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November 29, 2022

6 Top Sectors That Get The Most Hires In Canada

As the number of people who come to Canada every year from foreign countries keeps increasing every year, the question that is in many people’s minds is, what the most demanding sectors are in the country. Here’s looking at the 6 top sectors that are responsible for the most hires here.

#1: Information Technology or IT

IT consulting happens to be a sector that hires quite a few immigrants. Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the ways businesses have started depending on technology and are more prone now to hire people who are experts in that. So there are local as well as multi-national companies in the IT sector who are in the business of managing IT systems in some form or other. Whether it is the latest software, gaming devices, or cloud-based technology, needless to say, they are all here to stay, and hiring in Canada will only increase with time.

#2: Hospitals and Nursing Homes

The good thing about the Canadian health system is that it is mostly a public one. The industry as a whole has continued to grow in the last 5 years and hiring has been good in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. With government and provincial funding to the industry, people who are professionals in their own right are always in demand.

#3: Restaurants and Cafes

Whether it is full-service restaurants or cafes, the sector is known for a good number of people getting hired. After the pandemic and the stabilization of the economy, people have started to go out and eat just like before which promises more jobs will be on offer. The sector promises immigrants to be hired easily and with confidence.

#4: Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

This is another sector that sees a huge number of people getting hired every year in Canada. Grocery stores and supermarkets are places where any person who eats is going to come in and therefore, there are a lot of demands for professional people in it. It is also comparatively easy to get a job in this sector. With sales volumes slated to increase, placements are going to be made,

#5: Web Development

Today, every business needs a website and there is a huge demand for professional web developers who know how to build one. Cutting-edge technology in the web development sphere has now really caught on in the country and businesses are looking to have websites that attract people and give them the information they seek. So web developers are not going to be short of jobs in Canada.

#6: Fast Food Restaurants

More people are eating and ordering take-out at fast food restaurants than ever before and this industry is known for its high attrition rate of employees. As such, fast-food restaurants are always looking for people to hire.

Now that you know the top sectors to get hired in Canada, it should give you the incentive to find some of these jobs for yourself. Via is the name to trust when it comes to getting hired in the country.

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