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3 Takeaways from 3Bee CEO Niccolò Calandri's Letter for World Habitat Day 2023
[October 02, 2023]

3 Takeaways from 3Bee CEO Niccolò Calandri's Letter for World Habitat Day 2023

Preserving Biodiversity and the Urgency for Action

MILAN, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In a powerful letter penned for World Habitat Day 2023, Niccolò Calandri, CEO of 3Bee, the leading climate-tech company in preserving biodiversity through technology, delivers a compelling message highlighting the importance of biodiversity preservation and the need for immediate action. As we reflect on this critical issue, here are three key takeaways from his impactful letter.


Niccolò Calandri, CEO, 3Bee


1. Biodiversity: The Heartbeat of Our Planet

Calandri underscores that biodiversity is the lifeblood of our planet, an essential element for ensuring climate resilience and the survival of human existence. Recent global catastrophes, increasingly frequent and devastating, serve as stark reminders of the urgent need for a paradigm shift. The letter echoes the sentiment that the loss of biodiversity is one of the most pressing emergencies of our time.

2. Regenerating and Monitoring 10,000 Biodiversity Oases

One of the central initiatives highlighted in the letter is 3Bee's ambitious project "Biodiversity Oases". With the aim of regenerating 10,000 low-biodiversity areas across Europe, this project seeks to transform urban and agroforestry habitats by reintroducing native flora and providing refuges for pollinators. What makes this endeavor remarkable is its reliance on technology for traceable and measurable impact, ensuring that actions taken align with the goals of preserving biodiversity.

3. Amplifying the Message for Change

Calandri's letter resonates with the call for action from the renowned biologist E. O. Wilson, who advocates for the restoration of 50% of the Earth's natural habitats. It urges individuals, organizations, and companies to join 3Bee in amplifying the message of biodiversity preservation. This collective effort is essential to bringing biodiversity to the forefront and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Aiming to raise awareness of the important issue of biodiversity protection to as many people as possible, 3Bee is currently onair with two Out Of Home and omnichannel campaigns, "Voices from the Oases" in Milan, Italy and "Siehst du mich jetzt?" in Berlin, Germany.

In conclusion, Niccolò Calandri's letter for World Habitat Day 2023 serves as a rallying cry for the preservation of biodiversity. It emphasizes the critical role of biodiversity in maintaining our planet's resilience and highlights the urgency of taking tangible actions. Through initiatives like the "Biodiversity Oases", 3Bee is leading the charge, and the call to action is clear: unite in the effort to protect our planet's biodiversity for the well-being of current and future generations.

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