A New Boost for Emergency Services, Following Partnership Between FocusPoint and Skylo

By Alex Passett January 05, 2023

According to recent studies (given the world’s population saw a 0.83% increase in 2022 alone), there are more than 8 billion people on our planet. Now in 2023, our reliance on digital technologies is higher than ever before; from 2000 to 2022, internet usage increased by a staggering 1,355%, since at least 66.2% of people (or approximately 5.25 billion) have access to and actively use the internet.

Tying this to the connectivity side of tech, where statistics can be life-changingly crucial is emergency response services, specifically Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS). Because in this case, they pertain to disasters contended or averted, and lives saved.

This brings us to the fresh announcement of a new partnership between FocusPoint International and Skylo Technologies. By combining Skylo’s satellite connectivity with FocusPoint’s flagship solution “Overwatch & Rescue” (O&R), this partnership allows for OEMs “to build in the capability for Emergency Response Services and be assured that they will be safe anywhere they are,” said Parthsarathi Trivedi, Co-Founder and CEO of Skylo.

Under the terms of this agreement, FocusPoint will become a preferred supplier for Skylo and its customers, with emphasis on offering O&R to device manufacturers that engage Skylo to enable satellite connectivity and emergency responses. FocusPoint’s O&R service guarantees and reduces the financial exposure associated with emergency response. O&R’s benefits include 24/7 multilingual crisis consultation, no-cost security, search and rescue, medical evaluations, response teams for hazardous incidents, aid before and after natural disasters, and more. For those living on the fringe of cellular connectivity especially, Skylo’s satellite technology will support FocusPoint’s O&R where people find themselves without cell service.

“Skylo’s technology is timely, given the incredible strides in enabling consumer-focused emergency communications over satellite networks,” said Greg Pearson, FocusPoint’s CEO.

FocusPoint and Skylo are sharing more at this week’s monumental CES (News - Alert) in Las Vegas regarding their joint “Never Lose Coverage” mission.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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