Living Tomorrow and Extreme Reimagine the Power of Networking for Tomorrow

By Greg Tavarez May 16, 2023

The Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, situated in Brussels, Belgium, "pioneers glimpses into the future." This living laboratory for innovation features immersive exhibits and interactive displays across multiple sectors. Its exhibits showcase innovative solutions related to housing, mobility, healthcare, energy and sustainability. 

The goal of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus is to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among businesses, researchers and the public. It acts as a meeting point for industry leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and drive technological advancements.

Moreover, as the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus serves as a testbed for new technologies and concepts, it selected Extreme Networks as its network connectivity partner to develop and validate groundbreaking technology-driven experiences and products.

The collaboration between Extreme and Living Tomorrow (involving customers, partners and government agencies) aims to foster even more innovative solutions that are expected to gain widespread adoption by 2030. Powering those advanced technologies are Extreme's wired and wireless networking solutions, including numerous AP4000 Wi-Fi 6E access points.

The AP4000 Wi-Fi 6E access points are designed to leverage the Wi-Fi 6E standard (which operates in the 6 GHz frequency band), offering increased capacity, reduced interference and faster wireless speeds compared to previous Wi-Fi standards. The access points deliver multi-gigabit wireless performance, enabling seamless connectivity for high-density environments like campuses, stadiums and large enterprises.

The AP4000 series access points also offer robust security features, including WPA3 encryption protocols, secure guest access and integrated threat detection and prevention capabilities. They also provide advanced quality of service mechanisms to prioritize critical applications and ensure a reliable and consistent user experience.

Additionally, Extreme will showcase innovative networking solutions in the Digital Experience Center, a space that includes a conference center and 96 hotel rooms outfitted with smart technology. Here, Extreme will demonstrate how autonomous networks will work in the future and showcase how leveraging digital twin technology will transform network operations, product development and the customer journey.

“The Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus is designed to showcase the possibilities of future technology, from autonomous vehicles and drones to smart hotel rooms that respond directly to guest needs,” said Joachim De Vos, managing partner and co-chairman of Living Tomorrow and founder of TomorrowLab. “Alongside Extreme, we can drive fearlessly toward the future without limitations on the technology that we can test and develop, enabling us to work even faster toward a better quality of life for citizens around the world.”

Furthermore, Extreme's solutions, including ExtremeAnalytics and ExtremeCloud IQ, are expected to provide Living Tomorrow's IT team with comprehensive insights into network performance and application usage. This data optimizes connectivity across the campus, enhances guest experiences and improves security and IT productivity.

Leveraging AI capabilities, ExtremeCloud IQ is set to automate daily network maintenance tasks, detect anomalies in network activity and resolve issues proactively, ensuring seamless guest experiences, bolstering network security and optimizing the efficiency of the IT team.

“As operational reliance on technology accelerates and operations become more distributed, hyper-personalized experiences are expected, and network complexity will only continue to increase,” said Markus Nispel (News - Alert), Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Extreme. “Extreme delivers the solutions necessary to support all these new innovations while making it easy for the campus IT team to manage an incredibly busy environment, fueling the innovation and new ideas necessary to make seamless futuristic experiences possible for Living Tomorrow’s partners and guests alike.”

The Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, with Extreme, is on course to further drive advancements in technologies like drone transportation, remote surgeries and autonomous vehicles.

Edited by Alex Passett
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