing products, operational processes and systems.

Combining the expertise of both companies, you get Flowconnect. Flowconnect is driven by three Vonage APIs, Meetings, SMS and Voice, to help establish new use cases among the many verticals with which Flowcode currently works. Vonage APIs help businesses build better connections, conversations and deeper engagement with their customers. Integration of Vonage APIs enables Flowcode to easily integrate communications capabilities directly into their existing applications, providing a more flexible communications experience, better customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Flowconnect then dips into the QR code expertise of Flowcode and enables consumers to scan a QR code and promptly commence communication with a customer service team. This expedites the often-lengthy process of guiding customers to a landing page or call center.

"We wanted to bring to market a new solution that can transform customer interaction and service," said Jake Gidney, Innovation and R&D, Flowcode. "Vonage worked with us to optimize our launch, deliver the right communication APIs to help us execute our vision for Flowconnect, and ultimately deliver a better journey to our customers."

Vonage’s partnership with Flowcode offers Flowcode's customers the ability to swiftly and efficiently enter into meaningful conversations, aligning with the precise experiences they desire.

Edited by Alex Passett
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