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How Nikola Tesla Inspired Elon Musk
[January 28, 2023]

How Nikola Tesla Inspired Elon Musk

/TMCnetWire/ – In the world of technology, the name of Nikola Tesla is often mentioned alongside that of Elon Musk. This is no coincidence, as Musk has openly stated his admiration for the pioneering scientist and inventor. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Tesla's life, work, and principles have been a source of inspiration for Musk as he has built his empire.

Tesla had already achieved a legendary status amongst inventors before Musk was even born. After inventing the AC electric system and numerous other innovations, Tesla was one of the most influential people of his time. His extraordinary life and work has been an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs over the past century, but for Musk in particular it serves as a reminder of what is possible with hard work and ambition.

Growing up in South Africa, Musk was heavily influenced by the ideas of Tesla and was inspired by his ambition to bring electricity to the world. Musk was also fascinated by the possibilities offered by Tesla's wireless power transmission technology, a theme that he would later incorporate into his own work with SolarCity and Tesla Motors. Even Tesla's project to build a giant wireless transmitting tower in New York City would later serve as an inspiration for Musk's modern day communication company, SpaceX.

Apart from Tesla's technological achievements, it was also his principles and character that motivated Musk. No one could deny the tremendous amount of innovation Tesla was able to bring about in his lifetime, and Musk has been sure to emphasize this. He has often expressed his admiration for Tesla’s resilience in the face of great odds: “What makes his accomplishments truly remarkable is that he overcame significant opposition from powerful interests.

Musk himself has demonstrated similar hardships in his life and work. Faced with numerous failures and financial struggles, Musk is a great example of resiliency and determination. Like Tesla, he also showed no fear in taking on well-established industry titans. Musk's commitment to innovation and his refusal to follow the same old paths has been a direct result of his admiration for Tesla.

It is clear that Tesla served as a great source of inspiration for Musk throughout his career. The story of Tesla’s life and work serves as a reminder of what a single person can achieve. It is no doubt that Tesla and Musk have achieved an incredible amount of success in the realm of technology, and hopefully, their stories will continue to inspire ambitious minds for generations to come.

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