Intermedia Strengthens Data Protection with New Unite Archiving Feature

By Greg Tavarez April 20, 2023

Customers and employees today interact with most organizations by using various communication channels, such as social media, email, phone and companies’ website. What organizations need to realize is that capturing and storing information shared across these channels is essential for optimized omnichannel communications.

Organizations gain a comprehensive view of their customers and their preferences, aiding them as they look to provide personalized and targeted communications, which then improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. This information is also valuable for improving customer service, identifying areas for process improvement and making data-driven decisions.

But that’s not all. Storing this information in a safe and secure manner is important for protecting privacy and complying with data protection regulations. Organizations must ensure that they have appropriate data protection and cybersecurity measures in place to safeguard important information.

Intermedia Cloud Communications, being a provider of cloud communications, collaboration and productivity solutions, knows the importance of capturing and storing information shared across channels. With that, Intermedia (News - Alert) introduced Intermedia Unite Archiving, a data retention solution available to Intermedia customers that automatically preserves, protects and supports search and retrieval across critical business communications channels, including chat, SMS, phone call recordings, and voicemails. Video meetings, contact center engagements and more are slated to be added later.

Intermedia Unite Archiving, which supports compliance with various regulations, including HIPAA, FINRA, and MiFID II, is a tamper-proof tool that enables organizations to archive and retain corporate communications and conversations securely. It has broad application across most business functions, including compliance, finding critical communications, continuity and disputes and best practices.

It supports retention options for various regulatory requirements and internal governance. It also allows organizations to keep a record of messages and documents stored safely, simplifying the process of managing transitions of responsibility and making information available to the right users.

Securely storing business-critical information through digital archiving is the initial step in creating a knowledge repository. The reason is this: A repository not only provides a central, secure location for an organization's information but also makes it easy to search and retrieve. By combining this repository with generative AI, users can effectively leverage the collective intelligence of the organization.

Take, for instance, the challenges that arise from staff turnover, medical/family/military leave and various organizational changes, which often require preserving and searching interactions. By archiving these communications automatically, organizations protect their interactions, thereby simplifying the administrator's job in managing transitions and ensuring that the right users have access to the required information.

In another example, important information (such as instructions, proposals, recommendations, agreements and contracts) is often included in internal and external business interactions. Archiving enables organizations to maintain a record of these communications (including associated documents) without requiring users or administrators to save them manually. With powerful contextual search, messages and documents are located and retrieved quickly whenever necessary.

"We developed Intermedia Unite Archiving to help ensure critical business communications are captured and easily searchable, both for businesses that require archiving to comply with regulations, as well as businesses that understand the importance of retaining their corporate knowledge,” said Michael Gold, Intermedia CEO. “When this vast, growing base of knowledge is introduced to generative AI, insights previously unavailable are suddenly and rapidly identified, resulting in a more informed, efficient, productive and smarter organization."

Intermedia Unite Archiving was created following Intermedia's acquisition of Akazio. This solution joins Intermedia Email Archiving to provide a means of protecting important business information and communications from being unintentionally or inappropriately deleted, as well as aiding in compliance with internal governance, addressing legal and regulatory mandates, maintaining information continuity and other related purposes.

Edited by Alex Passett
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