Hey Genesys Customers, Revolutionize Your Business Communications with Peerless SIP Trunking Services

By Greg Tavarez April 17, 2023

Cost-savings, increased flexibility and scalability. These are three things that businesses like to see when it comes to the technology products and solutions they use. One technology that does all three of those things is SIP trunking, which allows businesses to reduce their phone bill, eliminate the need for physical phone lines and easily add or remove phone lines as needed.

A company that offers SIP trunking services is Peerless Networks. Peerless is a global communications provider that not only offers SIP trunking, though. It also offers Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, toll-free services, domestic and international long distance, SD-WAN, cloud PBX (News - Alert), UCaaS, as well as a full line of CPaaS and messaging solutions from Infobip, which Peerless is part of (after being acquired in 2022).

Peerless’ SIP trunking services offer its customers the ability to manage their SIP trunks in real-time through what’s described as their “industry-setting portal,” which allows for the purchase and management of various services. Peerless has a fully IP-based redundant network that is highly reliable and offers unmatched value to its customers, with super competitive pricing and lower monthly bills for telecommunication services.

Peerless services offer a range of benefits, with the main ones being access to over 4,500 telco connections, efficient handling of high-volume traffic, PSTN delivery expertise and the ability to make real-time changes through the Peerless Portal.

Peerless customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from SIP trunking services. Now, the services are an approved offering on Genesys’ AppFoundry marketplace.

A little background on Genesys (News - Alert): The company empowers businesses to enhance their customer relationships through proactive, predictive and hyper-personalized experiences on all channels throughout every marketing, sales and service interaction. Additionally, by modernizing their back-office technology into a revenue velocity engine, Genesys improves employee productivity and engagement. As a result, organizations can establish true intimacy at scale, which fosters customer loyalty and trust.

Its AppFoundry marketplace is a solution-based marketplace that provides Genesys customers with a curated range of integrations and applications aimed at enhancing the customer experience. The objective of this platform is to offer a comprehensive marketplace for all Genesys platforms in a single location. By exploring AppFoundry, users browse through various customer service applications, integrations and services to discover, research and connect with the ones that best suit their needs.

“Our time-tested SIP Trunking offering is now available with Genesys Cloud CX, giving customers direct access to our fully IP-based network,” said Jim Brewer, EVP of Products and Technology at Peerless. “This combination also gives U.S.-based customers the opportunity to make their communications more efficient, expand their global calling footprint and save on international calling.”

Here’s the long-story-short version of what the Genesys Cloud CX platform is: Genesys Cloud CX unifies customer and agent experiences across phone, email, chat text and social channels. It’s that simple.

This all said, Peerless' time-tested SIP Trunking solution is set to be a valuable addition to the Genesys Cloud CX platform, providing businesses with a reliable and scalable voice service.

Edited by Alex Passett
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