New CSP Opportunity Needed? CPaaS-enabled Messaging is the Answer

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  December 01, 2022

Text messaging is the preferred method of communication among many (perhaps most) people. It’s convenient. It allows people to interact quickly and easily – and silently – when they don’t have much time or are in an environment where a phone call would be disruptive. SMS also has a high read rate, making it a useful tool for businesses. While other channels, including voice, are stilly highly valuable, messaging is coming into its own as a key interaction channel.

Businesses need to engage via SMS communication channels and innovate around them to deliver a high level of customer engagement. Mavenir’s CPaaS offers that complete customer engagement businesses need while increasing efficiency and bringing new business opportunities for CSPs.

With Mavenir CPaaS, CSPs can expand their offerings with business messaging and customer engagement capabilities by delivering multi-channel mobile-native messaging experiences, like RCS, on Google Business Messages, Apple (News - Alert) Messages for Business, SMS and MMS. It allows businesses to reach customers on any mobile platform.

To create a rich messaging experience, Mavenir CPaaS includes turnkey applications like Smart 2FA, Campaign and Chatbot Studios and SMS Message Exchange for Webex and Microsoft (News - Alert) Teams as well as a set of programmable APIs for voice, video, omnichannel messaging and WebRTC capabilities.

"Consumer mobile messaging continues to accelerate and requires businesses to learn to engage customers on their preferred channels, on a global scale and at any time," said Jorgen Nilsson, president of enterprise connect solutions at Mavenir.

Mavenir CPaaS also allows CSPs to increase the monetization of their network assets by enabling new business use cases and applications. This is done by CSPs leveraging their existing network assets to provide reliable traffic termination.

Additionally, by using the Mavenir CPaaS APIs and SDKs, CSPs use their internal innovation teams or work with third-party partners to combine their network capabilities into new and differentiated service offerings that address specific industry verticals, such as healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, etc.

"The combination of immersive features and mobile business communication enablers into an integrated solution empowers CSPs with an even broader set of services to solidify their customer engagement initiatives, while expanding their share of revenue in the business communications value chain," said Jorgen Nilsson, president of enterprise connect solutions at Mavenir.

The platform is available as a SaaS (News - Alert) offering and is offered in a pay-as-you-grow model that minimizes upfront investments and risks, accelerating time to market.

Edited by Erik Linask