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C3Nano Announces Industry's First Highly Conductive, Low Temperature Curing, Flexible and Stable Printable Ink Solution
[January 31, 2023]

C3Nano Announces Industry's First Highly Conductive, Low Temperature Curing, Flexible and Stable Printable Ink Solution

HAYWARD, Calif., Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C3Nano, Inc. (C3Nano), the performance leader in nanowire-based technologies and conductive inks, today announced the development of SuperGrid™, a novel ink which combines remarkable conductivity and flexibility with room temperature processing – an extension of C3Nano’s ActiveGrid LT (low temperature) ink series, which was announced in 2022.

C3Nano’s SuperGrid™ has electrical properties on par with traditional conductive electrodes like thin film copper and silver pastes, but is more flexible. Additionally, it can be deposited directly from solution and can be cured very quickly (in ambient temperature ~ 25 °C within seconds). As a result, SuperGrid™ can be deposited on a much broader range of substrates and through a variety of methods which are features a wide range of industries have been searching for to bring new innovative products to market.

Customers can utilize SuperGrid™ for bezels, microLED interconnects, grounding, traces around sharp/3D surfaces and EMI and RF shielding applications. Additionally, the low-temperature process gives users more design flexibility, higher throughput, and lower production costs. Compared to other low temperature processed inks, SuperGrid™ is stable at room temperature and only forms the conductive film or circuit after deposition.

“We believe SuperGrid™ is a game changer,” said Dr. Xiqiang Yang, Vice President of Research & Development at C3Nano. “For years customers have been requsting silver nanowire based conductive inks that can achieve very low resistivities while still maintaining excellent mechanical properties. With SuperGrid™, we are introducing a product that is more versatile through our low temperature curing process. Its enhanced flexibility will create unprecedented new product and market opportunities for our electronic device, biomedical, automotive, and display customers.”

C3Nano foresees large opportunities for the application of SuperGrid™, especially in advanced displays and interconnects, semiconductor packaging, electronic and RF component shielding. The growing selection of applications in emerging electronics, which require highly flexible and malleable conductive traces to be deposited on ever-shrinking and complex architectures, provide promising application scenarios. The combination of SuperGrid™ with C3Nano’s ActiveGrid™ functionality provides a total package and solution with wide substrate ranges for existing and future customers in the flexible display, touch, and other application fields.

C3Nano’s ActiveGrid™ LT innovation is part of its conductive materials platform composed of nanowires, nanomaterials, formulations, thin films, and coatings, further adding to its broad and industry-leading technology and IP portfolio. In addition to providing the highest quality and largest scale silver nanowires, and the top performing flexible, and stretchable transparent conductive inks, C3Nano now also provides the lowest temperature and fastest curing conductive inks on the market.

SuperGrid Conference Demonstrations
C3Nano will showcase SuperGrid™ and ActiveGrid™ Gen 8 throughout 2023 at key events and conferences, including:

Partner Development Platform
As part of the development of SuperGrid and the launching of Ultra-Nanowires product line C3Nano is seeking customers and development partners for its novel Ultra-Nanowires technologies. C3Nano believes several unique applications including, heating, direct conductive filler inclusions into melt/extrusion plastics, conductive adhesives and composites, 3D printing, biomedical, and aerospace may all be viable and attractive applications to target.

About C3Nano
C3 Nano, Inc. is the performance leader in nanowire-based technologies and conductive inks that transform advanced materials and the smart surface industry. The Company is accelerating the depth of innovation through its electronic materials platform and nanowire-based technology solutions. C3Nano’s products are used by global manufacturers of mobile devices, notebook computers, and tablets, consumer electronics, automotive, cleantech and life science applications, enabling electrical conductivity and new functionality upon any surface.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, C3Nano operates manufacturing, sales, and technical support facilities in the U.S. and throughout Asia. More information about C3Nano is available at

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