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December 07, 2022

Webflow review: pros and cons of using Webflow Site Builder

Are you looking for a team that will quickly build a website on a reliable website builder that has received a lot of attention? Then a webflow development company is all you need. In any case, that’s what people say. How excellent is webflow, though? For whom is it intended? And what is the price? We'll address these concerns and more, but let's start with the fundamentals first.

What is Webflow?

An internet platform known as a website builder enables anyone to create their website without knowing how to write code.

A few years ago, web developers frequently created websites for clients using traditional systems like WordPress and Drupal. Today, however, website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace have made it possible for anyone to create a website.

We thought we'd have a look at Webflow and see what all the excitement was about given its apparent credentials. Webflow straddles the conventional and the contemporary. Although it is a website builder, it offers a level of customization and capability typically only found in platforms like WordPress. Web designers frequently utilize Webflow as a result. It's perfect for those that require a completely customized platform but don't want to bother with the intricate code.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strong and weak points of each thing can tell us all the basic information we need to know. Perfection does not exist, so let’s take a closer look at the traits of the resource.


  • Numerous features, such as a general website builder, templates, a content management system, e-commerce and marketing tools, and more, give you EVERYTHING you require.
  • Particularly, the design tools are potent and compete with what you can accomplish with code.
  • Having a wide selection of plans gives customers many options.

compared to sophisticated capabilities, a safe host that's simple to use excellent performance top-notch customer service.


  • Minimal plan for code modifications.
  • Because of the many potent qualities, variation may be more confusing and have a steeper learning curve.
  • Traffic limits for some plans.

How simple is Webflow operating?

Webflow's software performs a great job of onboarding you as soon as you join up. If you're feeling confident, you may go right into the design process, but we'd advise any first-time users to start with Webflow's tutorial.

Editor for Webflow

You'll enter the editor once you've finished your tutorial and selected a template. If your computer accidentally opened Photoshop, don't worry; Webflow's editor only happens to look uncannily similar.

There are numerous design possibilities, exactly like in Photoshop. While average people may feel scared, web designers will feel like children at a candy store.

There is a lot to learn, and even with the onboarding session, many aspects aren't immediately clear. However, it's ideal to think of your website as a collection of boxes, as Webflow itself describes.

Site building with Webflow

The practice of building boxes for each component of your site and layering them on top of one another is known as "The Box (News - Alert) Model," according to Webflow. The layout of your site is made up of many boxes, including image boxes, text boxes, and button boxes. This style of thinking about your website helps you to see what you want, although editing might still be challenging.


There you have it—a thorough evaluation of Webflow. You can see that it is a website builder with a very specific target demographic as well as strengths and flaws that are readily apparent.

Despite not being the most affordable or user-friendly platform, Webflow excels in terms of design. It feels highly advanced without feeling inaccessible because you can change everything without knowing how to write.

The templates are attractive, mobile-friendly, and cross-industry. However, Webflow's functions are fairly limited, therefore you might need to leverage its third-party integrations.

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