Spirent Launches Wi-Fi DeviceTesting Service

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  August 15, 2022

Wi-Fi technology is becoming more complex. The progression of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, growth of mesh multi-point access networks and expectations around 5G and Wi-Fi convergence are creating new application and business models that require fresh approaches to testing.

In light of this, automated test and assurance solutions provider Spirent is launching a new “Send Us Your Device” test-as-a-service option for Wi-Fi customers. The service will allow access to the advanced capabilities of Spirent’s (News - Alert) OCTOBOX emulation and testing solution to organizations where the capital expenditure and expertise required to own and manage test setups may not be an option.

The comprehensive test capabilities are based on industry-adopted standards from the Broadband Forum, IEEE (News - Alert) RFCs and Wi-Fi Alliance. Automated test packages for verifying Wi-Fi device RF capability, baseline operation, system operation, roaming experience, steering optimization and network performance include:

  • RFC 2544: Evaluate equipment performance with benchmark tests. The automated RFC 2544 package is a set of supported tests built around industry standards. Networks can be LAN or WAN with four defined tests: throughput, latency, frame loss rate and back-to-back frames.
  • TR-398: Automate the Broadband Forum’s (News - Alert) TR-398 standardized tests for measuring the in-premises performance of access points and reference stations. Spirent’s web UI makes it easy to execute any or all TR-398 tests in a controlled, interference-free testing environment.
  • Mesh: Test interoperability of devices. The Mesh automation package simulates RF environments of real recorded homes in a lab setting to streamline testing.

The new service is targeted at companies with Wi-Fi testing needs but little or no on-site test facilities of their own. These include organizations like chipset developers, IoT and consumer device makers and network equipment manufacturers that may not have the in-house expertise to create, deploy and efficiently execute the range of performance tests required in the industry.

“Owning and managing complex test setups for rapidly evolving Wi-Fi technologies may not make business sense for some manufacturers and developers,” said Doug Roberts, general manager of Spirent’s Lifecycle Service Assurance business. “This new Spirent service addresses the needs of these businesses by providing instant access to advanced testing and failure analysis.”

The service is available now and is based at Spirent’s Massachusetts research facility where OCTOBOX testbeds are developed and manufactured. This allows Spirent to scale up and down testing services for customers based on their ever-changing needs and leverage the company’s Wi-Fi emulation and testing expertise.

Edited by Erik Linask