Calculate Carbon Savings with Tellabs' Passive Optical LAN

By Greg Tavarez August 14, 2023

Service providers, enterprises and government agencies are in a fight with the growing demand for seamless and swift access to online resources and networks. This surge is driven by the reliance on digital services, remote work setups and data-driven decision-making processes.

Tellabs, which has delivered carrier-class access solutions to network operators for more than three decades, has a sole focus is to deliver simple, secure, scalable and stable connectivity to optimize network performance. Part of this is achieved through Tellabs’ (News - Alert) Passive Optical Network, or PON, solutions.

PON represent a high-speed, cost-effective telecommunications technology that enables the transmission of data, voice and video services over optical fibers. In a PON architecture, signals are split and distributed through passive optical components, eliminating the need for active electronic devices between the central office and end-user premises.

This setup allows for impressive data transmission rates and longer distances, making PONs particularly suitable for providing broadband services to residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Under its PON solutions umbrella, Tellabs announced a carbon reduction calculator that estimates embodied and operational carbon avoidance as a result of choosing Tellabs Optical Local Area Network for smart buildings and IoT connectivity.

Tellabs introduced a novel carbon calculator that aids IT and Network professionals, architects and engineers in estimating the environmental impact reduction achieved by modeling fiber-based Optical LAN against conventional copper-based switched network designs. The assessment employs publicly available carbon data, specifically drawing on the EPA's eGRID factors and meticulously reviewed Environmental Product Declarations.

The eco-friendly advantages of Passive Optical LAN encompass benefits such as space and materials conservation within a building's main data center room, vertical risers, horizontal pathways and telecommunications rooms. Additionally, Optical LANs are acknowledged for their diminished energy usage, streamlined power over Ethernet delivery to connected powered IoT devices and reduced impact on building cooling systems.

“Now more than ever, businesses should take advantage of Optical LAN’s tangible gains toward sustainability initiatives by embracing its embodied and operational carbon savings,” said Rich Schroder, Tellabs president and CEO. “Our innovative carbon reduction tool will drive industry-wide conversation about how IT and networking professionals can contribute to corporate environmental goals.”

To better illustrate how this works, think of a new 34-story office building spanning 735,800 square feet, accommodating over 5,000 employees and supporting 11,500 Ethernet connections. The calculator computed a comprehensive reduction amounting to 1,586,630 pounds of avoided carbon equivalency through a Passive Optical LAN configuration.

This achievement is like sequestering 720 metric tons of carbon or removing more than 160 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles from the road for a year, or even the equivalent of powering 140 homes for a year, based on EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

To access this valuable sustainability tool, you can contact your Tellabs sales representative or submit a Contact Request form.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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