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Maxthon Max-3 Beats Chrome in Independent Speed Tests
[September 25, 2009]

Maxthon Max-3 Beats Chrome in Independent Speed Tests

BEIJING, Sept 25, 2009 /PRNewswire-Asia via COMTEX/ -- When an alpha version of Maxthon's Max-3 went head-to-head recently in benchmark tests conducted by the website Download Squad ( ), Maxthon's new browser beat Google Chrome in four of the seven tests and in the overall score.

Writer Lee Mathews used the V8 Benchmark Suite ( ) to test the two browsers in various tasks they must perform to display a website on the screen.

The two browsers scored as follows (higher numbers, shown in boldface, indicate faster operations): Maxthon Max-3 Google Chrome Richards 3,328 3,286 DeltaBlue 2,962 3,388 Crypto 2,823 2,725 RayTrace 4,576 4,160 EarleyBoyer 5,197 4,361 RegExp 976 946 Splay 4,692 5,594 Overall 3,143 3,127 Max-3 won four of the seven benchmark tests and the overall score running an alpha version of the browser that will be released early next year.

Downloads of the free alpha version of Max-3 are available at .

"Maxthon 3 puts up pretty competitive numbers," Mathews wrote. "In practical surfing on my core web apps and sites? It's just as fast as Chrome, if not just a hair faster." Mathews reasons that the big improvement in Maxthon's speed comes from the addition of the WebKit rendering engine riding in tandem with the engine Max has used for years, Trident. "Although Trident is slower than WebKit, we're keeping it in Max-3 because it's required for hundreds of thousands of web pages to display correctly," said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. Chrome and Apple's Safari also use the Webkit rendering engine.

The hybrid engine in Max-3 is controlled by an automatic switching mechanism that senses what kind of page the browser is retrieving and switches between Retro Mode (Trident) and Ultra Mode (Webkit) as needed.

When Max-3 is released in early 2010, it is expected to have a range of innovative, new features that have become the trademark of Maxthon browsers.

"With WebKit now under the hood, Maxthon 3 looks like it's ready to make some serious noise. Enthusiasts, get ready -- this is going to be a fun year when it comes to browsers," Mathews wrote.

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