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The Influencers 500 [Campaigns & Elections]
[January 22, 2013]

The Influencers 500 [Campaigns & Elections]

(Campaigns & Elections Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) It's easy to point to influential politicians who showcase their craft on the national or state-level political stage. But what gets them there More importantly, who gets them there To find out, C&E conducted more than 100 interviews with consultants, journalists and political insiders from across the country. The result, which we're calling The Influencers 500, is a collection of some of the top names in the consulting business state by state.

First, a word about how we put the list together: it doesn't contain the names of any elected officials. In some rare cases, we've included retired politicians who hold real sway in the political dealings of their respective states. Mixed in are some of the top staffers who bridge the political and official spheres. But for the most part we've restricted it to the consultants and insiders who help get the politicians where they want to be. In certain instances, we have paired strategists together. So yes, the list does contain slightly more than 500 names, which have been organized by geographic region.

At the forefront, we've named the consultants who are influential in their home states- the folks with pull in primaries and the state-specific campaigns. Then there are the lawyers, lobbyists and fundraisers who exert power in the campaign world.

Now, this will always be an imperfect catalogue. With the limited number of spots per state, necessity forced us to exclude some excellent political consultants and influential insiders. And, for a myriad of reasons, the same people might not be on these pages next year. But the one thing we're certain of is that the names on the following pages are the folks you need to talk to in state capitals across the country.

Northeast Pennsylvania REPUBLICANS Charlie Gerow, CEO, Quantum Communications Gerow has been in the field since the Reagan campaign and once ran for Congress. He knows how to formulate conservative messaging.

Leslie Gromis Baker, president, LG Strategies A top fundraising consultant, she has deep ties to the GOP establishment.

David James, partner, FLS Connect James has state and national ties through his work for the RNC and as the former executive director and political director of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania.

Michael Long, co-founder/partner, Long Nyquist & Associates Long is a top lobbyist and lead strategist for the state GOP.

Ray Zaborney, founding partner, State Street Strategies He's advised Republicans from Gov. Tom Corbett on down. Zaborney has also had success running issue campaigns.

DEMOCRATS Daren Berringer, An alum of Joe Trippi & Associates, Berringer hung out his own shingle in 2010 and has since branched out to international work.

Michael Bronstein & Matt Weaver, co-founders, Bronstein & Weaver They run one of the top mail firms in the state and are known for their urban microtargeting.

Larry Ceisler, principal, Ceisler Media 8c Issue Advocacy Ceisler does a lot of corporate work now, but the veteran campaign operative is still influential in the party.

Mary Isenhour, partner, Isenhour, Rooney & Carey Isenhour is an old Pennsylvania hand with ties to the state party, liberal groups and national Democrats. She ran Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania operation in 2008.

Neil Oxman & Doc Sweitzer, cofounders, The Campaign Group Oxman and Sweitzer are the go-to media guys for presidential campaigns on down in Pennsylvania.

Connecticut DEMOCRATS Andy Grossman, founder, Grossman Solutions Grossman's a veteran consultant whose clients have included national organizations such as America Votes and Planned Parenthood, as well as Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Matt Hennessy, managing director, Tremont Public Advisors He's an advisor to Sen. Joe Lieberman and some top Democrats in the state. Hennessy has experience in government and the campaign world.

Stephen R. Kinney, partner, Gafrney, Bennett & Associates Kinney was ex-Sen. Chris Dodd's political advisor during his four successful races. He's also worked as a legislative aide in Hartford.

Tanya Meek, SVP/managing director, Global Strategy Group A former assistant secretary of the state, Meek is one of the most recognized strategists at one of the state's top firms. GSP has alums in top places, including Roy Occhiogrosso who's now Gov. Dan Malloy's chief of staff.

Ed Peavy, founder/managing partner, Mission Control Peavy's firm now has national reach, but he remains well connected locally.

REPUBLICANS Brian Baldwin, consultant, The Kowalski Group Baldwin is the general consultant for the state GOP and also does political work through the Kowalski Group, one of Connecticut's top lobbying shops.

Peter Barhydt, president, Aberdeen Associates, Inc.

A communications specialist, Barhydt is another Chris Shays alum who has hung out his own shingle.

Richard Foley, The Prince Group A former chairman with deep ties to Republicans in the state House, Foley is one of the most experienced campaign consultants on the GOP side.

Chris Healy, consultant A former state GOP executive director, Healy is a respected strategist and party builder. In a state with little GOP infrastructure to speak of, his name stands out.

Robert Russo, Brooklawn Strategies, LLC Through his work for ex-Gov. Jodi ReIl and ex-Rep. Chris Shays, Russo knows the GOP establishment in the state.

New Jersey REPUBLICANS Maria Cornelia, Gov. Chris Christie's deputy chief of staff for communications Cornelia was the communications director on Christie's campaign and was rewarded with a top job in the administration.

Mike DuHaime, partner, Mercury Public Affairs, LLC His resume includes stints as a strategist for Gov. Christie, the campaign manager for Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid and the political director for the RNC.

Adam Geller, founder/CEO, National Research Inc.

Geller made his name as the pollster for Christie's 2009 gubernatorial race, but he also works for state legislators and members of Congress.

Chris Russell, president, Chris Russell Consulting Russell has become a soughtafter consultant for congressional candidates. He's known for winning direct mail pieces.

Bill Stepien, Gov. Chris Christie's deputy chief of staff Stepien managed the governor's 2009 campaign and his resume includes stints on Sen. John McCain's presidential bid and at the RNC.

DEMOCRATS Steve DeMicco & Brad Lawrence, founding partners, Message & Media, Inc.

The firm is adept at working across the state's various political factions. DeMicco and Lawrence have worked for top Democrats at the state and federal level for years now.

Sean Darcy, founder, Round World Consulting A veteran spokesman who's worked for ex-Govs. Richard Codey and Jon Corzine. Now helps pull the strings for a myriad of local, state and federal candidates.

Kevin Hagan, Princeton Public Affairs Group, Inc.

His extensive resume includes stints in state government as the chief of staff to Senate President Steve Sweeney and as a top aide to former Gov. McGreevey.

Andrew Kennedy, principal, Kennedy Communications He's a sought-after legislative and congressional consultant who has gained fame- in some cases infamyfor his mail pieces.

Michael Muller, Torten Communications Muller has worked for the state Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee for almost a decade. His campaign resume includes a stint on Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign.

New York DEMOCRATS Valerie Berlin & Jonathan Rosen, principals, BerlinRosen This top firm's founders have strong connections with Albany Democrats. In 2008, they helped the party regain control of the state's upper chamber for the first time in some 40 years.

Jennifer Cunningham, managing director, SKDKnickerbocker She was called the "most powerful woman in Albany" in 2010 by the New York Post. Cunningham has longstanding connections to organized labor in the state.

Josh Isay, managing director, SKDKnickerbocker Isay is close to Sen. Chuck Schumer after serving as his first Senate chief of staff. He's done mail consulting for several high-profile campaigns, including work for President Obama.

Maggie Moran, president/CEO, M Public Affairs Moran has deep ties to labor unions in the state and was a senior adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Hank Sheinkopf, principal, SheinkopfLTD A former top advisor to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, Sheinkopf 's expertise is communications and media production.

REPUBLICANS Jeff Buley, attorney, Brown and Weinraub An election law specialist, Buley knows many state GOP lawmakers from his time as special counsel to ex-Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. He's advised the New York Republican State Committee and Mayor Bloomberg.

Tony Carbonetti, consultant He was Rudy Giuliani's longtime chief of staff and remains his political adviser. Republicans in the state seeking Rudy's advice come to Tony.

Rob Cole, principal, In The Field Consulting Cole is a name-brand consultant for legislative, statewide and congressional candidates. He worked for Romney at the presidential level.

Arthur Finkelstein, consultant, Arthur J. Finkelstein & Associates Now an international name, he remains an advisor to New York City and statewide conservative groups. Many Empire State consultants have learned from working with or for him.

Michael McKeon, partner, Mercury Public Affairs, LLC A sought-after adviser and lobbyist in Manhattan and Albany. He's worked with everyone from ex-Gov. George Pataki to Rudy Giuliani.

Massachusetts REPUBLICANS Rob Cunningham, president, RTC Advisors Cunningham was Sen. Scott Brown's campaign manager in his 2004 state Senate race. He's helped many Massachusetts Republicans win office.

Eric Fehrnstrom, Peter Flaherty & Beth Myers, founders, The Shawm ut Group This was Romney's braintrust. They've been paid handsomely for guiding the former governor through the GOP presidential primary and their skills are in demand.

Rob Gray, founder/president, Gray Media A veteran media man, Gray has worked for everyone from Mitt Romney to Paul Cellucci.

Daniel Haley, VP of government and regulatory affairs, athena health A former assistant chief of staff to thenGov. Romney, Haley now advises a range of candidates in state and federal election campaigns.

Rob Willington, Willington Media He helped elect Scott Brown in the 2010 special election for Senate and made his name as a digital strategist. The former executive director of the Massachusetts GOP is now in demand.

DEMOCRATS Chuck Campion, founder/ principal, Dewey Square Group Campion leads the firm at the top of the list of Democratic firms in this deepblue state. He's an old-school liberal with ties to Walter Mondale and former President Carter.

Bill Carito & Frank Perullo, cofounders, Sage Systems These guys give political advice to everyone from Sen. John Kerry to Massachusetts state Senate President Theresa Murray. They specialize in data services.

Daniel Cence & Jay Cincotti, cofounders, Cence Cincotti Strategies Cence and Cincotti have ties to Boston politics and the state Democratic Party. The two men are sometimes called "power brokers" with a straight face.

Doug Rubin, founding partner, Northwind Strategies He served as strategist for Elizabeth Warren's Senate Campaign and Joe Kennedy's House bid. Rubin is known for his communications expertise.

Mark Sullivan & Jim St. George, founders, NGP VAN Every Democratic operative who's worked a competitive campaign is aware of the service these guys provide. They know who to call and where to knock.

New Hampshire REPUBLICANS Dave Carney, CEO, Norway Hill Associates, Inc.

Carney has long had a national profile given his work for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but he understands the Granite State well.

Michael Dennehy, co-founder, Dennehy & Bouley Dennehy knows how to get the GOP grassroots tied to political action. He was the man behind Sen. John McCain's two presidential primary wins there.

Patrick Hynes, president, Hynes Communications He's considered by many to be the most skilled GOP operative in New Hampshire when it comes to social media.

Rich Killion, managing partner, Elevare Communications Rich is a veteran communications hand with a keen view of the state's political scene.

Jim Merrill, managing director, Devine Strategies Merrill has worked for Mitt Romney and Ovide Lamontagne and is a man with access.

DEMOCRATS Jim Demers, founder, The Demers Group, president of Demers & Blaisdell Inc.

A lobbyist in Concord, he was one of Obama's first pickups and remains influential.

Doug Hattaway, president, Hattaway Communications He's based in Massachusetts, but has a lengthy New Hampshire resume that includes a stint as a spokesman for Hillary Clinton's primary campaign.

Karen Hicks, consultant Famous, or infamous, depending on whom you ask, for being a grassroots guru. She does national Democratic campaigns, but is based in New Hampshire.

Mike Vlacich, state director, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Vlacich amassed a wealth of campaign experience in the state before taking the gig as state director for Shaheen.

Pamela Walsh, chief of staff to Gov. -elect Maggie Hassan Walsh ran Hassan's successful campaign, was deputy chief of staff to John Lynch and served as press secretary for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen when she was governor.

Vermont REPUBLICANS Jim Barnett, ex-state GOP chairman Barnett was Sen. Scott Brown's campaign manager in 2011 and one of the few high-level GOP operatives based in the state.

Dennise R. Casey, president, Casey Inc.

A political field director for the RGA during its successful 2010 cycle, Casey's resume also includes stints as a deputy chief of staff and campaign manager to ex-Gov. Douglas.

Neale Lunderville, CEO, NG Advantage Lunderville was ex-Gov. Douglas's campaign manager in 2002 and has since held several government posts.

Heidi Tringe, partner, Maclean, Meehan&Rice A communications consultant to top state lawmakers and a policy advisor to ex-Gov. Jim Douglas, Tringe also did a stint in the Bush White House.

Rodolphe "SIdP' Vallee, president, R.L. Vallee, Inc.

Vallee was a fundraising "ranger" for former President George W. Bush and is one of the state's top GOP donors.

DEMOCRATS Bill Lofy, chief of staff, Gov. Peter Shumlin A former aide to the late Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone, Lofy has almost two decades of top political experience.

Robert "Bob" Rogan, chief of staff, Rep. Peter Welch A former aid to ex-Gov. Howard Dean, Rogan is an expert on the state's political terrain.

Jane Watson Stetson, national finance chairwoman, DNC Together with her husband Bill, she forms one of the state's best-known power couples. Both are big-time rainmakers.

Harlan Sylvester, chairman, Governor's Council of Economic Advisors He's had the ear of the state's governors, Democrat or Republican, for decades.

Stephen Terry, co-founder, Worth Mountain Consulting Terry has his hand in a variety of Vermont's political pies and is one of the state's top Democratic insiders.

Maine DEMOCRATS Jesse Connolly, campaign manager, NO on 1 Connolly is a go-to consultant who is seen as a field organizing genius. He managed Gov. Baldacci's re-election campaign in 2006.

Michael Cuzzi, SVP, VOX Global Cuzzi was a campaign aide to President Obama, Sen. John Kerry and ex-Rep. Tom Allen.

Joanne D'Arcangelo, founder, JD'A Consulting, Inc.

She's a top liberal activist with ties to labor, Planned Parenthood and top Democrats in the state legislature.

Toby McGrath, political director, Maine Street Solutions Toby ran Obama for America in 2008 and some other smaller statewide races. He has extensive contacts in Bangor after a stint as a top legislative staffer.

Edward S. "Ted" O'Meara, Jr., managing principal, Garrand O'Meara's an ex- Republican who has made a name for himself consulting for independent candidates, including 2010 gubernatorial candidate Elliot Cutler.

REPUBLICANS Tyler Harber, founder, Harcom Strategies Harber's a consultant to State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin, a conservative with higher ambitions. He's also consulted for the RGA, Maine Heritage and a variety of Maine-focused Super PACs.

Matt Hutson, campaign director, Protect Marriage Maine A Louisiana native who's worked for Gov. Bobby Jindal, Hutson is now running Protect Marriage Maine and has his hands in a variety of competitive, upcoming races in the state.

Roy W. Lenardson, president, Strategic Advocacy Skilled at staying out of the spotlight, Lenardson consults for Maine Heritage, as well as a bevy of conservative candidates and causes.

Edie Smith, consultant After running Les Otten's 2010 gubernatorial race- and spending a record $3 million- she held a top position on Angus King's race for Senate.

Kathie Summers -Grice, president, Eaton River Strategies She's a trusted fundraiser for the state party and the GOP House and Senate caucuses.

Delaware REPUBLICANS Charles Copeland, former lawmaker A former state senator who ran for lieutenant governor in 2008, Copeland is at the top of most lists of influential Republicans in Delaware.

Priscilla Rakestraw, ex-RNC commi tteewoman Rakestraw didn't seek reelection to her RNC post earlier this year but remains an influential party hand.

Michele Rollins, fundraiser Rollins is one of the state GOP's primary rainmakers. She entered the fray in 2010 during her run for Delaware's only House seat and remains a player in the state party.

Tom Ross, ex- state GOP chairman Ross has moved on to running his own business but is still a sought-after advisor to candidates.

Anthony Wedo, founder/CEO, Mainline Capital Advisors, LLC Wedo has toyed with the idea of making a run for office but is mainly an active fundraiser for GOP candidates and causes.

DEMOCRATS Bob Byrd, president, The Byrd Group A former state lawmaker and top lobbyist, Byrd is the classic insider. Candidates seek out his support and counsel on campaign strategy.

John Collins, campaign manager, Sen. Tom Carper Carper's veteran hand is one of the few top-level managers in the state.

Richard A. DiLiberto, Jr., partner, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor A former state lawmaker and past president of the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association, DiLiberto is considered a heavyweight lobbyist and party insider.

Ted Kaufman, former senator Kaufman was Vice President Joe Biden's political advisor before he stepped into the spotlight to fill his patron's former seat. He's an integral part of the party fabric.

John Daniello, chairman, Delaware Democratic Party A true party veteran, Daniello bleeds blue. Beginning his career as a county councilman in the 1960s, he's been a candidate, cabinet secretary and county party chair.

Rhode Island DEMOCRATS Devin Driscoll, consultant Driscoll worked his way up from the field to being the president's man in Providence in the 2012 cycle.

Bill Fischer, president, True North Communications He's perhaps the top Democratic consultant in the state after working every campaign cycle for the last 15 years. He does corporate work, too.

Eric Hyers, campaign manager, Cicilline for Congress Hyers got ex-Providence mayor, now Congressman Cicilline to Washington and was trusted with keeping him there in 2012.

Stephanie Mandeville, executive director, Rhode Island Democratic Party A prodigy of Bill Fischer's, Mandeville is expected to springboard off her party position back into the consulting world.

Ray Sullivan, campaign director, Marriage Equality Rhode Island A seasoned campaign pro, Sullivan was tapped to run the state's highest-profile issue campaign of the 2012 cycle.

REPUBLICANS Cara Cromwell, principal, Cromwell Public Affairs A long-time public affairs professional, Cromwell does everything from writing speeches to managing issue campaigns to consulting for candidates.

Patrick Mannix, consultant Mannix was the deputy campaign manager on John Robitaille's 2010 gubernatorial run and remains wellrespected in the party.

Ian Prior, consultant An attorney by trade, Prior managed Brendan Doherty's campaign for Congress and is widely considered one of the top GOP campaign managers in the state.

Holly Robichaud, owner, Tuesday Associates Robichaud has more than 20 years of experience managing campaigns from the local to the federal level. She's worked with the RNC, NRCC and NRSC.

Marie Zaccaria, chairman, Rhode Island Republican Party Zaccaria's a businessman by trade and has said he plans to return to the private sector when his term ends next March. He'll remain an influential leader in the party.

Southeast Maryland REPUBLICANS Kevin Igoe, founder, Igoe Associates Igoe is now getting high-profile out-ofstate work, but the former RNC deputy chief of staff is already an established figure in Maryland.

Don Murphy, consultant Murphy is a veteran operator in GOP circles and a former state lawmaker. He's now doing work out-of-state in addition to his Maryland gigs.

Lawrence Scott, Scott Strategies Inc.

He's actually a controversial figure in the state thanks to his PAC work. Some Republicans, including state legislators, can't stand him.

Corey Stottlemyer, consultant He does a lot of work in Western Maryland and has carved out a reputation as a solid general consultant.

Chevy Fleischman Weiss, consultant Weiss does a lot of local races in Cecil County in addition to advising Delegate Herb McMillan and others.

DEMOCRATS Michael Arlington, consultant Arrington, a consultant and lobbyist associated with the law firm Popham & Andryszak, knows the state Capitol from his time in the House of Delegates.

David Dixon, principal, Dixon/ Davis Media Group Dixon's firm handled media and headed strategy for Gov. Martin O'Malley's 2010 race.

Sean Malone, lobbyist, Harris Jones & Malone, LLC Malone has deep connections in state government circles through his longtime association with Gov. O'Malley, for whom he's managed campaigns and advised since his days in Baltimore.

Colleen Martin-Lauer, owner, Martin-Lauer Associates Martin-Lauer is one of the state's most prolific Democratic fundraisers. Her clients range from Gov. O'Malley on down.

Craig Varoga, owner, Varoga & Associates Another O'Malley veteran, Varoga also served as media consultant for Baltimore Mayor Stephanie RawlingsBlake.

Arkansas DEMOCRATS Beth Coulson, fundraiser One of the state's top rainmakers, Coulson's a person that if you have her blessing, and she hosts an event for you, people will show up with checkbooks in hand.

Robert McLarty, president, Markham Group His work ranges from consulting on presidential campaigns in Eastern Europe to running the successful effort for voters to approve a hike in Little Rock's sales tax last year.

Ben Noble, founder and president, Noble Strategies, Inc.

An under-40 lobbyist but of the old school: a Blue Dog in the vein of Bumpers and Berry, he embodies the gentlemanly Southern Democrat. He has key clients with deep pockets and long arms.

Skip Rutherford, University of Arkansas Rutherford is a deep-rooted insider in Arkansas politics with longstanding connections to Sen. David Pryor and former President Bill Clinton.

Debbie Willhite, founder, DkW Strategies She's a long-time consultant for Democratic candidates and progressive issues dating from her time on the Clinton-Gore campaign.

REPUBLICANS Keith Emis, partner, Diamond State Consulting His firm kicked the asses of the traditional GOP guys in the last round of primaries. They're a force to be reckoned with.

Kenneth Ryan James, principal, Paynal Consulting James still has a way to go in the Arkansas political world, but he's plugged in with Rep. Tim Griffin, who is now considered a GOP kingmaker in Arkansas.

Clint Reed, partner, Impact Management Group As a former executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, he knows his way around. Reed has some clients who are destined for big things, including state Rep.Terry Rice.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, principal, Tsamoutales Strategies Huckabee earned her stripes in the family business and is now part of the state's Republican brain trust.

Bill Vickery, consultant and radio host It would be difficult to imagine a more wired guy on the GOP side. Vickery has a weekly radio show and a local TV time slot too.

Alabama REPUBLICANS Chris Brown, co-founder, Southern Insights Brown has worked on both sides of the Alabama-Florida line. He's well known in the state GOP after having served as the party's executive director.

Brent Buchanan, senior partner, Public Strategy Associates Considered a great all around consultant who's helped Republicans get elected at all levels in Alabama.

David Mowery, founder, Mowery Consulting Group, LLC Mowery is a top fundraiser in the state and is known for helping candidates fundraise "A" Budgets.

Bill O'Connor, Franklin Resources Group O'Connor has extensive ties to the state's business community and a lengthy campaign resume. He's known for his communications expertise.

Dax Swatek, founding partner, Swatek, Azbell, Howe & Ross Swatek is close to ex-Gov. Bob Riley and state House Speaker Mike Hubbard, having advised their campaigns. He's a sought after campaign hand.

DEMOCRATS Ginger Avery, executive director, Alabama Association for Justice Avery is the political brain trust of the trial lawyers in Alabama- major players on the left.

Rick Heartsill, Direct Communications/Story Partners He has contacts on both sides of the aisle from his work for ex-Reps. Sonny Callahan and the late Rep. William Nichols. He's known as a 25-year grassroots and communications expert.

Dr. Henry Mabry, executive secretary, Alabama Education Association Mabry has taken over where Dr. Paul Hubbert left off at the AEA. Essentially, he's the top union boss in Alabama.

Zac McCrary, vice president, Anzalone Liszt Research McCrary isn't the best known at the Alabama-based polling firm, but he's their point man for any local work.

Steve Raby, owner, Direct Communications Raby was an aide to Sen. Howell Heflin before becoming a congressional candidate in 2010. He knows the state's Democratic politics inside and out.

Louisiana DEMOCRATS Ryan Berni, communications director, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu A James Carville alum, Berni is considered a rising star in Louisiana.

Michael Beychok, principal, Ourso Beychok His family has a long history in Louisiana politics. When there are meetings with the principal leaders in the state, Beychok or his partner Trey Ourso are in the room.

James Carville, consultant He doesn't actually take on clients in the state, but he's been very helpful in local New Orleans politics. A lot of folks head to his house for counsel.

Danny Ford, consultant An ex-state party executive director, Ford now runs a sought-after governmental affairs shop.

Luke Theriot, Agribusiness Management Consultants Theriot was ex-Rep. Charlie Melancon's right-hand man and remains influential despite his boss's retirement.

REPUBLICANS Alexandra "Allee" Bautsch, principal, Bautsch Group Bautsch has been in the headlines for reasons other than her fundraising for Gov. Bobby Jindal, but it's her skill as a rainmaker that gives her increasing sway in Louisiana and outside the state.

Joel DiGrado, communications director, Sen. David Vitter DiGrado, who is based in Louisiana, has been the senator's public voice now for several years, helping him through a tricky primary in 2010. Also worked on Rick Santorum's 2012 presidential bid.

John Diez, principal, Magellan Strategies Diez manages the firm's Baton Rouge office and is considered the top GOP pollster in the state.

Roy Fletcher, founder, Roy Fletcher Inc.

A deputy campaign manager for Sen. John McCain's 2000 presidential bid, Fletcher is a regular on the GOP side of the state's campaign world.

Jason Hebert, partner, The Political Firm Together with his partner Scott Hobbs, he runs one of the most respected GOP consulting shops in the state. Hebert ran President George W. Bush's campaign in Colorado in 2004.

Florida REPUBLICANS Sally Bradshaw, consultant Bradshaw has advised everyone from ex-Gov. Jeb Bush to Mitt Romney. She currently sits on the Florida State Board of Education.

Brett D oster, founder and president, Front Line Strategies He served as Romney's Florida advisor after graduating through the ranks of the Bush family campaign world.

David Johnson, consultant, David Johnson Group Johnson is the go-to man for GOP state lawmakers facing competitive races. As a former executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, he knows the terrain well.

Marc R. Reichelderfer, president, Landmarc Strategies, Inc.

Reichelderfer is the establishment consultant in the GOP having worked for presidential candidates such as Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney. He also lobbies Tallahassee for large business and medical concerns.

Susie Wiles, managing partner, Ballard Partners Wiles was Gov. Rick Scott's campaign manager. Since that 2010 race, her seal of approval has been sought by officeseekers around the state.

DEMOCRATS Jackie Lee, founder, Sunstream Strategies Lee worked campaigns nationally before settling in Florida. Lee managed the state's Fair Districts Florida campaign and was the general election director for Obama in 2008.

Steve Schale, president, Schale Strategies He was President Obama's Florida state director in 2008 and his campaign's advisor in the state in 2012.

Dylan Sumner, SVP, Mack Crounse Group Sumner is one of the top direct mail consultants in the South. He did the mail for President Obama's 2008 efforts in Virginia and Florida, both of which he won.

Ashley Walker, Florida state director, Obama for America Walker was the deputy state director for Obama in Florida in 2008 before moving over to run the OFA operation.

Screven Watson, partner, The Chase Law Firm Watson has helped several Democrats run for statewide office in Florida, including Rod Smith and Dave Aronberg.

Georgia DEMOCRATS Tim Alborg, president, Landslyde LLC Alborg spent three years running the financial side of the Georgia Democratic Party. That remains his specialty, but the firm is expanding its reach into campaign management.

Chris Carpenter, partner, Peachtree Battle Group A top aide to ex-Gov. Roy Barnes, Carpenter has a long history in state government. He's also worked campaigns at the local, state and national level.

Allan Crow, president, Allan Crow & Associates Crowe is a renowned media strategist who came up as a grassroots strategist.

Cabrai Franklin, senior director, Franklin Communications LLC Democratic politics in Georgia are mostly described as "urban" politics. Franklin knows the community and has led messaging strategy, direct mail programs and GOTV efforts for the state party.

Bobby Kahn, owner, LUC Media Group He's one of the most feared media consultants in the state. Kahn is known for his willingness to go after an opposing campaign, even in the primaries.

REPUBLICANS Heath Garrett, founding member, Comm36o Part of Sen. Johnny Isakson's inner circle, Garrett is a skilled strategist who wears the hats of attorney, political advisor and PR man.

David E. Johnson, CEO and cofounder, Strategic Vision LLC Johnson is one of the top pollsters in Georgia. His firm also does PR and general consulting.

Chip Pearson, founding partner, Pendleton Consulting Group A former state lawmaker who chaired the Senate Economic Development Committee, Pearson has deep connections in Atlanta and in the business community.

Mark Rountree, president, Landmark Communications Inc.

A strategist and pollster, Rountree is the go-to man for GOP legislative candidates.

Jay Williams, Chief Creative Officer, Stoneridge Group He's a top mail consultant whose clients include Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Gov. Nathan Deal. Williams also worked nationally for Sen. John McCain during his presidential run.

Kentucky REPUBLICANS Jesse Benton, campaign manager, Sen. Mitch McConnell After working on Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaigns Benton has successfully moved into the Republican mainstream.

D. Brett Hale, SVP, Churchill Downs Incorporated Hale is one of the top corporate and government relations professionals in the state.

Ted Jackson, founder, Spalding Group Jackson's firm has worked in some capacity for the past six Republican presidential nominees. He's also a partner at Peritus Public Relations, a Louisville-based marketing agency.

Scott Jennings, principal, RunSwitch Public Relations A veteran of the George W. Bush White House, Jennings has run campaign efforts for former Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

John McCarthy, managing principal, McCarthy Strategic Solutions He's considered one of the top government relations professionals in the state.

DEMOCRATS Danny Briscoe, CEO, The Briscoe Group Briscoe's a well-connected former chairman of the state Democratic Party Jim Cauley, founder, Jim Cauley Consulting Cauley successfully guided Steve Beshear's campaign in 2007 and later served as his chief of staff.

Dale Emmons, founder, Emmons & Company He's one of the most sought after Democratic consultants in the state. Currently serves as president of the American Association of Political Consultants.

W. Terry McBrayer, senior partner, MML&K McBrayer is a Democratic superdelegate and DNC committeeman. A former chairman of the state party, he's still sought after for advice.

J. Chris Nolan, lobbyist, MML&K A former political journalist, Nolan is now one of the top lobbyists and communications pros in Louisville.

Mississippi DEMOCRATS Brad Chism, partner, Zata 3 Chism splits his time between Washington and Mississippi. He's one of the state's top voter contact consultants.

Jonathan Compretta, attorney, Mike Moore Law Firm Compretta is a lawyer in private practice with Mike Moore, the ex-attorney general who was part of the case that wrangled the $246 billion settlement from the tobacco industry.

Derrick Johnson, president, Mississippi NAACP He has deep ties to state government and the state's African-American community, for which he serves as political advisor.

Pam Johnson, executive director, Mississippi Association for Justice Johnson is the political advisor to the trial lawyers, who are key players in the state's Democratic politics.

Jere Nash, consultant Nash is one of the state's best known Democratic operatives. He's consulted for a plethora of candidates and progressive causes.

REPUBLICANS Austin Barbour & Arnie Hederman, partners, Clearwater Group Hederman is a former state GOP chairman and lobbyist while Austin Barbour, nephew to Haley, served as a deputy to top Romney adviser Stuart Stevens.

Henry Barbour, partner, Capitol Resources LLC The nephew of Haley Barbour has become an established strategist in his own right. A lobbyist by trade, he also serves as an RNC committeeman.

Justin Braswell, consultant A newcomer to Mississippi, Braswell managed Tate Reeves' campaign for lieutenant governor last year. After a surprise win, he decided to put down roots in the state.

Quinton Dickerson & Josh Gregory, co-owners, Frontier Strategies LLC These guys are widely considered the top ad makers in the state. Gregory has consulted for Haley Barbour and Rep. Gregg Harper. Dickerson, meanwhile, is one of the top business leaders in Mississippi.

Brian Perry, partner, Capstone Public Affairs He's known as a communications expert after stints as the Mississippi GOP's political director, the Mississippi Family Council's communications director and, of course, a spokesman for Gov. Barbour's 2007 reelection campaign.

North Carolina REPUBLICANS John Davis, president, John Davis Consulting Davis is known for his ability to analyze a candidate's chances of success. He's a hybrid of Charlie Cook and a state-level political consultant.

Tom Fetzer, founder and president, Fetzer Strategic Partners He's lobbied for some of the top business concerns in the state. Fetzer's also a former state Republican Party chairman and one-time mayor of Raleigh.

Dana Simpson, partner, Smith Anderson A top Republican lobbyist, he's got the ear of state lawmakers and can help candidates raise big money.

Carter Wrenn, RTH Consulting Wrenn knows about running tough campaigns after helping elect the late Sen. Jesse Helms three times. He's also worked for presidential and statewide candidates. He has a strong partner in Richard Hines.

Chris Sinclair, partner, Cornerstone Solutions He has deep ties to the state's business community after leading the NC Manufactured Housing Association in the mid 1990s. Knows how to mobilize the grassroots around a cause.

DEMOCRATS Brad Crone, founder, Campaign Connections After starting his long career at small newspapers and local radio stations, Crone "knows something about the politics of any county." You could say he's got friends in low places, which is helpful if you're running for office.

Mike Davis, president, Mike Davis Public Relations An old campaign warhorse, Davis managed Jim Hunt's successful gubernatorial campaign in 1992. He's since consulted for state-level and national races.

Scott Falmlen, partner, Nexus Strategies Together with his partner, Morgan Jackson, their firm is sought after for strategic counsel, particularly for gubernatorial campaigns.

Bruce Thompson, partner, Parker Poe Now a top lobbyist, Thompson advises top Democrats in the state including Sen. Kay Hagan. He served on Hillary Clinton's national finance committee.

Andrew Whalen, consultant, Blue Dog Coalition A former state party executive director, he's managed successful campaigns for Rep. Heath Shuler.

South Carolina DEMOCRATS Phil Bailey, consultant He's known in the state as the co-host of "Pub Politics," a weekly webcast, with GOP consultant Wesley Donehue. One of the few Democratic operatives left in South Carolina.

Carey Crantford, owner, Crantford Research The only S.C.-based Democratic pollster, Crantford's services are in demand. He also serves as a general consultant to candidates.

Tyler M. Jones, executive director, House Democratic Caucus Jones knows most of the left side of the state after his stint as executive director of the South Carolina House Democratic Caucus.

Amanda Loveday, executive director, South Carolina Democratic Party It goes without saying that top party officials have influence, but Loveday is a seasoned operative who has highlevel fundraising experience. She's one of the state's few rising stars on the Democratic side.

Lachlan Mcintosh, owner, Mcintosh Consulting After stints with well-known Palmetto State Democrats including Fritz Hollings, Jim Hodges and Joe Riley, Mcintosh has deep ties in the state. Owns one of the few full-service progressive firms in South Carolina.

REPUBLICANS Wesley Donehue, CEO, Donehue Direct He's helped Republicans such as Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Joe Wilson build an online presence and rake in fundraising dollars. His firm has attracted some of the top political talent in the state.

Richard Quinn, principal, Richard Quinn Consulting Associates Quinn is a close advisor to Sen. Lindsey Graham and has worked for national Republicans during presidential seasons. His son Richard Quinn, Jr. runs a mail firm, making the Quinns a political consulting dynasty of sorts.

Ruth Burns Sherlock, partner, Sherlock & Gaines Consulting Group Sherlock helped Newt Gingrich pull offa surprise victory in South Carolina this primary cycle. Her talent has been recognized by other national Republicans.

J. Warren Tompkins, principal, First Tuesday Strategies He became executive director of the state GOP at the age of 29- and that was in 1981. After a long career, Tompkins remains influential.

Walter Whetsell, president, Starboard Communications Whetsell has advised everyone from Sen. Jim DeMint to the Republican National Committee. After two decades in the game, he knows the state's grassroots by the blade.

Tennessee REPUBLICANS Tommy Hopper, president & CEO, The Hopper Company Hopper is a former state GOP chairman known for his aggressive approach to confronting campaign rivals. He helped get Rep. Stephen Fincher, the farmer from Frog Jump, into Congress in 2010.

Tom Ingram, principal, The Ingram Group One of Sen. Lamar Alexander's most trusted aides, Ingram knows the players in Washington and Nashville. A soughtafter advisor, Ingram helped elect Gov. Bill Haslam in 2010.

Kim Kaegi, fundraising consultant Kaegi was the finance director for Sen. Bob Corker's 2012 reelection campaign. Republicans can't run statewide- and win- without her.

Chip Saltsman, consultant He's currently serving as chief of staff to Rep. Chuck Fleischmann after running his 2010 campaign. Saltsman is best known for his work on Mike Huckabee's 2008 presidential bid.

Ted Welch, fundraiser Welch is one of the top presidential fundraisers in the country. He helped lead Mitt Romney's Tennessee fundraising effort. Everyone wants him on board.

DEMOCRATS Charles Robert Bone, attorney, Bone McAllester Norton A wealthy entrepreneur and trial lawyer, Bone is one of the top rainmakers in the state. He was also President Obama's main money man in Tennessee.

Dave Cooley, principal, Cooley Public Strategies A former chief of staff to ex-Gov. Phil Bredesen, Cooley has fostered relationships on both sides of the aisle. His service on Gov. Bill Haslam's (R) inaugural committee in 2010 is just one example.

Doug Home, president, Home Properties, Inc.

Home is a former state party chairman with deep pockets. He's toyed with a statewide run, and remains one of the party's top rainmakers.

Nathan Poss, principal, JohnsonPoss Government Relations Poss is a successful Nashville lobbyist and fundraiser who knows the state's players after working for ex-Senate Speaker Pro Tern Robert Rochelle during his time at the helm.

John Rowley, president, Fletcher Rowley, Inc.

Together with his partner Bill Fletcher, Rowley has built one of the biggest Democratic media firms in the South. Their clients range from Nashville lawmakers to members of Congress to Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

Virginia DEMOCRATS Peter Brodnitz, principal, Benenson Strategy Group Brodnitz 's office might be in D.C., but he's an expert on Virginia where he helped Sen. Jim Webb win a highprofile victory in 2006.

C. Richard "Dickie" Cranwell, partner, Cranwell, Moore & Emick, P.L.C.

A former party chairman and state lawmaker, Cranwell now provides the link between his party and politically influential trial lawyers.

Mo EUeithee, partner, Hilltop Public Solutions A top communications expert, EUeithee is famous for his role on Hillary Clinton's 2008 race. But his roots are in Virginia, where he's consulted for Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner.

Mike Henry, consultant Henry managed Tim Kaine 's winning Senate race and is a veteran of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Henry knows the state inside and out.

Lisa Turner, president, The Turner Group LTD An expert on grassroots campaigning, Turner has advised national progressive groups and candidates, as well as local and state lawmakers.

REPUBLICANS Phil Cox, executive director, Republican Governors Association Before coming to the RGA, Cox managed Gov. Bob McDonnell's successful 2009 campaign. The Falls Church resident remains a sought after campaign expert in the Commonwealth.

Tom Davis, president/CEO, Republican Main Street Partnership Davis, a former seven-term congressman, is the consummate insider. He does everything he can to help his party win.

Dan Hazelwood, founder, Targeted Creative Communications On top of being a sought-after mail consultant for Virginia Republicans, he's trained some of the state's top operatives.

Chris LaCi vi ta, Advancing Strategies LLC Despite having a national profile, LaCivita has continued to consult for Virginia candidates, including Reps. Scott Rigeli and Robert Hurt in their 2010 races.

M. Boyd Marcus, Jr., partner, Marcus & Allen Together with his partner, Ray Allen, Jr., Boyd Marcus is one of the most influential consultants in the Commonwealth. He specializes in fundraising, grassroots mobilization and direct voter contact.

West Virginia REPUBLICANS Mark Blankenship, president and CEO, Mark Blankenship Enterprises He was a deputy campaign manager on ex-Gov. Cecil Underwood's reelection campaign before launching his career as a pollster. He's worked both sides of the aisle.

Patrick Esposito, attorney A Democrat-turned Republican, Esposito is a former technology executive who has worked on races for Bill Maloney and is close with Patrick Morrisey, the incoming GOP attorney general.

Chuck Flannery, consultant He's Rep. Shelley Moore Capito's campaign guy and has a lot of influence with her and the state GOP.

Conrad Lucas, chairman, state Republican Party Currently the youngest state chairman in the country, Lucas previously served as RNC victory director for West Virginia.

Greg Thomas, political director, West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Thomas is a GOP consultant who has worked some major IEs in West Virginia as well as efforts for gubernatorial candidates.

DEMOCRATS George Carenbauer, partner, Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC An old-school Dem, he's connected to former President Clinton. Plenty of Democrats still come to him for advice and his "blessing." Nick Casey, ex-state Democratic Party chairman A top attorney and lobbyist. Casey's not as powerful as Puccio, but he still has plenty of juice.

Amy Shuler Goodwin, communications director, Tomblin for Governor She's worked for ex-Gov. Bob Wise, and for Sen. John Kerry's campaign in the state, among others.

Michael Plante, owner, Plante & Associates, Inc.

Plante is the go-to general consultant for Democrats thanks to his effective management style.

Larry Puccio, chairman, state Democratic Party A lobbyist and former chief of staff to Joe Manchin, Puccio is one of the state's most influential Democratic insiders. D Midwest Ohio REPUBLICANS Jo Ann Davidson, president, JAD Associates Davidson is considered the gold standard in Ohio when it comes to GOP operatives. She helped George W. Bush win the state in 2004.

Rex Elsass, CEO, Strategy Group for Media He's Gov. John Kasich's lead media consultant. The firm has a lengthy list of state and federal candidates.

Doug Preisse, lobbyist Generally recognized as the most connected lobbyist in Ohio, he's also a skilled former operative who advises Gov. Kasich.

Mark Weaver, Politics Counsel Weaver has consulted on more statewide races in Ohio than just about any other consultant.

Tom Whatman, executive director, Team Boehner A former executive director of the Ohio GOP, he founded Strategic Public Partners before leaving to head up the political wing of House Majority Leader John Boehner's office.

DEMOCRATS Gerald Austin, owner, Gerald J. Austin & Associates, Inc.

He's co-chair of the Bliss Institute. Austin's worked for Jesse Jackson and advised Dick Celeste.

Andrew Fries, consultant A former chief of staff to Ted Strickland, Fries worked the winning Ohio labor ballot initiative in 2011.

Alan Melamed, president, Melamed Communications The former attorney founded his firm in 1999. Melamed has worked on issue campaigns in Ohio and with a laundry list of high profile Democrats.

Aaron Pickrell, principal, Midwest Gateway Partners He managed both of Ted Strickland's campaigns for governor, served as Obama's state director in 2008 and as senior advisor in 2012.

Jonathan Varner, president, Jonathan Varner & Associates Varner heads a firm that's widely recognized as one of the top Democratic direct mail vendors in the state.

Missouri DEMOCRATS Joyce Aboussie, president, Aboussie & Associates Aboussie was a key figure in former Rep. Dick Gephardt's political operation and is still a key player in St. Louis.

Jack Cardetti, Tightline Strategies As Gov. Jay Nixon's former communications director, Cardetti is still considered a trusted adviser.

Ken Morley, Tightline Strategies Morley helped Gov. Jay Nixon to a double-digit win in 2008 despite an Obama loss in the state. The firm has national reach with offices in D.C. and California.

Roy Temple, senior consultant, Cassidy & Associates A former executive director of the state Democratic Party, Temple has a long pedigree in Missouri politics.

Tony Wyche, founder, Soapbox Wyche founded the St. Louis-based consulting and public relations firm that counts Claire McCaskill and Robin Carnahan among its clients.

REPUBLICANS David Barklage, president, Barklage Company A longtime strategist to Peter Kinder, Barklage is one of the top Republican consultants in Missouri when it comes to statewide contests.

Dave Hageman, vice president, Victory Enterprises One of the go-to strategy hands when it comes to legislative races in Missouri. He has a reputation for recruiting solid candidates.

James Harris, founder and principal, The J. Harris Company He managed Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's successful campaign in 2008. Harris is a top consultant on ballot measures in the state and on state Senate races.

Robert Knodell, consultant A former political director of the Missouri GOP, Knodell oversaw historic GOP gains in the legislature when he headed the House Campaign Committee.

Jeff Roe, founder, Axiom Strategies Roe's firm offers strategic consulting and direct mail services to a wide array of clients inside Missouri and out. He's a former chief of staff to Rep. Sam Graves.

Iowa REPUBLICANS Brian Dumas, president, Victory Enterprises Dumas is the partner of Steve Grubbs, who gained some notoriety this cycle for advising Herman Cain in Iowa. Dumas, though, is more active on the political side.

Robert Haus, vice president, Policy Works LLC Haus advised Rick Perry's presidential bid in 2012 and remains a top, statelevel communications man for campaigns.

David Kochel, owner, Red Wave Communications He worked for Romney in the 2012 cycle, but his bread and butter is direct mail for numerous federal candidates.

Chuck Laudner, former executive director, Iowa Republican Party Laudner speciailizes in grassroots campaigns and has worked for prominent conservatives in the state including Rep. Steve King and Rick Santorum's presidential campaign.

Nicole Schlinger, founder, Campaign Headquarters She knows how to make it rain for conservative candidates.

DEMOCRATS Brad Anderson & Jeff Link, Link Strategies Anderson rose to prominence with former Sen. John Edwards, but then switched back to state politics to run communications for Chet Culver's gubernatorial win in 2006. And Link is easily the most prominent Democratic strategist in the state.

John Cacciatore, SVP, Policy Works He's a Des Moines lobbyist and former top aide to Tom Vilsack and Rep. Leonard Boswell.

Jerry Crawford, partner, Crawford & Mauro A Democratic lawyer and lobbyist, Crawford is a linchpin for the Democratic machine in Iowa.

Derek Eadon, consultant Eadon was President Obama's man in Iowa, serving as his general election director. Eadon has also led the coordinated campaign for the state Democratic Party.

Jesse Harris, principal, LS2 Group A born and bred Iowan, Harris has an extensive campaign resume that includes stints with labor and Sen. Tom Harkin.

Illinois REPUBLICANS Kevin Arti, political director, House Republican Organization Arti, who has experience at the presidential level, runs the GOP's state House campaigns and helps candidates navigate the fundraising world.

Eric Elk, chief of staff, Sen. Mark Kirk He was Kirk's campaign manager in 2010, helping guide the thencongressman to the upper chamber. He's one of the few Illinois GOP strategists to win statewide in recent memory.

Ryan McLaughlin, president, Mac Strategies Group McLaughlin's recent focus has been issue advocacy and public affairs. He ran Peter Roskam's inaugural campaign for Congress in 2006.

Craig Roberts, chief of staff, Rep. John Shimkus Roberts held several positions in state government before going to work for Shimkus. He's plugged into congressional operations and is a go-to guy for the party.

Lisa Wagner, fundrasier Wagner is a major fundraiser with deep connections in the region. She served as Mitt Romney 's Midwest finance director this cycle.

DEMOCRATS Eric Adelstein & Ann Liston, partners, Adelstein Liston Both started their careers as campaign managers and strategists and now focus on media for candidates at the presidential level on down.

Pete Giangreco & Terry Walsh, principals, The Strategy Group President Obama's mail guys are well respected and their expertise is sought after in Illinois and around the country.

Larry G risolano & John Küpper, partners, AKPD Message and Media These two leading strategists inherited the mantle from David Axelrod. Grisolano headed up Obama's media team in 2012.

Jason McGrath, vice president, GBA Strategies Perhaps the state's top Democratic pollster, McGrath works with Democrats around the country. He helped elect Rahm Emanuel mayor of Chicago.

Ken Synder & Terrie Pickerill, principals, Snyder Pickerill Media Group Another top media partnership, Snyder has experience as a campaign manager and Pickerill got her messaging experience working with Axelrod.

Michigan DEMOCRATS Jill Alper, Dewey Square Group Alper is one half of Michigan's political power couple along with husband David Katz. They reside in Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Amy Chapman, CEO7 ISSI Chapman led President Obama's winning effort in the state in 2008. Her prior is too long to list here.

Jim Curran, partner, Karoub Associates Curran's a lobbyist, but holds sway through his tight connections with labor and Democratic business interests.

Joe DiSano, partner, Main Street Strategies Along with his partner Todd Cook, DiSano is one of the go-to operatives for Michigan Democratic interests. He's formerly a staffer with Rep. John Dingell.

Mark Fisk, partner, Byrum & Fisk Advocacy Communications Fisk was the political director and top communicator for the Michigan House Democrats for almost a decade before becoming a private communications consultant and strategist.

REPUBLICANS Suzanne Miller Allen, chief of staff, Speaker James "Jase" Bolger She's been the chief of staff to either the state House speaker or Senate majority leader here in Michigan for the last 20 years. Nothing happens politically or legislatively that doesn't come into her field of view.

Steve Linder, partner, The Sterling Corporation Linder built Michigan's first multiclient political fundraising firm before joining the multi-faceted shop at Sterling.

Terri Reid, director of external affairs, Gov. Rick Snyder Reid is Snyder's top political adviser and insiders say she's about as influential as Allen. Reid was the Michigan GOP's political director before joining Snyder's administration.

Stu Sandler, CEO, Decider Strategies He forged bonds through the right side of the state during his stint as the executive director of the party and managed former Attorney General Mike Cox's 2010 bid for governor before setting up his own firm.

John Truscott, president, Trusscott Roseman Truscott 's a top message strategist who has served in government posts in addition to his campaign work. He has deep ties to the state's GOP establishment.

Minnesota REPUBLICANS Robert P. Cummins, president, Primera Technology A major rainmaker to the state GOP and conservative causes, Cummins founded the Freedom Club, a PAC and group of like-minded conservative donors.

Ben Golnick, principal, Golnick Strategies Golnick's boutique firm handles everything from grassroots mobilization to crisis communications for top GOP clients such as the Minnesota Senate Republican Victory Fund.

Jeff Larson, chief of staff, Republican National Committee Known as an "insider's insider," Larson is close with ex-Sen. Norm Coleman and ex-Gov. Tim Pawlenty. He's left his consulting practice to move to D.C., but remains influential back home.

Mike Osskopp, consultant Known as a bit of a pugilist, Osskopp is a former lawmaker and veteran staffer who previously worked for Rep. John Kline. He's considered a political player in the state.

Andy Parrish, consultant Parish, who was Rep. Michele Bachmann's chief of staff, was most recently the campaign manager for the Minnesota Marriage Initiative. It was defeated, but his influence hasn't take a hit.

DEMOCRATS Jeff Blodgett, state director, OFA A veteran of the late Paul Wellstone's Senate campaigns Blodgett wouldn't have been tapped to deliver the state if the Obama team didn't trust his skills.

Dan Cramer, co-founder, grassroots solutions Cramer has connections from his work for the late Sen. Paul Weilstone and Phil Carruthers. Now, he takes on a variety of clients ranging from congressional candidates to nonprofits and labor unions.

Mike Kennedy, Senate DFL Caucus A veteran operative with more than a decade of experience working on caucus election campaigns, Kennedy helps direct the state party's strategy and organization.

Andrew Kozak, president, North State Advisors & Associates Kozak represents some of the top business concerns in the state, including American Express and the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association.

Jerry Samargia, consultant, New Partners He was the main phone vendor for Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 and has consulted for several top Democrats in Minnesota.

Wisconsin DEMOCRATS Tanya Bjork, regional director, EMILY'S List She led the president's successful effort in the state in 2008 and has ties to labor and activists, not to mention a long resume of legislative experience. She's married to Scott Tyre, one of the state Democrats' best connections to corporate cash.

Sachin Chheda, partner, Nation Consulting He's the lead consultant for the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, which won every contested Democratic primary race it played in 2012. Together with partner Thad Nation they make a formidable team with business and political connections.

Heather Colburn, consultant She's held the title of national women vote director for the Obama campaign. Her resume also includes stints with EMILY's List, Planned Parenthood, the DSCC and Tammy Baldwin for Congress.

Marc Maratta, partner, Foley & Lardner LLP Marotta served in Gov. Jim Doyle's administration. As one knowledgeable source put it, he "makes a lot of things happen behind the scenes." Phil Walzak, senior advisor, Tammy Baldwin for Senate He's short on recent wins after consulting on both of Tom Barrett's unsuccessful gubernatorial bids, but has won with Sen. Herb Kohl and now with Baldwin.

REPUBLICANS Mark Graul, owner, Arena Strategy Group Rep. Mark Green's former chief of staff, Graul ran President Bush's 4 campaign in Wisconsin, and has since consulted on statewide, legislative and congressional races.

Bill McCoshen, managing partner, Capitol Consultants He served in then-Gov. Tommy Thompson's administration as the youngest cabinet secretary. He has since become the capitol's quintessential insider lobbyist, in a good way.

Tim Roby, owner, Putnam Roby Williamson Communications Roby learned his trade working under James Wood at Wood Communications Group- a top communications firm. He's since branched out to form his own successful shop.

Brian Schimming, partner, Midwest Strategy Group He served as chief of staff to Assembly Speaker David T. Prosser, Jr., before he was elected to the state Supreme Court. Schimming is also part of Tommy Thompson's world and is sought after for advice.

Darrin Schmitz, president, Persuasion Partners He has a number of big wins as a consultant, and most recently he's credited with guiding Tommy Thompson through a competitive GOP Senate primary. Schmitz knows the terrain from his time as executive director of the state party.

Indiana REPUBLICANS Anne Hathaway, president, Hathaway Strategies Hathaway is former aide to ex-V.P. Dan Quayle and a former RNC chief of staff who got Sen. Dan Coats through the 2010 primary. Hathaway is involved in just about everything in Indiana.

Eric Holcomb, chairman, Indiana Republican Party Holcomb is a key advisor to Gov. Mitch Daniels and an established party boss.

Patrick Lanne, partner, Public Opinion Strategies Lanne might be based in New York, but he's huge in Indiana. He works for the state party, most House members and helped Sen. Dan Coats return to Washington in 2010.

Kurt Luidhardt & Kristin Luidhardt, founders, The Prosper Group The Luidhardts' online strategy and fundraising firm has an expanding footprint in Indiana and nationally.

Cam Savage, regional political director, NRSC After managing Sen. Coats' 2010 general election race, Savage became deeply involved in Richard Mourdock's Senate race before the NRSC came calling.

DEMOCRATS Ann DeLaney, partner, DeLaney & DeLaneyLLC The former state Democratic chairwoman is a weekly Democratic TV panelist on "Indiana Week in Review" and the first woman candidate for lieutenant governor in Indiana.

Lacy Johnson, partner, Ice Miller LLP Johnson is a powerful Indianapolisbased attorney who was close to the late Rep. Julia Carson.

Dan Parker, chairman, Indiana Democratic Party A former aide to the Bayh clan, Parker's also had stints with ex-state House Speaker John Gregg and.exIndianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson. He spent the last decade building the party.

Jim Schellinger, fundraiser A former gubernatorial candidate, Schellinger is the founder of the Indiana Democratic Congressional Victory Committee.

Robin Winston, owner, The Winston Terrell Group Winston made headlines as the first African-American to chair a major party in Indiana. He's since become a trusted lobbyist and consultant.

Nebraska DEMOCRATS Susie Buffett, fundraiser A daughter of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Susie has gotten more active in political endeavors over the years. She's now a top contributor to candidates and causes on the left.

Gary Di Silvestro, consultant, Prairie Strategies A former policy advisor to Sen. Ben Nelson while he was governor, Di Silvestro is close with everyone, including Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle.

Paul Johnson, consultant He's widely considered one of the best operatives in the state. Before managing Bob Kerrey's 2012 Senate run, Johnson had a perfect record.

John Lindsay, lobbyist, O'Hara Lindsay & Associates Lindsay's firm represents trial lawyers in Nebraska. They often run an independent expenditure during legislative races, which Lindsay takes a hand in.

Kim Robak, partner, Mueller Robak,LLC Robak served as liuetenant governor in the 1990s and remains a top party insider who advises candidates and issue campaigns.

REPUBLICANS Sam Fischer, partner, Meridian Central Fischer has national clients, but he's based out of Omaha. He started at the state party and expanded his expertise over a long career.

Jessica Kolterman, director, NFBFPAC Kolterman's position is technically nonpartisan- she's the political braintrust of the Nebraska Farm Bureau. But in her past life she was a Republican operative. She exercises enormous influence over candidates and their campaigns.

Jessica Moenning, LSîGroup A former state GOP executive director, Moenning has collected more than a decade's worth of experience as a campaign manager and consultant.

Chris Peterson, president, CP Strategies Another state party alum, Peterson ran Sen. Mike Johanns' most recent reelection campaign.

Phil Young, principal, The Philip M. Young Company Young does a couple campaigns every cycle, but also does PR for trade associations and national corporations.

North Dakota REPUBLICANS Jonathan Casper, consultant Casper could be a future governor of North Dakota himself. He knows every donor in the state.

Lonnie Dietz, consultant The California native managed Rick Berg's Senate campaign.

Pat Finken, principal, Odney Advertising Finken's firm handles most of the advertising in the state for top Republican candidates.

Ron Rauschenberger, chief of staff, Gov. Jack Dalrymple He is without a doubt the most powerful GOP staffer/consultant in the state.

Paul O. Wilson, consultant Does plenty of high-level consulting work in the state and is well regarded by clients and competitors.

DEMOCRATS Tessa Gould, consultant A competent hand, Gould ran and helped win the highest profile race in the state in 2012.

Gulleson, consultant Gulleson spent 16 years in the state House, worked as a top staffer to ex-Sen. Byron Dorgan and advised the North Dakota Farmers Union. She even ran for Congress in 2012 and could do so again.

Joel Heitkamp, talk show host He makes his living as a talk show host, but is sought after for advice. Together with his sister Heidi he forms part of the Democratic brain trust.

LaRoy Kingsley, president, KK Bold Kingsley is a top ad maker in the state who worked this year's race for governor.

Jasper Schneider, state director, USDA Rural Development He's widely considered the Democratic boy wonder in the state. Schneider is sought after for advice and has a bright future.

South Dakota DEMOCRATS Mike Cole, principal, Michael Cole Communications He does speech writing and communications advising for Democrats in the state.

Nathan Daschle, CEO, He was the executive director of the Democratic Governors Association for three years. Together with his father, Daschle has one of the largest political networks in the state.

Brendan Johnson, U.S. Attorney The son of Sen. Tim Johnson, he's considered a future star in the party.

Theron McChesney, Maggie Varilek & Andy Wiese, partners, Ground Game Inc.

The upper echelon of Steve Hildebrand's former firm has broken off and started their own shop.

Mitch Stewart, Organizing for America Stewart is a son of South Dakota who could combine his national and statelevel networks.

REPUBLICANS Jason Glodt, GSG Strategies A former adviser to Gov. Dennis Daugaard, Glodt recently started his own firm with ex-state lawmaker Bob Gray and Rob Skjonsberg, a veteran GOP hand.

Scott Lawrence, president/CEO, Lawrence & Schiller Together with partner Scott Erickson, their firm has had the last two GOP governors as clients.

Matt McCaulley, partner, Murphy, Goldammer & Prendergast, LLP McCaulley is an effective insider. He does what it takes to help his party win.

Ryan Nelson & Doug Schwartz, consultants Both are Democratic strategists with a solid pedigree in the state. If Sen. Thune runs for president in 2016, they will be there.

Casey Phillips, cofounder, Red Print Strategy The South Dakota native, who started in 2002 with Sen. John Thune, is now on the national scene with the NRCC, but does a lot of work in his home state.

Southwest Texas REPUBLICANS Deirdre Delisi, partner, Delisi Communications Together with her husband Ted, she forms one half of Texas's premier power couple. A former Perry insider, she's gone on to found a successful communications firm.

Scott Howell, CEO, Scott Howell & Company Howell chose to base his firm in Texas after a long national career. He does media work around the country but also consults in state.

Jason Johnson, managing director, J2 Strategies Johnson runs just about everything in Texas now, including Ted Cruz's 2012 Senate race.

Rob Johnson, consultant Johnson has hitched his wagon to Gov. Rick Perry and helped him secure his governorship and enter the presidential arena. He's a respected strategist in the Lonestar State.

Josh Robinson, political director, Republican Governors Association Robinson has numerous Texas clients, which included Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in 2010 and state legislative candidates. He's the mastermind behind a few primary upsets.

DEMOCRATS Matt Angle, director, Texas Democratic Trust A former chief of staff to Martin Frost, Angle's group is responsible for doling out money and advice to state Democrats.

Harold Cook, consultant The Austin-based strategist has a resume almost as long as Texas is wide. He does everything from policy to press to campaign strategy.

Dan McClung, owner, Campaign Strategies Inc.

McClung's firm has been around for more than 20 years and in that time he's established himself as one of the state's best.

Dean Rindy, president, Rindy Miller Garcia Media Rindy has been the lead strategist on over 300 campaigns and received national recognition for his ad making.

Tommy Townsend, executive director, Texas Trial Lawyers Association Townsend is a top lobbyist and heads one of the party's top rainmaking organizations.

Oklahoma DEMOCRATS Ward Curtin, consultant He was Obama's man in Oklahoma for a time. Curtin formerly worked on Rep. Boren's campaigns. He's known as an experienced campaign hand who's now on the national scene.

Patrick J. Hall, president, The Capital Group, LLC A top lobbyist and old-school party insider, Hall is one of the state Democratic Party's grey beards and top consultant to candidates, causes and nonprofits.

Trav Robertson, executive director, Oklahoma Democratic Party Robertson could just as easily be on the South Carolina list after running Vincent Sheheen's 2010 gubernatorial campaign. He's brought modern campaign techniques to the state party and worked to promote a new generation of state-based consultants.

Michelle Tilley Johnson, founder, Tilley & Nichols Consulting An alum of President Obama's 2008 campaign, Tilley was also the deputy campaign manager on Jari Askin's 2010 gubernatorial run before founding her own firm.

Michael Whalen, vice chairman, Tulsa Democrats In addition to his background as a lawyer and party official, Whalen does campaign and fundraising consulting. He's helped the Tulsa party buy a permanent home.

REPUBLICANS Sharon Hargrave Caldwell, partner, CMA Strategies Caldwell's political resume is too long to list here. She's had experience at all levels and is one of the top leaders in the state GOP's consulting community.

Neva Hill, owner, Project Consultants LLC A high-profile political commentator in the Oklahoma City media market, Hill is also a respected consultant.

Fount Holland, partner, AH Strategies Trebor Worthen's partner at Majority Designs, Holland also runs an ad firm that has boasted some top GOP officials and candidates as clients.

Pat McFerron, director of survey research, Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates McFerron is part of the constellation of consultants and pollsters linked to Rep. Tom Cole. He's a sought after pollster and advisor.

Trebor Worthen, managing partner, Majority Designs A former state lawmaker and political director for the Oklahoma GOP, Worthen is now a sought after mail consultant.

Kansas REPUBLICANS Patrick Feeney, principal, The Dublin Group Feeney does fundraising for many of the top Republicans in Kansas and Missouri.

Matt Hickam, president, Hickam Public Affairs A veteran lobbyist and legislative hand, Hickam also runs advocacy campaigns for companies and causes.

Katie McGurk, founder, The KAM Ca McGurk does fundraising for Sen. Moran and a number of other GOP candidates and groups. McGurk also worked with Tim Pawlenty on his failed presidential bid.

Christian Morgan, Axiom Strategies With offices in D.C. and Kansas City, the firm blends a regional understanding with a national focus.

Jared Sunn, creative director, The Singularis Group Suhn and his partner !Cristian Van Meter are both Kansas Republican Party alums and have deep connections in the state that help them generate business.

DEMOCRATS Chris Cardinal, founder/partner, Huddle Strategic Relations Based on the Missouri side of Kansas City, Cardinal takes clients from both sides of the state line. He's known for his ability to mobilize the party's grassroots.

Colin Curtis, president, The Bison Group Curtis has ties to state lawmakers and labor making him a formidable lobbyist and campaign advisor.

Larry Jacob, partner, Dover Strategy Group Together with his partners Chris Esposito and Mark Nevins, Jacobs runs one of the state's top Democratic firms. He's known for direct mail, but can help build any aspect of a campaign.

Jake Lowen, founder/senior partner, Kansas Grassroots Together with Mike Gaughan, Lowen has built one of the most respected advocacy and engagement firms in the region.

Trey Ourso, partner, Ourso Beychok,Inc.

The Louisiana-based direct mail expert is a sought-after consultant in Kansas.

Nevada DEMOCRATS Jim Ferrence, CEO, Paladin Agency Ferrence was the political counsel to former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman for many years. He's also worked for several members of Congress, including former Rep. Dina Titus.

Dan Hart, owner, Dan Hart & Associates Hart runs a full-service consulting firm that does everything from communications to lobbying, which he's done for clients ranging from Caesars Entertainment to the Nevada State Education Association.

Jan L. Jones, executive VP, Ceasars Entertainment A former mayor of Las Vegas turned top casino executive, Jones connects her party to members of the state's business elite.

Rebecca Lambe, senior consultant, Cassidy & Associates Lambe masterminded Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's 2010-reelection victory. She's worked in Nevada for almost a decade and has essentially built the state party from scratch.

Billy Vassiliadis, CEO/principal, R&R Partners Vassiliadis plays both sides of the fence. He's advised President Obama's Nevada campaign and other top Democrats in the state, but his ad agency produces spots for the coal industry.

REPUBLICANS Michael Britt, VP of community and government relations, Wynn Resorts A veteran of Romney's 2008 campaign, Britt is the political advisor to Steve Wynn, one of the GOP's top money men.

Chris Carr, consultant Carr was ex-Sen. John Ensign's campaign manager in 2006 and ex-Gov. Jim Gibbons' deputy manager in 1994. He's also held lead roles at the RNC, NRCC and NRSC.

Ryan Erwin, owner, RedRock Strategies He takes on the lion's share of the campaign business in the state. His clients range from Reps. Mark Amodei and Joe Heck to Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki.

Greg Ferraro, president/founder, The Ferraro Group He's stepped back from the campaign world, but remains highly influential in Nevada politics. Ferraro's still a lobbyist and fundraiser.

Mike Slanker, partner, November Inc.

Erwin's former business partner, Slanker takes up another big slice of the consulting market. He advises Sen. Dean Heller and Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Utah REPUBLICANS Ivan DuBois, executive director, Utah Republican Party DuBois ran the Mia Love campaign against Rep. Jim Matheson in addition to his regular party duties.

Dave Hansen, consultant Hansen is a long-time advisor to Sen. Orrin Hatch and served as his campaign manager in 2012.

Jason Powers, managing partner, Guidant Strategies He ran the program for Club for Growth against ex-Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010. Powers also does a ton of legislative races in the state.

Chuck Warren, partner, Silver Bullet, LLC Warren has been around forever. He was involved in Jon Huntsman, Jr.'s campaigns for governor and Sen. Mike Lee's 2010 race.

La Varr Webb, consultant He may not be universally liked in Utah political circles, but Webb is widely considered one of the state's sharpest consultants.

DEMOCRATS Jim Dabakis, chairman, Utah Democratic Party A co-founder of Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center, Debakis was a prominent LGBT activist before ascending to the party leadership.

Jim Gonzales, managing partner, The Target Group A lobbyist and consultant, Gonzales is a hands-on advisor to many Democratic lawmakers in the state.

Nicholas Holland, director, Utah Working Families A former aide to Rep. Matheson and now one of the state's top labor organizers, Holland's roots in the party are deep. His father, Wayne Holland Jr., is a former party chairman.

Matt Lyon, executive director, Utah Democratic Party Before taking the reins of the party, Lyon was a prominent campaign manager for top candidates including state lawmakers and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.

Justin Miller, campaign manager, Ben Mc Adams for County Mayor Miller has become a go-to manager for top local races in the state.

New Mexico DEMOCRATS Caroline Buerkle, cofounder, Buerkle&Ning Buerkle has used her national experience to successfully manage several state and local-level campaigns. Together with her partner Natasha Ning, her firm is sought after in New Mexico.

Dave Contarino, president, Contarino & Associates He was ex-Gov. Richardson's 2008 presidential campaign manager. The Massachusetts native is mentioned in his book seven times.

Amanda Cooper, consultant Cooper has an extensive political network from her time on ex-Gov. Bill Richardson's staffand through her step father-Sen. Tom Udall.

Sean Marcus, fundraiser Marcus is one of the state's top rainmakers on the Democratic side.

Alan Packman, consultant An experienced grassroots campaigner with connections to progressive causes in the state.

REPUBLICANS Bob Cornelius, founder/CEO, 90 Degrees Agency A conservative ad man plugged into the Southeastern Baptist Association and the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico.

Adam Feldman, founder, Red Tag Strategies A former executive director of the state party under then-chairman Allen Weh, Feldman now has a growing client list.

Andrea Goff, fundraising consultant Goff is Rep. Steve Pearce's go-to rainmaker and has organized some of the biggest fundraising events ever held in New Mexico for the RNC and Mitt Romney.

Jay McCleskey, president, McCleskey Media Strategies An experienced ad man, McCleskey advised Gov. Susana Martinez during her 2010 run and and remains her chief political advisor.

Doug Turner, founder/CEO, DW Turner Inc.

He's taken a turn as a candidate and manager in separate gubernatorial contests. Turner knows the campaign and corporate public relations worlds.

Arizona REPUBLICANS Stan Barnes, president, Copper State Consulting Group Barnes is a major Republican fundraiser and backroom dealmaker. He has deep connections in the state legislature after serving in both chambers.

J. Charles "Chuck" Coughlin, founder, High Ground Public Affairs Consultants He has a reputation as one of the best political operatives in the state after managing hundreds of races, including those of Sen. John McCain. He's now a senior adviser to Gov. Jan Brewer.

Kevin DeMenna, president, DeMenna & Associates A long-time Copper State political insider, DeMenna is still at the top of the game.

Wes Gullett, founding partner, FirstStrategic He was a senior hand for Sen. McCain for a number of years before making a run for mayor of Phoenix in 2011. Gullett remains a top communications strategist despite losing his bid.

Constantin Querard, founder, High Noon Campaign Products His direct mail and media firm has been involved in several high-profile state and federal races. He's made a mint advising Tea Party groups.

DEMOCRATS Barry Dill, partner, FirstStrategic Dill cemented himself as a top Arizona consultant when he served as senior advisor and strategist on Janet Napolitano's 2006 reelection campaign.

Fred DuVaI, principal consultant, DuVaI & Associates DuVaI leveraged his work as an aide to former President Bill Clinton into a successful consulting business. His work on the Arizona Board of Regents enhanced his connections.

Rodd McLeod, consultant McLeod was a consultant to ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and also helped elect Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. He served as general consultant to Richard Carmona in 2012.

Ron Ober, founder, Policy Development Group Inc.

After cutting his teeth in the camp of ex-Arizona Sen Dennis DeConcini, Ober has become the go-to man for political advice from across the spectrum.

Robbie Sherwood, director of Arizona operations, Strategies 360 Sherwood, a former political reporter, was a senior advisor for ex-Rep. Harry Mitchell and was press secretary on Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton's successful 2011 campaign.

California DEMOCRATS Anne Gust Brown, first lady, California The first lady of California, Brown is an attorney by trade who acts as one of her husband's closest advisers.

Gale Kaufman, president, Kaufman Campaign Consultants A nemesis of ex-Gov. Schwarzenegger, she's defeated initiatives, led issue groups and served on corporate boards.

Paul Mandabach, president, Winner & Mandabach Campaigns A ballot measure specialist, Mandabach has been the point man on Democratic issues.

Averell "Ace" Smith, partner, SCN Strategies A California consultant with a wealth of national experience, Ace is known inside the state and around the country as a sharp, effective campaign manager.

Garry South, principal, The Garry South Group A veteran of too many races to list here, South is a high-profile consultant who can add weight to any campaign.

REPUBLICANS Charles H. Bell, Jr., senior partner, Bell, Mc Andrews & Hiltachk, LLP Bell is one of Sacramento's attorney insiders. He holds real sway with power brokers in the state capítol.

Rick Claussen, partner, Goddard Clausen West He took redistricting away from Sacramento politicians in one of a series of prop victories and dabbles in banking on the side.

Tom Hiltachk, managing partner, Bell, Mc Andrews & Hiltachk, LLP He's Bell's partner and a big part of the legal money team in the state.

Wayne Johnson, president, The Wayne Johnson Agency; CEO, gateway Media; CEO, Smith Johnson Research Johnson is a veteran media consultant who knows the business inside out.

Charles Munger Jr., fundraiser He's spread around the Berkshire Hathaway money and political influence. He's a go -to rainmaker for the GOP.

Colorado REPUBLICANS Philip Anschutz, fundraiser Colorado's richest resident, he's the money behind several conservative issue pushes, including anti-gay marriage initiatives.

Katy Atkinson, founder, Katy Atkinson & Associates A former Colorado House member, she's advised top candidates and businesses on public policy issues.

Michael Beasley, president, 5280 Strategies, LLC A former top staffer to Gov. Bill Owens, Beasley has access inside the state Capital.

Maria Garcia Berry, CEO, CRL Associates A top business and public affairs advisor to companies and candidates, she's the other half of the Colorado power couple that includes Chuck Berry, a former Speaker of the state House.

Rob Witwer, general counsel, Southwest Generation Working at the intersection of politics and business, Witwer is a former state House member and knows most Republicans in the state.

DEMOCRATS Joannie Braden & Rick Ridder, cofounders, RBI Strategies & Research They're partners at one of the top Democratic consulting firms in the state.

Cole Finegan, managing partner, Hogan Lovelle Finegan served as city attorney of Denver and chief of staff to John Hickenlooper before he became governor. He remains part of the kitchen cabinet.

Jill Hanauer, president/CEO, Project New America She spent years in DC as an issue advocate before returning to Colorado in 2000 to found Project New America. Her support is enormous for aspiring candidates.

Craig Hughes, managing director, RBI Strategies and Research Hughes recently returned to the firm after managing Sen. Michael Bennet's primary and general election campaigns. He's worked for the Clintons and President Obama.

Fofi Méndez, president, Méndez Consulting Inc.

Méndez is a highly successful ballot initiative campaign manager who knows the state's growing Latino community well and also lobbies for Planned Parenthood.

Northwest Idaho DEMOCRATS Brian Cronin, SVP Idaho operations, Strategies 360 A former state lawmaker, digital marketing agency vet and press secretary on statewide and local campaigns, Cronin specializes in strategic communications.

Shauneen Grange, consultant Grange is considered a field guru. She's been involved in a lot of successful initiatives and is close with the longtime mayor of Boise, Dave Bieter.

Larry Grant, chairman, Idaho Democratic Party Grant has twice sought to get himself elected to Congress, but now settles for helping his side improve its competitiveness. He's helped immensely with recruiting.

Marc Johnson, partner, Gallatin Public Affairs A top advisor and aide to ex-Gov. Cecil D.Andrus, Johnson is one of the party's greybeards in the state.

Isaac Squyres, partner, D avies Moore Squyres Squyres is one of the state's top Democratic ad men and is sought after for his messaging expertise.

REPUBLICANS Jason Lehosit, owner, Meridian Resources LLC The go-to guy for local campaigns, Lehosit also has ties to the state GOP after serving as executive director.

Jeff Malmen, vice president, Idaho Power A former chief of staff to Gov. CL. "Butch" Otter, Malmen is considered to be one of the wisest GOP insiders.

Mike Reynoldson, government affairs manager, Micron Reynoldson has his fingers in all things political in Idaho. A former PvNC man, he ran Sen. Larry Craig's reelect in 1996.

Jayson Ronk, VP, Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry The IACI is Idaho's version of the Chamber of Commerce. Ronk oversees the organization's legislative IEs.

Greg Strimple, president, GS Strategy Group Strimple polls for GOP candidates around the country, but he's plugged into the local scene and has friends across the aisle.

Oregon REPUBLICANS Chuck Adams, co-founder, Adams & Company The leading consultant to GOP legislative caucuses and candidates for over 20 years, Adams pioneered the use of social media for Oregon causes.

Lori Hardwick, president, Lori Hard wick Fundraising, Inc.

For 15 years, she's been one of the state's leading political fundraisers. She forms one of the states political power couples with her husband, Dan Lavey.

Dan Lavey, partner, Gallatin Public Affairs A former state legislative strategist and top advisor to ex-Sen. Gordon Smith, Lavey now works at the intersection of business and politics.

Bob Moore, president, Moore Information, Inc.

For 30 years, Moore has been the go-to pollster for Oregon GOP candidates and business interests.

Rick Thomas, partner, Quinn Thomas Public Affairs The rising star strategist is a close advisor to state GOP Chairman Allen Alley, not to mention GOP legislative and congressional candidates.

DEMOCRATS Lisa Grove, founder, Grove Insight Working from both Hawaii and Portland, she is the go -to pollster for major Democrat candidates and ballot measure campaigns in Oregon.

Liz Kaufman, consultant A top strategist for liberal causes and school funding measures, Kaufman consulted for Charlie Hales's Portland mayoral race.

Kevin Looper, consultant A top political strategist to Oregon's powerful public employee unions, Looper's known as a GOTV expert.

Anna Richter-Taylor, principal, Gallatin Public Affairs She's a longtime communications director and confidante to ex-Gov. Ted Kulongoski and an expert crisis communicator.

Mark Wiener, founder, Winning Mark, LLC He's a long-time strategist for nearly every candidate seeking office in the city of Portland. He's also led successful issue campaigns.

Montana DEMOCRATS Barrett Kaiser, partner, Hilltop Public Solutions A former top aide to Sen. Jon Tester, Kaiser runs the firm's Montana office and serves as Hilltop's director of Western operations.

Harper Lawson, treasurer, JET PAC He ran Brian Schweitzer's gubernatorial campaign back in 2008. This past year, Lawson headed a Montana-based Super PAC that propped up key Dems in the state.

Doug Mitchell, managing director, Montana Land Reliance Given the state's geography, Mitchell is a key player.

CB Pearson, SVP, M + R Strategic Services Pearson, who directs the firm's Missoula office, is known for his grassroots organizing skills.

Adam Pimley, principal, Sage Creek Solutions Pimley has earned a reputation as one of the state's top public relations professionals.

REPUBLICANS Mark Baker, fundraiser Baker is a lawyer and top Republican fundraiser in the state. He chaired Mitt Romney's Montana finance team.

Chuck Denowh, president, The Montana Group Ran Rick Hill's gubernatorial campaign and served as Mitt Romney's campaign director in 2008. The former executive director of the state party is a key GOP player.

Erik Iverson, owner, Iverson Strategic, LLC The former chairman of the Montana GOP ran Rep. Denny's Rehberg's Senate campaign.

Mark Taylor, senior partner, Browning Kaleczyc Berry Hoven.

A healthcare law expert, Taylor has an extensive client list and deals with the Montana Legislature as well as the state and federal courts.

Jason Thielman, consultant He's a veteran hand of Bob Brown's many campaigns, including his 2004 bid for governor. Thielman led Bozeman-area businessman Steve Daines' successful campaign to succeed ex-Rep. Denny Rehberg.

WashingtonState REPUBLICANS Brett Bader, president, Madison Communications Bader has worked major campaigns in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Randy People, campaign manager, Rob McKenna for Governor The attorney general's former chief of staff, Pepple has grown into a respected GOP consultant.

Chris Vance, former chairman, Washington State Republican Party A campaign consultant and frequent media commentator, Vance is a former state lawmaker who has become sought-after for advice.

J. Vander Stoep, lobbyist, W2A A former staffer for ex-Sen. Slade Gorton, he's considered a top player even by Democrats.

Kirby Wilbur, chairman, Washington State Republican Party Wilbur was a top player before he became the state party chairman. He's also an occasional guest host for Sean Hannity.

DEMOCRATS Ron Dotzauer, co-founder, Strategies 360 His firm is a force, and he may be the one person in his generation of consultants who's built a legacy.

Kelly Evans, partner, Sound View Strategies Evans is an experienced general consultant who managed Suzan DelBene's congressional race in 2012 and Gov. Christine Grégoire 's race in 2008.

Dan Kully, partner, KuUy Hall He does a ton of ballot initiative work in the state and has national reach going back to his time as the media consultant for Sen. Jon Tester.

Tracy Newman, partner, Sound View Strategies She's a top-notch finance consultant who's perhaps the most powerful consultant in Washington State.

Christian Sinderman, founder, Northwest Passage Consulting He's a general consultant for state House Speaker Frank Chopp and other state lawmakers. He also works for the state Democratic Party.

Wyoming DEMOCRATS Kim Floyd, board member, Wyoming Wildlife & Natural Resource Trust As the executive secretary for the Wyoming State AFL-CIO, Floyd's a must for Democrats on campaigns.

Dave Freudenthal, former governor He is still sought after for advice and counsel and swings tremendous weight with Democrats in the state.

Bill Luckett, consultant Now based in Oregon, the former Casper Star-Tribune reporter did a long stint as state party executive director. He's still tight with local Democrats.

Mike Sullivan, former governor Out of office since the mid-1990s, Sullivan isn't the first name that springs to mind. Still, he remains a party insider and one who helps keep the Democratic side operational in the increasingly red state.

Robin Van Ausdall, executive director, Wyoming Democratic Party He's one of the few pros on the Democratic side keeping the lights on and the trains running on time in the state.

REPUBLICANS Liz Brimmer, founding partner, Brimmer Communications Brimmer is a veteran of the late Sen. Thomas's campaigns and is close with Barrasse Scott Cottington, partner, The Voyageur Company Despite being based in Minnesota, Cottington boasts a long list of top Wyoming clients including Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso.

Gale Geringer, owner, Gale Geringer, LLC She was a top aide and manager for the late Sen. Craig Thomas and has earned her battle scars, including helping Sen. Enzi through some tough campaigns.

Bill Novotny, consultant Novotny's Wyoming clients have ranged from Gov. Matt Mead to excongressional candidate Mark Gordon. During the 2012 cycle, he managed Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci's campaign.

Dave Picard, founder, The Wyoming Group, LLC A veteran hand, Picard has advised Sen. Barrasso and a number of other top Republicans.

Alaska&Hawaii Alaska REPUBLICANS Art Hackney & April Hackney, cofounders, Hackney & Hackney The power duo has worked for the late Sen. Ted Stevens, Rep. Don Young and other top Republicans in the state. The firm also does media work for American Crossroads.

Marc Hellenthal, owner, Hellenthal & A ssociates After three decades in the business, Hellenthal has established himself as the top GOP pollster in Alaska.

Willis Lyford, SVP, Porcaro Communications Lyford has worked for some of the state's most prominent elected officials. He's known as a skilled media strategist and marketer.

Kara Moriarty, executive director, Alaska Oil and Gas Association A former head of the Fairbanks chamber of commerce, Moriarty has D.C. connections from her time working for Sen. John Thune when he was just a congressman.

Ralph Samuels, lobbyist, Holland America Line A former state lawmaker and candidate for governor, Samuels is now known for his work with Holland America. He's very involved with GOP races and is tight with Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

DEMOCRATS Vince Beltrami, president, Alaska AFL-CIO Beltrami raises and donates tons of money to candidates and Democratic causes. He's known as a real partisan professional.

Ethan Berkowitz, Alaska SVP, Strategies 360 A former state lawmaker, who made runs for Congress and the governor's office, Berkowitz now heads the firm's Alaska operation.

Robert Evans, Patton Boggs LLP Successful and well connected, Evans has friends on both sides of the aisle, including a close relationship with Sen. Murkowski.

Barney Gottstein, owner, Carr Gottstein Properties The head of an old time Democratic family, Gottstein is a retired businessman who gives gobs of money to candidates.

Deborah Williams, consultant A former executive director of the state party, Williams has strong ties to the environmental community and other activists in the party.

Hawaii REPUBLICANS David Chang, chairman/CEO, Chang Holding Company Chang is the state GOP chairman and a former legislative candidate. He's helped Republicans fundraise through his business connections.

Harvey Harlowe Hukari, president, Political Communications Splitting his time between San Francisco and Honolulu, Hukari is a sought-after advisor for his communications and direct mail skills.

Dylan Nonaka, partner, The Kahua Group A former executive director of the state GOP, Nonaka now operates one of the few full-service GOP firms in the state.

John Allan Peschong, partner, Meridian Pacific, Inc.

Peschong has a wealth of national experience through stints at the RNC and Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign. He also knows Hawaii and is a sought-after strategist, advising Gov. Linda Lingle and other top Republicans.

Keith Rollman, president, R Strategic Communications He's the go-to consultant at all levels for GOP candidates in Hawaii. Rollman is known for his advertising and communication specialties, but he also manages campaigns.

DEMOCRATS Barbara Ankersmit, president, QMark Research One of the top pollsters in the state, Ankersmit pioneered the use of focus groups in Hawaii.

RadclifFe, owner, RadclifFe & Associates, LLC A top lobbyist and consultant, he's one of the best-known Democrats in the state.

Goto Sabas, chief of staff Sen. Daniel Inouye Goto Sabas runs the senator's political operation in Hawaii. She's known as a heavy hitter with deep connections.

Linda Takayama, attorney, Hawaii 3Rs Generally described as a major player in Hawaii, in those exact words. Takayama has managed campaigns for Sen. Daniel Inouye.

Wilson, co-founder, McNeil Communications, Inc.

Together with his partner David McNeil, Wilson is part of one of the top communications firms in the state.

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