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IPTV Enabler Believes Technology’s Full Potential Not Yet Realized
[November 11, 2005]

IPTV Enabler Believes Technology’s Full Potential Not Yet Realized

By Susan J. Campbell
According to Jeffrey Soong, CEO of Hong Kong-based Broadband Network Systems Ltd. (BNS), IPTV maintains a key advantage over cable and satellite operators. With the ability to offer content and services across multiple access platforms, IPTV is gaining momentum.

At the Ninth Economist Telecommunications Roundtable in Hong Kong this week, Mr. Soong argued that operators haven’t fully explored the full potential of this IP technology. Without exploring and experimenting with innovative business models to exploit IP’s advanced technology, operators could miss critical opportunities.

With the vast changes in content creation and distribution in recent years, Mr. Soong stressed that working closely with the content community was essential for IPTV providers. New and evolving technologies must be understood and embraced by the content community in order to maximize the potential of the technology offerings.
Due to the nature of the entertainment environment, content is created by many and distributed by many. With the increasing changes in consumption patterns of video programs and other entertainment offerings, there is proof that the demand exists for the ability to engage in the content creation process. Mr. Soong recommended that IPTV operators capitalize on such opportunities through advertising or subscriptions.
Mr. Soong noted that the content industry is learning from the mistakes of the music industry in that it is faster in adapting to the changing entertainment environment. He also warned that this does not negate the need to further educate the content industry about the prospective of new delivery platforms.
Through twenty years of experience in the entertainment, technology and international finance fields, Mr. Soong has become a recognized expert on the convergence of entertainment and technology. He is a co-founder of BNS and is working to position the company as a leading IPTV provider in the Asia Pacific Region.
BNS is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Beijing, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo. BNS offers a mix of services and capabilities to Broadband Service Providers. The company has positioned itself as a Strategic Consultancy, Technology Integrator and Content Aggregator for the service provider community.
BNS takes the stand that the market is increasingly competitive and it is vital that operators are at the forefront of service innovation. With declining profits in Broadband, it is essential for providers to be early and identify the types of value-added services to provide in order to reverse the trend. The adoption of IPTV is increasing as operators are seeking to differentiate themselves in the market.
The Ninth Economist Round Table was held on November 8th, 2005. The discussion brought together recognized industry experts to discuss trends and developments in key telecommunications issues across the Asia Pacific Region.
Whether or not service providers heed such advice about the industry and the ever-changing technology will become obvious in the near future. Demand is increasing for a platform that can withstand the dynamics of the content market. It is important to remember that barriers do still exist and with IPTV still in its infancy, the full potential has gone unexplored. With further exploration, however, there is no guarantee that all the developments will be positive.
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