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Cut Through All the Job-Search Confusion with a Newer, Easier Way to Look - MyJobAngel Launches Intuitive, User Focused, Job-Searching App
[March 22, 2021]

Cut Through All the Job-Search Confusion with a Newer, Easier Way to Look - MyJobAngel Launches Intuitive, User Focused, Job-Searching App

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MyJobAngel ( officially debuted its customized job-search app built specifically with end-users' needs in mind. MyJobAngel takes the frustration out of a typical platform search by eliminating the repetitious, unnecessary steps that bog down the process, and uses software designed to feel more like a user's personal job-hunting assistant. The app provides a unique set of tools to tailor searches based on parameters like personal preferences, smart job title search, and other criteria not used by any other job-searching software. A free trial of MyJobAngel is currently available for iPhone and iPad via the App Store.  

"It's an unfortunate truth that most job-searching platforms were created to serve the employers listed on them rather than the users who are looking for a job," said Lalo Mantilla, CEO and Founder of MyJobAngel. "Which means you get the same results handed to you, over and over again, from employers who ay the platform to host them. We're entirely different because we built this app around the needs of the end user. MyJobAngel gives improved accuracy, exclusive job memory and tracking functionality, advanced filters, and even offers an internal notation system that allows users to keep notes about their job-searching specifics – so you don't have to keep separate spreadsheets. And for those not working from home, our real-driving-miles approach actually finds jobs that are near you – cutting down on your daily commute."

MyJobAngel: Streamlines the Job Searching Process

  1. No more viewing the same jobs, over and over again. The app keeps track of every job viewed; only showing new jobs as they are posted.
  2. No more sifting through dozens of irrelevant jobs. The app only shows the best job matches.
  3. No more reentering job search parameters for every new search. MyJobAngel saves all parameters the first time they are entered.
  4. No more seeing job posts from companies that do not interest users. MyJobAngel includes or excludes specific companies from saved job search parameters, as the user sees fit.
  5. No more having to keep track of all the jobs users have applied to. The app tracks each job application, along with offering other convenient tools that allow users to keep notes about specific job listings.

Learn more about MyJobAngel by visiting them online. Or follow MyJobAngel on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

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