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September 22, 2023

MGM's Eye-Opening Cyber Attack: The Rising Threat of Social Engineering in an AI-Dominated Landscape

In the ever-expanding frontier of cyber threats, the MGM Resorts International breach stands as a beacon, illuminating the lurking dangers of social engineering amidst rapid AI advancements.

The Attack Unveiled

When we envisage cyber attacks, complex codes and high-end hacks emerge. Yet, MGM's defenses were breached by a code and phone call. Leveraging LinkedIn (News - Alert), perpetrators identified and impersonated an MGM employee, bypassing security via MGM's service desk.

Blake Schwank, Colorado Computer Support, weighed in on the issue: "In a world hyper-focused on advanced threats, we often overlook the basics. It's not always about cracking the code; sometimes, it's just about cracking the person. This incident underscores the importance of holistic cybersecurity, which factors in both technology and human elements."

The Rise of AI in Social Engineering

AI's evolution presents a double-edged sword. While it promises advancements, it simultaneously facilitates voice spoofing, making impersonations terrifyingly convincing.

Lisa Mitchell, Progressive Computer Systems in Raleigh, commented, "The convergence of AI and cyber threats is alarming. Imagine a scenario where an AI-driven bot can mimic your voice and simulate behavioral nuances. Prevention requires multi-dimensional strategies, intertwining both tech and human vigilance."

Preventative Steps for Organizations

Given this backdrop, how can organizations bolster their defenses?

  • Robust Verification Systems: Beyond passwords, two-factor authentication, SMS text verification, and personalized Q&As can be formidable barriers.
  • Training & Awareness: Regular workshops and training sessions are vital to spot and report potential threats.
  • Standardized Procedures: Implementing standardized operating procedures can mitigate risks, ensuring requests are authenticated meticulously.
  • Limiting Exposure: Using solutions like Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged account creation, as CyberQP offers, can minimize confidential account exposure.

Robert Giannini, with GiaSpace in Orlando, elaborated, "It's a paradigm shift. We need to migrate from reactive stances to proactive defenses. With tools like JIT, organizations can dynamically control access, drastically reducing vulnerabilities."


As the MGM breach elucidates, the next-gen cyber battleground hinges on combating codes and securing the human element. With AI's relentless progress, there's no panacea; however, a blend of tech solutions, constant learning, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity might be the armor organizations need.

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