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Sendio Fights Spam, Enhances E-mail Security with I.C.E. Box Updates
[June 08, 2007]

Sendio Fights Spam, Enhances E-mail Security with I.C.E. Box Updates

TMCnet Contributing Editor
Sendio, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of e-mail integrity products, assists enterprises maintain an uninterrupted flow of messages and safeguard their messaging environment with its anti-spam solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, its flagship product is Sendio I.C.E. Box, which restricts spam and unsolicited e-mails from entering enterprise networks.

I.C.E. Box was crafted bearing in mind the limitations of filter-based anti-spam solutions. It blocks spammed messages, at the same time safeguarding information and mails critical to enterprises. The solution has registered a 100 percent success rate in controlling spam and eliminating “false positives” completely. Not surprisingly then, it won a “best of the best” 2006 product of the year award from Government Computer News.
“IT professionals have grown tired of constantly hunting for lost e-mail and tuning spam filters that focus solely on security at the expense of communications reliability and effectiveness, and they are revolting against these 'guessing machines’,” said Kelly Anderson, CEO at Sendio, in a statement.
Anderson continued: “Our ability to eliminate all spam and other unwanted emails without the risk of accidentally losing legitimate messages allows businesses to once again trust their communications. This is the definition of email integrity.”

Recently the company initiated a complete service update to further enhance the features of its award-winning offering. This will help the enterprises to undertake a comprehensive inbound and outbound integrity check, not only to safeguard their own networks, but also networks of its connected parties. The enhanced product will restrict any accidental outflow of unwanted spam messages into the network.
Glen Damiani, IT Director of United Capital Markets, said in a statement, “As a financial trading company, we rely on rapid communications and decision making, and email is a vital tool that every employee uses constantly.”
Enumerating the benefits of the I.C.E. Box, he added, “We are also a constant target for individuals and organizations with criminal intent, so it is imperative that we protect the integrity of our business communications. This means we must both secure the company from attack and ensure we never miss a message. In the nine months that we've had our Sendio I.C.E. Box installed, we have not had a single piece of spam reach our users while billions of dollars of trading business has flowed smoothly.”
Damiani concluded: “In testing the new I.C.E. Box service update, we continue to be pleased with how easy the system is to administer, and our executives appreciate the added confidence that outbound integrity checking provides. We would never go back to a spam filter.”
The enhanced I.C.E. Box is equipped with the following features:
Outbound Message Stream Management—All messages sent by an enterprise can now be monitored as per corporate policies. The messages can also be checked for presence of any viruses. Additionally, the system keeps an account of the e-mail addresses of all the recipients to whom the enterprise’s outbound mails are directed and subsequently accepts any inbound messages from them. This enhances the email integrity feature, extending benefits to enterprise customers and partners.
Attachment Handling—I.C.E. Box adheres to corporate policies and accepts or rejects the attachments in an email according to their type, size and number of recipients it is addressed to. The process is followed for both inbound as well as outbound mails and ensures legitimate use of corporate emails by the employees.
Anti-Virus—The latest version of the I.C.E. Box incorporates anti-virus technology from Kaspersky Lab. It also includes a Zero-Hour verification process that reduces the chances of an accidental widespread virus attack during the process of an anti-virus update. These additions will defend the enterprise networks against hidden virus attacks.
“Virtually every corporation considers email to be their most important communications service because it is the vehicle for business processes such as bid responses, customer service and meeting scheduling,” said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company, a customer-insight analyst firm, in a statement. “This makes the integrity of the email service of paramount importance.”
Brockmann continued, “Our research shows that more than a third of businesses know they have lost business because an email didn't arrive. Users are fed-up with important messages being trapped by anti-spam filters and are highly receptive to new technologies such as the Sendio I.C.E. Box that work to restore user confidence. Clearly, it is time for a change.”

Sendio will make the upgraded I.C.E. Box available to its customers after a series of field tests.  It will be marketed through a network of value-added resellers and systems integrators. The market value of the box will depend upon the number of mailboxes it protects; price can either be paid in easy quarterly or yearly installments, depending upon the choice of the one, two, or three-year subscription plan.

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