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Electrocom Intros VoIP Intercom System for K-12 Schools
[November 03, 2006]

Electrocom Intros VoIP Intercom System for K-12 Schools

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It seems like almost every day we are bombarded by alarming news about our children and teachers in the school system being target of violent acts. We are seeing everything from youngsters bringing arms to schools, to adults gaining access and going on a shooting spree. It is very unfortunate that most of these cases end with multiple fatalities. It is obvious that schools’ staff need to find a better security system that could at least enable a view into what is happening inside the classrooms and alert security personnel if there is an emergency.

I came across a new VoIP-based intercom system launched by Electrocom today that seems to be a good option for the security systems in K-12 schools. The cool thing about the Telecenter VoIP system is that it uses existing data network cabling, key for schools, since this means that less investment will be required from the institution itself.

Telecenter VoIP Intercom is more than a paging system, it also enables the school’s staff to monitor and have hands-free two-way communication with any classroom in the facility remotely. The staff can broadcast emergency tones, page specific facility locations, and initiate prerecorded emergency announcements for school lock down from either inside or outside the facility via a cell phone.

“Intercom systems are not being installed in a number of schools, and that should concern all of us,” said Loren Timmons, educational consultant for Electrocom Communication and Sound in a statement released on Friday. “A communication system that is hands-free with two-way communication, integrated with facility wide paging, is now a vital and necessary tool in any emergency situation.”

It makes sense to install a system like this in our schools for our children and our teachers’ safety. It is great to know that VoIP could play a great role in keeping our schools safer.

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