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February 01, 2023

Smart Upgrades That Could Increase Your Home's Value

Gone are the days when people used to do all things manually. Today, a lot of our devices are smart and intelligent. Every other household in the US has an app to open garage door, and uses smart locks, smart lights, and even window blinds!

What does that mean for real estate? The integration of smart devices now adds value to the property. People are more willing to buy a property that comes with smart upgrades than other options.

So, if you are planning to sell your house, consider upgrading it first. In today’s post, we will discuss the best smart devices to install for value maximization. Read more!

How Much Value Do Smart Upgrades Add to Your Property?

Since smart upgrades will require an investment, it’s logical to consider whether it will be worth it or not. It is proven that smart upgrades add value to your property, but the exact amount depends on the type, quality, and quantity.

A fully-equipped smart home will have much more value than a house with just smart kitchen appliances. Similarly, a smart home with Samsung (News - Alert) devices will have more value than one with unknown Chinese devices.

But, to give you an estimate, smart upgrades add 5% to 6% value to your property. So, if the original value of your house is $350,000, it will increase by $17,500 to $21,000. That’s definitely worth the investment!

8 Smart Upgrades That Could Increase Your Home’s Value

The drawback of technology is that it never stays the same. It keeps on changing and evolving with time. So, only invest in smart upgrades that have potential and worth in the future. Here are some popular ideas to get you started:

Smart Home Security System

Home security is the number one priority of most buyers, so investing in a smart security system is a smart move. But you will have to form the system yourself.

There is no all-in-one solution for complete home security. You will have to purchase smart doorbells, locks, CCTV cameras, and other gadgets individually to ensure the home is secure from all places.

Smart Kitchen Hood

A smart refrigerator is an essential part of a modern kitchen. You can take things one step ahead by adding a smart kitchen hood.

It has sensors that detect the changes in air quality and adjust it accordingly. So, if there is smoke in the air, the hood will detect it automatically and remove it through suction. This means you will always have a fresh and odor-free kitchen available!

Smart Garage Door Opener

As the name suggests, a garage door opener is a device that makes your automated garage door opener smart. Nowadays, a lot of garages have automated garage doors, but not everyone has a smart opener installed.

A smart garage door opener brings further ease into your life by letting you operate remotely, check the status of your garage door or gates, and even schedule door openings. And in some cases, you can be enjoying a vacation in another city and still be able to control the garage door.

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats help maintain the ideal indoor temperature all year round. However, a smart thermostat is capable of identifying your whereabouts and turning on/off on its own.

For example, if you are coming back home, the thermostat will detect it using your smartphone location and heat up the house. So, you will enter a warm house instead of a chilly one!

Smart Sprinkler Controller

If you have a house with lawns and yards, it’s important to have a smart sprinkler controller installed. It automates your in-ground irrigation system by analyzing the weather conditions and providing the required water supply.

This means your plants and grass will always get the right amount of water. As a result, they will grow up healthy. What’s more, the controlled water supply will help save natural resources and contribute to sustainability.

Smart Lights

The smart lighting system may sound like a luxury and an unnecessary upgrade to your house. But it is actually very useful. A smart light bulb is capable of detecting your movement through sensors.

It will automatically switch on when you enter the room. Similarly, it will switch off when you leave the room. This doesn’t only help conserve energy, but it also rids you of the responsibility and stress of doing so. Let’s not forget the reduction in bills too!

Smart Water Sensor

It doesn’t matter how regularly you maintain your home’s water system. Leaks and damages happen, which leads to stained hardwood, mold, and cracked walls. All this can take away the buyer’s interest, depreciate the house value, and cost you a lot in repairs.

To avoid this situation, it’s best to invest in a smart water sensor. The intelligent device monitors the water system and alerts you about potential leaks quickly. So, you can get the pipelines repaired before the water seeps into surrounding structures and ruins them.

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