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LYCOS and Slingshot Power Partner to Help Homeowners See the Benefits of Solar
[July 03, 2015]

LYCOS and Slingshot Power Partner to Help Homeowners See the Benefits of Solar

LYCOS has announced it has joined forces with Slingshot Power, a clean energy company in the process of going national and one of the major players in the clean energy movement, to encourage energy conservation and simplify the transition for homeowners.

As part of the partnership, LYCOS and Slingshot are jointly developing an interface for Slingshot's energy system that provides homeowners with access to information regarding their energy usage. The LYCOS Life band and ring will serve as a point of entry into this system, using LYCOS Life's Tap2Transfer Technology to provide users with detailed energy reports that will allow them to easily monitor their home energy production and consumption.

"Solar now has a break-even of less than five years and installing increases a home or business' property value," said Ravi Chiruvolu, CEO of Slingshot Power. "These facts are not well known, so we are teaming with LYCOS to make the transition to Clean Energy (News - Alert) faster and easier."

This initiative will be the first step towards ntegrating Internet of Things ("IoT") functionality into Slingshot homes using LYCOS Life's technology.

"More and more people will rely on the Internet as more Internet enabled devices are introduced to the market," said Brad Cohen, president and chief strategy officer at LYCOS. "LYCOS is developing ways to help users connect their Internet data with their everyday lives and we will work with Slingshot Power to develop other IoT products that can be tied into their systems to share valuable information about users' homes and cars," said Cohen.

The new app is expected to be ready in Q1 2016.

LYCOS Life products serve as a single point of entry into users' digital lives and allow them to live more secure, communicative, healthy, and efficient lives.

LYCOS is one of the original and most widely known Internet companies in the world, evolving from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive digital media destination for consumers across the world.

Slingshot is a Clean Energy company empowering people to take back the tens of thousands of dollars they unwittingly donate to utility companies and reclaim the freedom to utilize energy when and how they want, for the good of their pocketbooks and the environment. Visit to learn more.

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